International Women’s Day 2022: Incredible Facts About What It Is

International Women’s Day 2022: This day is dedicated to women. The Parv of Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March. Today we treat women like men. She is also capable of doing everything. Whether it is of family or corporate world. It is often said that women play a major role in a man’s success. A woman can make all kinds of sacrifices for the happiness of her family. In today’s time, women have made themselves very empowered. Women are doing their homework along with men in all fields. She is fulfilling the responsibilities of both her home and workplace very well. International Women’s Day is celebrated every year to honor this sacrifice, dedication, and abilities of women.

There is no area where women are not on the path of empowerment. Today women are showing strong claims in sports, the country’s security, doctors, scientists, education, and other fields. She has the power to take care of her entire family financially and like a caretaker. This is the reason that many campaigns for women are also run by the government. In which women are motivated to move forward with strength.

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Women still do not get equal status in the society

equal status

There have been many ups and downs in the status of women in India from the Vedic age to the modern period. However, in the changing times, there is an improvement in the condition of women. Women are making their own identities on their own. She carries her personality with full confidence. Even now women are kept deprived of many rights. They do not get respect like men in the family and society.

How many conflicts and fights of identity are there in our society! All are associated with respect. We have divided our society into many sections. We have forgotten that no work is small or big in society. Whether a boy or a girl, both should be given equal education and another status. Women also have every right to be allowed to do any work with complete freedom. At present, women also have their own class. Today society is grappling with gender discrimination.

When we learn to give respect, we will also learn to give equal rights. In this way, we will be able to bring equality and equality to society.

People are more attracted to these qualities, not only to the beauty of women

qualities of women

Often people talk about the good or bad qualities of women. Women with good qualities are highly appreciated in the family and society. Be it professional or housewife. Few things that are seen in women:

  • Women live with more hygiene than men. She not only takes special care of her things but a special kind of adjustment is also seen in her.
  • Men like women who keep themselves active. Lazy women not only cause problems but also do not handle the responsibilities of the household well.
  • Women full of simplicity, gentleness, and homely behavior very quickly make anyone their own. On the other hand, the women who are a little tough in behavior! No matter how good she is, she is left alone because of her behavior.
  • Everyone likes beautiful women. Women who are smart too! People put their feelings very openly in front of them. Such women are capable of taking every decision. Be it relationships or any other.

In the end, we salute all the women who stand for their families and country. If seen, their status in society is very high. Because it plays the role of first daughter, then-wife, and then a mother. On International Women’s Day 2022, we heartily congratulate the entire women’s world with the following lines:-

मानवता की मूर्तीवती, तू भव्य-भूषण भंडार।

दया, क्षमा, ममता की आकार, विश्व प्रेम की है आधार।।

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