What is Pitru Paksha Shradh? What’s The Secret of It

Pitru Paksha shradh is very important in Hindu Culture. Shradh 2021 comes every year. It basically takes 16 days of time Period. It is to pay obeisance to the souls of those who departed. Pitru Paksha shradh is done by daan, Pujas, and Rituals. By doing this thing in these 16 days it helps the departed soul to attain Moksha and liberation. Shradh Puja is made by Rituals, daan, and cooking food for near and dear.

In 2021, the Time Period of Pitru Paksha shradh 2021 is going to start form i.e Tuesday, September 21, and ends on Wednesday, 6 October. Mahalaya Amavasya is known as the last day Pitru Paksha.  In Hindu Culture, Once a Person dies near and dear persons make sure that died person’s soul attains the moksha at the time of the funeral. If this thing is not happening properly then we have to follow Pitru Paksha shradh. If the shradh Puja is done well, the near and dear are blessed.

Importance of Pitru Paksha Shradh 2021:-

Importance of Pitru Paksha Shradh

According to Vedic astrology predictions, in Hinduism- Dev, Rishi, and Pitru debts are the three debts. Basically, we offer food to our ancestors, it is said that our ancestors comes to earth’s planet at the time of shradh and they eat offered food by their near and dear. In Hinduism, Pitru Karyas is followed by Devata karyas after the Pitru Paksha. By following all these near and dear will get good results from Devata Puja.

Pitru Paksha is known by different names according to their Regions:-

  • Pitri Pokkha
  • Sola Shraddh
  • Jitiya
  • Mahalaya Paksha
  • Pitri Paksha

What to Follow or Not in Pitru Paksha Shradh:-

What to Follow on Shradh

The person performing Shradh should be completely celibate. One should remain bare-chested and wear a dhoti while performing the rituals. Do it usually only at a holy place. Serve crows by offering Pind Daan, as they represent the messenger of Yama, the god of death or the dead ancestors themselves. In this, the consumption of non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited. Betel, betel nut, tobacco or alcohol should also not be consumed. It is also not considered right to consume ingredients like onion, garlic, gram, cumin, black salt, black mustard, cucumber, brinjal and lentils, black urad dal during these 16 days of Shradh. The person performing the Shradh should be served only one food during the meal.

It is not good to do any auspicious work during this period. Therefore, do not buy any new vehicle, house or item etc. There is also a belief that the person performing Shradh should not cut his hair, beard and nails etc. All these things can be done a day before the start of Pitru Paksha. It is believed that our ancestors can give darshan in any form. So don’t treat any creature badly. Feed food to poor Brahmins and needy. Avoid getting into any debate or quarrel.

Harm Caused By Not Performing Shraddha

Harm Caused of Shraddha

This karma is very easy-going and helps in the upliftment of mankind. Those who do not perform Shradh have to go through many troubles, known and unknown. Not only this, those who do not perform Shradh leave their relatives with a sad heart by giving the ancestor curse.

Women are Allow to Perform Shradh:-

Women allow Shradh

Daughter, wife, mother, Daughter-in-law and sisters are allowed to perform all rituals of shradh. Many communities and regions deny performing shradh 2021 from women, but this type of behaviour is ignorance.

Society and Communities should Support women on this. According to sanatana Dharma Daughter and sons are equal. So, they have a right to perform everything.

Presiding Deities of Shradh:-

  • Vasu, Rudra, Aditya, Pururav, Ardrav, and Dhurilochan are the presiding deities of the shradh.
  • Connection with Deities during the shradh performs Mantras Chanted.
  • The Decrease Person followed Vasu, Rudra and Aditya

Rituals in Pitru Paksha shradh:-

  • On the Pitru paksha shradh Narayan bali puja is performed for those souls who died because of suicide, Accident, death by animal and murder. Narayan bali Puja is very effective and it decrease the sins and renders of the person.
  • It’s a Belief that these souls are wondering on earth ofter a death so narayan Puja is very much effective for these souls.
  • On the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi Narayan puja is performed or we can say on the 11th day of waxing phase of moon.
  • The Preson died from snake then the Ritual Shukla Paksha Panchami is perfomed on the 5th day of shradh 2021.
  • To Vishnu and Yama Rituals and Puja are dedicated.
  • Gaya in bihar, Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarana in Karnataka and Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, Narayan Puja is Performed.
  • You should have to take the help of Qualified Priest for this Puja.
  • In Vishnu Purana, Narayan bali Puja details are found.

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