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Want to know your name compatibility with your partner for free!

Reveal various secrets of compatibility with your partner. SUVICH is here to assist you.

When someone asks you to select the best feeling in this world, you will definitely say love. Probably this is the feeling that will delight your life with a new spark. And the complications increased when it is time to express those feelings. That is the most challenging phase of a love relationship. Expressing your love in form of words or physical intimacy has its own effects. To know your love behaviour and name compatibility contacts the expert numerologists by SUVICH - The Real Astrology.  

Do you know that the name of your partner also plays a significant role in your life? Your name is capable to meet you with the love of your life. Find out the answer of How?

Sometimes you can express the true feeling of your so and it may happen because you are committed with the wrong person with the wrong name. Or it might be the wrong time for you both.

If you also want to find out the love compatibility by name then there is a Namank or name number that is capable to find the compatibility with your partner. 

If you have faith in Namank or name numbers, you should know that how you can calculate them?

Favour the following chart to known the numbers of different alphabets:-

1 – a, j, s

2 – b, k, t

3 – c, l, u

4 – d, m, v

5 – e, n, w

6 – f, o, x

7 – g, p, y

8 – h, q, z

9 – i, r

Using this chart, you can find your numerology number very easily. For example, if your name is VEDANT, your Namank will beYou can easily find out your numerology number with this chart. Let us understand this with an example as suppose if your name is SHLOK then your name number would be: 

  • 4 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 5 + 2 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3.

Now further add the no. 20 with each other. 

  • 2 + 0 = 2.

This no. purports you and your partner's personality if your personality would be a match or not. You need to enter the first name of the couple and you will get the most accurate numerology compatibility test with your spouse

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After finding your Namank as your partner's, now it's time to use them. Find the compatibility of your partner with the help of given Numerology numbers.

Names can build the peculiar character of the person and can also help the person to find their compatible partner. After you evaluate their Namank check their personality trait also with given Numerology numbers.

Numerology 1 compatibility

  • These people carry artistic nature but are very egoistic about it.
  • They follow a healthy routine and stay energetic and active for a long time.
  • They are born leaders, not followers. As they have a very artistic and creative mind, they are likely to get in jobs of writers or reporters.

Favourite Alphabets: A, J, S

Numerology 2 compatibility

  • They have extraordinary imagination power and are capable to make their own wonderland.
  • These people give priority to their loved ones.
  • These are keen on travelling and even find the jobs that require mostly travelling.
  • They have a tendency to fall in love very smoothly.
  • They are the best love partners and as well as business partners.

Favourite Alphabets: B, K, T

Numerology 3 compatibility

  • They carry some spiritual power and believe in justice.
  • This kind of people are great motivators and will push to move forward in your life.
  • They have faith in hard work and get success before time.
  • They are very salutary teachers due to their philosophic nature.

Favourite Alphabets: C, L, U

Numerology 4 compatibility

  • This kind of person has a lot of energy that lasts long.
  • They hold the capacity to change society and are free from the orthodox boundaries of the world. And this is the reason that they make their career in writing, politics, or entrepreneur.

Favourite Alphabets: D, M, V

Numerology 5 compatibility

  • They never stop at one place keep wandering here and there due to their curious nature.
  • They love to spend some quality time with their spouse, family.
  • These adore kids a lot.
  • They have very intellectual minds and have a great interest in sports.

Favourite Alphabets: E, N, W

Numerology 6 compatibility

  • They attract towards the art.
  • These are beautiful inside out and can also find the purest soul with optimistic nature.
  • They have a very creative mind and can beautify everything they get in either music, dance, or poetry.

Favourite Alphabets: F, O, X

Numerology 7 compatibility

  • People of number 7 are very independent as they love to travel to different countries and enjoy their solitude.
  • They are likely to get absent-minded on the most important occasions.
  • They can sacrifice their personal life in order to achieve their career.
  • These people find a job which is full of adventures and new tasks.

Favourite Alphabets: P, R, T

Numerology 8 compatibility

  • They are notably sober about their life and kind of unyielding nature.
  • They are a believer of learning and education. A coconut can easily describe their personality as they are obstinate from the outside and calm from the inside.
  • They work hard for their dreams and have very ambitious personalities.
  • They inspire others to find their unique skill.

Favourite Alphabets: H, Q, Z

Numerology 9 compatibility

  • Number 9 is very courageous and represents strong will. But sometimes they lose their tempers but they manage to control their anger.
  • These people are very possessive about their self-respect.
  • They are fate masters and decide their future on their own. Wherever they go, they bring their friends and families with there with them.
  • They are likely to involve in jobs like military, politics, teaching, and social services.

Favourite Alphabets: I, R

Now you can also find a compatible match for yourself by knowing their name. All they have to do is to perform a name compatibility test. SUVICH – The Real Astrology will help you out with this.

Q-1 - What is name Compatibility test?

From 1 to 9 no. each no. represents couple of alphabets and after adding the numbers together we their destiny number. To know the compatibility of the couple these no. are calculated together.

Q-2 – What are the significants of Namank?

Name no. or Namank can effectively find the compatibility between the couple.




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