The Best Time to Relate to Someone Special in Times of This Pandemic!

The coronavirus is affecting the lives of every person along with couples. As the world is locked down in their home. Many people ask for help from experts in this situation. As they give a rise a lot of misunderstandings and many problems. They need to take relationship advice from an expert. If you are going to start a new relationship with someone special then before starting the relationship you must give a chance to astrologers so that you can start a healthy and compatible relationship with your partner. Imagine if you find the most suitable and compatible partner during the pandemic with the relationship advice of astrologers.

There are many couples who are struggling with the problems either the couple who are living together or far away. During this whole lockdown, the couples get a chance to attach their roots once again. In such pandemic situations if you want any advice regarding your partner then SUVICH – The Real Astrologer have online relationship advice where our experts of relationship advisers will help you in all possible way. 

In this blog post, we will try to tell you that in this period of pandemic what is the best time to have a relationship with someone special in your life. 

What is the best time to start a new relationship or reunite the love between your partner?

best time to start a new relationship

As we all know our life is consistently affected by the planetary positions and you can’t deny that these positions may affect the love life also. There are many situations when couples lose affection for their partner and face many ups and downs. They don’t even know the way to overcome this situation. In such cases, people can seek the help of our astrologers will grant them every possible advice for couples. But if the couples are thinking to reunite their bond with the partner or you are going to attach with a new partner, then you must look after the following planetary positions:-

Many malefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, Mars, or Saturn, Sun, Monn, or Mercury reflect the bonds and relationship with your partner. These planets express the strength of the bond and the dominant and recessive effects of these planets may affect you in a positive manner as well as a negative manner. 

It is very important to know the exact planetary positions of these planets so that you can build a concrete relationship and bring harmony and pleasantness to your life. Vedic astrology by Vedic astrologers keeps note of these problems. If you are checking your birth chart regularly then you may escape from the bad effects of malefic planets by using a suitable remedy giving by astrologers. 

Instead of wasting time on non-important factors our astrologers focus on the bond of the couple and try to renourish their bond. 

In the kundali of couples, the Dharma Trikone plays a major role in the bond of couples

If we talk about various zodiac signs they also affect the bond of the couple and helps to nourish their bond.  The two different zodiac signs of the couple reflect the general characters and possibilities of person to person. Through astrology, by matching their zodiac signs and star signs our astrologers will tell you about the compatibility of you two when you can solve your problems, and by when you can attach with someone special. 

Now let us tell you about some best relationship advice that will help you to attach with someone special in this pandemic.

Relationship advice for couples 

Relationship advice for couples 

Everybody has to face some problems in their relationship or love life. It doesn’t mean that you finish the relationship with your partner. We know that it is difficult to rebuild the broken bond but it is not impossible. All you have to do is take some give and push your limits. If you are going to rebuild the relationship with your partner? or going to start a new relationship with someone special either you are living with your partner or far away! we will give you some valuable advice that will help you to rebuild your relationship with your partner. Continue reading to know this worthy advice.

Explore your relationship with your partner

Firstly explores the unique character of your partners that makes them different from others and talk about them. Along with that examine your bond and intimate attractions with your partners. The birth chart’s planetary positions are included in this. 

Understand the bond and your partner

Understand the bond and your partner

In this step evaluate everything about your bond and understand, what are rough and smooth sides of the relationship? then discuss with your partner. 

Understand Yourself

 Before understanding your partner and relationship try to understand your inner soul. If you ever made mistake in a relationship and do not apologize for them? the distance has been created by yourself. In this section, you will be able to find your unique personality too.

Understand your partner

Understand your partner

As in the above section you focused on yourself and your flaws and qualities. You have to do the same with your partner. Understand your partner and recall that when your partner takes your side! when no one did and how much effort she showed in the relationship. Ask them few questions to know their perspective for the relationship such as

  • How do they look at their relationship?
  • How much you matter to them?
  • Who is their ideal?
  • Why they are stick with you? and 
  • What are the problems they are facing in the relationship?

Communication is the best key

Communication is the best key

Final words

As we’ll know no one is perfect in a relationship, one has to compromise with the imperfections of their partner. But somehow if you are facing some problems regarding your relationship? then you can easily take online relationship advice from SUVICH – The Real Astrology.

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