What Is Mool Nakshatra? How Does It Affect Humans?

The accurate prediction of astrology compels one to consider Nakshatra. All Nakshatra are of different nature. So that their effects are also different. Some Nakshatra is soft and some are harsh and furious. Those constellations having fiery and sharp nature are called Mool Nakshatra. 

When children are born in these Nakshatra, special effects are seen in them. Being born in these Nakshatra directly affects the nature and health of the child. It is believed that a child born in Mool Nakshatra has had troubles for some time. Therefore, in order that these Nakshatras do not have much effect on the children, Griha-Nakshatra is worshipped for peace.

What are Mool Nakshatra


According to Vedic astrology predictions, The place of origin in the Nakshatra is 19th. ‘Mula’ means ‘root’. Gandmool Nakshatras are formed on the basis of the rise and union of Rashi and Nakshatra at the same place. A total of six 6 conditions are made in its construction. Out of this, three Nakshatra are of Gand and three are of Mool Nakshatra. Cancer zodiac and Ashlesha constellation end together. The same Leo sign ends and the Magha zodiac rises simultaneously. That is why it is called Ashlesha Gand Sangak and Magha Mool Sgnak Nakshatra.

Scorpio zodiac and Jyestha Nakshatra end up together. This is the beginning of Sagittarius and Mool Nakshatra. Therefore this position is called Jyestha Gand and Mool Nakshatra. Pisces and Revathi nakshatras end together. Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra start together. Hence this position is called Revathi Gand and Ashwini Mool Nakshatra.

Nature and future of a child born in Mool Nakshatra

  • When a child is born in these Nakshatra, special effects are seen. It directly affects the nature and health of the child. When the health condition of the child becomes sensitive, then all decisions should not be taken on the basis of Nakshatra. Decide it only after seeing the Kundli completely.
  • If the child is born in Mool Nakshatra, then first of all see what is the health status of the child? For what reason could it be a problem? Must see the Kundli of father and mother see what is the effect of the birth of this newborn on them. Even if the planets of the father or family members are good, one should not worry.
  • It is believed that the native of the first phase of Mula, Magha and Ashwini is for the father. For the fourth phase of Revathi and the native mother of the night! The fourth step of the Jyeshtha and the native father of the day! And if one is born in the fourth phase of Ashlesha, then the person is harmful to himself.
  • If a child born in Mool Nakshatra is under the auspicious influence, then he has some different thoughts from the normal child. If he is freed from social and family bondage, then such a child will achieve a different position in whatever field he goes.
  • Such children are brilliant, successful, constantly newly conscious art investigators. These are its good effects. If he is under the inauspicious influence, then it is not surprising that a child born in this Nakshatra will be angry, patient, jealous.
  • Natives of Mool Nakshatra are generally goal-oriented. These people keep striving to achieve the toughest goals. These people keep trying till all their energy is exhausted.
  • Ketu is the lord of Mool Nakshatra. Wherein the lord of the zodiac is Guru. Therefore, the effect of Ketu and Guru on a person born in this Nakshatra remains for life. While Ketu gives rise to negative events, Jupiter develops positive energy in life. The four phases of Mool Nakshatra comes in the Sagittarius. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. In such a situation, the person should remain pious and devotee of Vishnu and Hanuman, in this it is good for him.
  • Natives of Mool Nakshatra are firm on their thoughts. They also have amazing decision-making abilities. Also are top in studies. They are of investigative intelligence. You can also get success in research work. He is a skilled and accomplished person as well as an excellent speaker. They can also be doctors or healers. Due to their emotional nature, they are kind and also do good to all.
  • If the position of Ketu and Jupiter is not correct in the horoscope then they become very stubborn. So that they do their own thing. Their interest in destructive works increases. In such a situation, their risk of walking on the wrong path also increases. The feeling of jealousy prevails in them. They abuse their power. They ruin their career by falling into the trap of tantra-mantra or transcendental learning. There may always be a pain in their feet. If such a person stays in the shelter of Vishnu or Hanuman Ji following the advice of his parents, then he can be saved from all kinds of troubles.
  • By the way, if there is any problem then we can call it a game of cultures. We cannot blame any child for this. Because of the kind of environment and culture that children get, they get moulded in it. So should also pay attention to this thing. It is also believed that after 8 years the effect of Mool Nakshatra is not special.

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