Kalashtami 2022: Know when will Lord Kaal Bhairav be worshipped

Kalashtami 2022: Kalashtami is given special importance in Hinduism. It is celebrated on ‘Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi’ every Hindu Chandra month. There is a law to worship the Kaal Bhairav ​​form of Lord Shiva on the day of Kalashtami of every month. A total of 12 Kalashtami are celebrated in a year. Lord Kaal Bhairav ​​is said to be the incarnation of Mahakal. By the way, Mahakal Lord Shiva Shankar is worshiped in many forms. Among them, the form of Kaal Bhairav ​​is considered very prominent. Kalashtami falling on Sunday or Tuesday is also considered holy. Because these days are dedicated to Lord Bhairav. It is believed that Lord Kalabhairava was born on the day of Krishna Ashtami in the month of Margashirsha. That is why Kalashtami is worshiped on the day of Krishna Ashtami.

Date and Time of Kalashtami 2022

Date and Time of Kalashtami 2022

Kalashtami date 2022: 25 January, Tuesday

Time of Kalashtami Tithi: 25 January 07:48 am to 26 January, 06:25 am

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Upcoming Kalashtami 2022 Tithi Timing

23 February, WednesdayTime: February 23, 4:56 pm to February 24, 3:04 pm
25 March, FridayTime: March 25, 12:10 am to March 25, 10:04 pm
23 April, SaturdayTime: April 23, 6:27 am to April 24, 4:30 am
22 May, SundayTime: May 22, 1:00 pm to May 23, 11:34 am
21 June, TuesdayTime: June 20, 9:01 pm to June 21, 8:31 pm
20 July, WednesdayTime: July 20, 7:36 am to July 21, 8:12 am
19 August, FridayTime: August 18, 9:21 pm to August 19, 10:59 pm
17 September, SaturdayTime: September 17, 2:14 pm to September 18, 4:33 PM
17 October, MondayTime: October 17, 9:30 am to October 18, 11:58 am
16 November, WednesdayTime: November 16, 5:50 am to November 17, 7:57 am
16 December, FridayTime: December 16, 1:39 am to December 17, 3:02 am

Rituals during Kalashtami 2022

Rituals during Kalashtami
  • On the day of Kalashtami, wake up before sunrise and take a bath.
  • Worship Kaal Bhairav ​​with full rituals to get his divine blessings and seek forgiveness of sins.
  • Kalashtami is a fierce form of Lord Shiva. He was born to put an end to the burning anger and wrath of Lord Brahma.
  • Special worship and rituals are also performed for the dead ancestors in the morning on Kalashtami.
  • One can also observe strict fasting throughout the day. One who observes Kalashtami fast is blessed with prosperity and happiness.
  • It is considered auspicious to recite Kaal Bhairav ​​Katha and chant mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • There is also a custom of feeding black dogs on Kalashtami. Because the black dog is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Bhairav.
  • Giving food to Brahmins at holy sites such as Hindu pilgrimage places is considered highly fruitful.

Significance of Kalashtami 2022

Significance of Kalashtami

The greatness of Kalashtami is described in ‘Aditya Purana’. The main deity of Kalashtami worship is Lord Kaal Bhairav, ​​who is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva.

The word ‘Kaal’ in Hindi means ‘time’. Whereas ‘Bhairava’ means ‘manifestation of Shiva’. Hence Kaal Bhairav ​​is also called ‘God of Time’. The followers of Lord Shiva worship him with full devotion.

According to Hindu legends, once there was some discussion going on between Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. During an argument, Lord Shiva became enraged by a remark passed by Brahma. Then he assumed the form of ‘Mahakaleshwar’. In anger, he cut off the fifth head of Lord Brahma. Since then, gods and humans worship this form of Lord Shiva as ‘Kaal Bhairav’. It is believed that those who worship Lord Shiva on the day of Kalashtami get the blessings of Lord Shiva. There is also a popular belief that worshiping Lord Bhairav ​​on this day removes all suffering, pain, and negative effects from one’s life.

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