Pricing Policy of SUVICH for You to Learn About Our Genuine Charges

Suvich has below mentioned the pricing policy that we adhere to. Make sure that you go through it properly before taking any action on our website. Also, remember that these policies apply to each of you and hence you need to follow them properly whenever opting for our services.

Price Rates

We have personalized price rates at which are set according to the services that you opt for. Depending on the commitment, quality, and performance of the service, the price estimate details are given to you at the earliest. The price range of payments on the iOS and Android versions of Suvich usually ranges from ₹100 to ₹3000 per session per device.

Price Matching

You very well know that we are a user's website and hence we promise to provide you the best services at genuine price. We always keep a check on the prices that are offered by our contemporaries. To date, we luckily have been able to match the price rates that are provided at an average in the online market. You will be glad to know that at such affordable prices you will get professional and satisfactory services. Also, we want to tell you that our prices never fluctuate as per the market demands, since we focus on the user’s requirements.

Payment Schedule

There are certain services that one can use for a certain time. In these cases, we have very clearly stated this in the description of the service. The timings for using such services can vary somewhere from one month to six months.

Sale Prices Cannot Be Adjusted

If in case, there are alterations in the prices of a certain service due to sales or discounts, then in such cases these apply to you only if one opts for these after they go lower in price. So, if you have priorly chosen and paid for a service, and later on the prices for it gets lowered, then the new prices will not apply to you. We certainly cannot make any adjustments in such situations. Generally, once you have reserved a spot for a particular date, we can't reschedule the slot for the next date. This will end in the reservation/order being canceled. For more information please refer to the cancellation policy.

Pricing Failures

There is a team that has been assigned the task of making sure that the prices mentioned are accurate and legit. However, at times it is possible that there may be almost negligible chances of the occurrence of pricing errors. So, if in case, the service charge is higher than what is displayed on the website, then we promise to cancel the booking made by you. Also, we promise to notify you about these cancellations. Hope that now things pertaining to the pricing policy are clear to you. If there is any doubt further, then you can certainly feel free to send a mail at