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Education or Vidya is probably one of the most important things in our life. All parents are curious about their child’s education. So let’s see how to find out the educational perspective of the natal chart. Education astrology is the only subject in the world that can make early predictions about aspects of a child’s education, including its branches

Before knowing about the various astrological aspects, we need to understand which planet and which house plays a key role.

The influence of houses as per education astrology

influence of houses

We need to check the 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, 2nd house, and Lagna for training. When Lagna or Lagna Lord becomes weak, the entire map becomes weak.

  • 4th house: 4th house is the most important house for astrology and shows basic education.
  • 5th house: 5th house is the home of intelligent and knowledgeable people. Knowledge and wisdom cannot be achieved if a person lacks intelligence.
  • 2nd House: 2nd House shows family support and resources to complete our education. The second house also has communication skills.
  • 9th House: The 9th house is very important for higher education. For good academic success, we need the help of the ninth house.
  • The second and fourth houses must be checked for normal schools, can reach graduation, and be for higher education.

Always check education astrology for the best career choices

check education astrology

Now let’s get to the planets. Jupiter, Mercury, Moon – these 3 are the most important planets in assessing education. Knowledge and wisdom are part of Jupiter. It helps us acquire the knowledge that we gather from various sources like books, teachers, etc. Without the help of Jupiter, we cannot gain knowledge, and we cannot achieve important success in education. Therefore, Jupiter was given to the ruling vessel of Sagittarius, the ninth house of the natural zodiac.

Mercury is a planet of rapid intelligence. Provides tight grip. So without Mercury’s help, it won’t be easy to succeed in the learning process. The moon is a sign of the spirit. Concentration is very important to succeed in learning. For good education astrology, we need a focused approach and a high level of concentration. Only the moon can offer that.

Jupiter is wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. Mercury is a poignant force. Mercury processes the wisdom or knowledge of Jupiter and the moon and helps assimilate that knowledge. These three are the important planets for a successful educational career. The forces of Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon play a decisive role.

Know what branch is ruled by which celestial body through education astrology

celestial body

The branches in education as per education astrology are:

  • The sun means science, medicine, chemistry, doctors, light, heat, solar energy and government and much more.
  • Moon stands for marine engineering, hotel management, human resources, nursing, sales and marketing, and more.
  • Mars stands for engineering, analysis, research, physics, technology, operations, energy and energy, and more.
  • Mercury stands for commerce, astrology, mathematics, arithmetic, finance and logic, and more. The combination of Mars and Mercury offers analytical options.
  • Jupiter means philosophy, language and finance, etc. Its combination with the sun denotes biology, genetics and microbiology and others.
  • Venus stands for art, music, dance, chemistry, chemistry, perfume and social research, and more.
  • Saturn means history, politics, ancient science and mythology etc. 5. House means politics.
  • Rahu means MBA, photography, acting and more.
  • Ketu means medicine, mathematics, arithmetic, occult sciences and more.

Want a successful career in medicine? Follow education astrology

career in medicine

To be a doctor, you have to be a good student. So your card must have strong Jupiter and Mercury. In addition, the moon and the sun are two other important planets that are doctors.

If a resident has a combination of 1, 6, 8, 12 illnesses with good school disease, he can practice medicine.

Want a successful career in engineering? Try education astrology today

career in engineering

Mars and Saturn are important planets to be an engineer. Houses 8, 12 with a good combination of education-4, 5, 9, 11 indicate that the locals should get into engineering.

So if a card has a Saturn-Mars or Saturn-Mars combination in interchange, or Saturn-Mars in 4-10, or Saturn-Mars in sign exchange, the chances of learning the technique increase. But we must not forget that to become an engineer requires good intelligence and a good education career. So the 5th, 9th, Jupiter, and Mercury should be in good condition in the horoscope. If you have a strong 6th house and a strong 5th and 9th house, it is possible to study in a premium institution like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).

It’s predictable when 4, 11 appears most prominently on the charts alongside several other combinations of engineering, civil engineering, automotive, architecture, interior design, and related fields. When Rahu or Mercury is seen, software engineering or telecommunications, etc. are possible. When moon and water signs like Cancer or Scorpio are seen, chemical or marine engineering, etc., possible.

How to achieve a successful career in business management through education in astrology?

achieve a successful career

If the locals have a combination of 6th, 10th, 11th houses in the horoscope, they can do business training and show up for administrative services. Saturn and the sun are the two most important planets for the MBA program. So, on your diagram, these planets should be related to the House of Education and the MBA or Business Management profession. The Mercury-Venus relationship is good for success in marketing, human resources, and more.

2, 11 along with good schools of trade shows, CA, etc. Mercury and Signs Like Virgo, Capricorn also plays an important role. This combination can also provide you with an economics career in education.

The combination of the 3rd and 11th houses with signs like Gemini and planets like Mercury encourages journalism.

How do the lords influence studies in education astrology?

influence studies

In Vedic astrology, we use various hyphens and transits to understand auspicious times. The Dasha of 5th Lord, 9th Lord, 11th Lord is very useful for training and education. Mahadasha of Jupiter and Mercury is also very good for education. The transit of Jupiter in houses 5 or 9 or the ascendant is very good for education.

In addition to the above principles, we should also review the Navamsa or D9 charts. The condition of all the planets in Navamsa is very important. The desired result will not be achieved when the planets on the Navamsa map are exhausted, or affected, or weak.

The goal chart or breakup chart for the education horoscope is the D24 chart. The planets and yogis in diagram D24 must also be studied for accurate results. Only after studying diagrams D1, diagrams D9, and diagrams D24 can we arrive at a result.

Understand what celestial body is important for your child’s education through education astrology

The planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in your child’s education and performance. Suppose these two planets are well placed in the 2nd house (elementary school), in the 4th house (university degree), and in the 9th house (graduate degree). In that case, your child will surely overshadow their education as the best this year.

In this way, we will help you by analyzing your child’s natal chart and, based on the position of the planets in their education astrology predictions, give you a decision on how best to support your child academically and spiritually to shine in education.

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