According To Astrology, A Human Name Has Some Meaning! What Is Their Effect!

The name of the person is not just a name, as it represents your personality and helps you to hold the ladder of success. The common name of any person may become the most popular name of any industry and can represent the whole community. According to the name astrology, the name of an individual should be unique and meaningful. But if it is not, then the person may face many obstacles in their career and life. 

Many successful personalities in India changed their original name according to astrology and resulted in massive success in their respective fields. But some people do not change their name altogether but one or two spellings and those single letters can also bring luck. Moreover, you can say that changing your name according to astrology can change your fate too. 

In SUVICH – The Real Astrology has the facility of horoscope matching be the name and can also guide you to change your name according to the astrology. Contact SUVICH now for more information. Now let us start analyzing the facts behind the name astrology. Continue reading to know more. 

How Astrology Affects the Name of an Individual?

If you have fate in astrology then you must know that there are a total of 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs along with 27 or 28 nakshatras and each aspect represent various alphabets and represents the different phase of life and their positions and directions affect the life of human in various aspects. People who merge the alphabets of their name according to astrology and there are high chances of auspicious incidents. But if your name contains an alphabet that is occupied by any malefic planet, unfavorable zodiac sign, or nakshatra in your birth chart then people are likely to get in trouble and face many difficulties in their respective fields after working hard round the clock.

This is the robust reason that the name of the person should be decided according to the zodiac signs, nakshatra, and house and if your name compatibility is not as per astrological factors then you can change them under the guidance of an expert astrologer. As soon as you change your name you will realize many positive changes in your life and career. A person can also reveal the Rashi by the name of a person so that you can get an idea about your daily horoscope. 

Alphabets as per Zodiac Sign

As we all know that the stars and signs affect every phase of human life and their every decision. Then how it does not represent the meaning of your name. Let us see how you can use the zodiac sign by name and which star sign represents which alphabet?

  • Arie or Mesh – A, L, E, I, O
  • Taurus or Vrushab – B, U, V, W
  • Gemini or Mithun – K, CHH, GH, Q, C
  • Cancer or Kark – DD, H 
  • Leo or Singh – M, TT
  • Virgo or Kanya – P, TTHH
  • Libra or Tula – R, T
  • Scorpio or Vrishchik – N, Y 
  • Sagittarius or Dhanu – BH, F, DH 
  • Capricon or Makar – KH, J
  • Aquarius or Kumbha – G, S, SH
  • Pisces or Meen – D, CH, Z, TH 

Naming according as per zodiac sign or by nakshatra name can also be beneficial to the person and these given alphabets are also connected with a distinct planet, moon sign, along with the personality of the person.

Horoscope matching by Name

Horoscope matching is a very important factor while selecting a compatible partner. In Hinduism when two people decide to get married then the first thing people do is Horoscope matching which is performed by name, date of birth, time, and place. Horoscope matching is also known as Kundali Milan, Janam Patrika Milan, and many more names. The most important thing that is matched in kundali is the Guna of bride and groom which represents the compatibility of the couple.

Horoscopes have been popular in India since ancient times, where astrologers check the various aspects of the birth chart and relative planetary planets. Horoscope matching is usually done by the name of the couple in case if the date of birth is not available. This method is proven logical by experts and predicts the accurate future of couples. In this case, most of the astrologers of India take the help of Ashtakoota Chakra which relies on the zodiac sign which is the Moon, and the name of the couple. 

At SUVICH – The Real AStrology, we have experts of name astrology who analyze every aspect of the birth chart of the couple and find out if there is any Dosha or any other obstacle in their married life.

As in modern times the cases of separation and divorce in the country so people are now more relied on astrology. When two people decide to start a new life together then it becomes more important to know the compatibility and other unanswered questions. But these questions can be easily solved by evaluating the houses, zodiac signs, Gunas, and nakshatras placed in the birth chart of the couple. As per Vedas, the couple should have at least 18 Gunas for good compatibility but if it is less than 18 then couples are likely to get in trouble in their married life. 

The Final Words

We hope that now you understand the importance of the right alphabet in your name and how it can change your life in a good way. If you ever think that your name is not suiting your personality and most of the problems in your life are due to your name then contact SUVICH – The Real Astrology right now or download best astrology app free to get your lucky name and you can also change the spelling of your name according to the astrology and give a new path to your fate and don’t lose hope in your destiny. 

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