What Is The Secret Of Panchang? Many People Attach Great Importance To It

Do you know what is panchang in Vedic astrology? And what are the elements of panchang? Panchang has two meanings. Panchang is a book wherein all the celestial events are recorded and which is referred by all the astrologers for calculating natal charts manually. 

Nowadays we use software but in the old days, we used to use the panchang to calculate the ascendance, to determine the ascendance, the degrees of the planets, including the moon, sun, ascendance, everything we used to get it from the panchanga. It has a specific method to read panchangam as a book. And it has all the details of solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, from where it would be visible. It has all the celestial records of a solar year. 

Right from the sun in Aries, to the sun in Pisces. For each month, they have a record of each day, so you can manually create a natal chart from panchanga. This is about the book panchang, which is a reference book on panchanga. But panchanga in Vedic astrology literally means Pancha means five and anga mean element. So five elements of the day are called panchanga. You can use today panchang tithi by Suvich-The real astrology for guidance. 

So for each day we calculate and look for these five elements from free panchang. This is very important in Muhurtha astrology. If you are looking for some auspicious moment to start your business, or for marriages, or anything, any new start or beginning, you look for all these five elements. That’s why these become very important. So let’s start with the five elements of Panchang today. 

Elements Of Panchang 

What is the first element of the panchang calendar 2021? First element is the tithi. Tithi is also known as the lunar day. And it is calculated by the longitude of the moon minus the longitude of the sun divided by 12. So it comes tithi. There are 30 lunar days, 30 tithis, and those are separated in two parts as shukla and krushna. And these are separated by the full moon. So we have one to 15 in shukla paksha and one to 15 in krishna paksha. After 15 days there will be a full moon and after 15 days there will be a new moon. So there are five types of tithis. 

These are nanda tithis from aaj ka panchang , bhadra tithis, jaya tithis, rikta tithis, and purna tithis. Tithis one, six, 11 are nanda. Two, seven, 12 are bhadra. Three, eight, 13 are jaya. Four, nine, 14 are rikta. And five, 10, 15 are, five, 10, 15 are purna tithis. So nanda tithis are ruled by Venus. Bhadra tithis are ruled by Mercury. 

Jaya tithis are ruled by Mars. Rikta tithis are ruled by Saturn. And purna tithis are ruled by Jupiter. We are moving to the next element, that is karana. Karana is nothing but half tithi. So there are almost 60 karanas in a lunar month. 

Just double the tithis, because karana is half the tithis. But there are only 11 karanas. And these karanas are divided into two groups. One as fixed and the second as movable. Movable are called movable because they come repetitively at almost eight times. 

One karana comes eight times during the solar cycle. And fixed are called fixed because they come at particular tithis. They come at particular tithis that’s why they are called fixed. There are seven movable karanas: balava, bava, kaulava, taitila, gara, vanij and visti. And there are four fixed karana: sakuni, chatushpada, kimstughna and naga. These are the four fixed karanas. 

Third element in panchanga is vara. Vara means a weekday. Vara means the weekday. Vara literally means the turn. You observe that each vara has a lord. Seven varas have seven planets as their lords. Monday is ruled by the moon. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Friday is ruled by Venus. Saturday is ruled by Saturn. And Sunday is ruled by sun. So each vara has seven planets as lords so each vara has their own turn. Which is also known as the hora. So the next important, very important element of panchanga is nakshatra. Nakshatra are the fixed constellations. 

It divides the zodiacs into 27 divisions of 13 degrees 20 minutes each. Nakshatra literally means star. Fixed stars are nakshatra. These are supposed to be the wives of the moon. All the nakshatras. So they have the potential for growth and creation. Nakshatra is one of the key elements of the panchanga in Vedic astrology. It has a whole lot more to it than just the division of 27.

So these yogas are known as the day yogas. There are 27 yogas. How do we calculate yoga? Yoga literally means union. The union of sun’s degree and moon’s degree plus 93.5 degrees. Why 93.25 degrees? Because all the yogas start from the pushya nakshatra, which is at 93.25 degrees. Yogas does not start from the nakshatra ashwini. So we add the degrees of sun plus degrees of moon, plus 93.25 to come up to the yogas. There are 27 yogas. Yoga holds the event together. All these five elements are important in Muhurtha astrology. 

Tithi determines how the person will feel about their activity if carried during certain tithis. Karana literally means doing. Vara brings creativity to that activity. Nakshatra brings the creation and growth to that activity. And yoga brings, yoga holds together that activity. So all these five elements become important in Muhurtha astrology. 

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