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Will Get a Government Job or No? Astrologer Provide Free Online Solution!

While putting a child in a government school, we do not give it preference over the private ones. Going to a government hospital for receiving medical treatment is a big no! But when it comes to finding a job, we all look forward to getting into government service! But is it written in your Kundli?

People in India, since the older times till now, have been a fan of government jobs. The perks you receive are immense, and the way of living is very easy-going. A person in the government services is well respected in the society and are pampered in the family too. The Sarkari Naukri is a feather in the cap of the one who does it.

Be it higher posts like an IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, or the posts in between like an engineer in railways or the electricity department, or just a small clerk at the bank, all these government jobs are equally respectable. 

Do you have what it takes to get a government job? Or it is just not meant for you? Find out through online astrology and the accurate job prediction on SUVICH.

Astrology, being a vast subject, gives you the answer to this question as well. And our astrologers at SUVICH – The Real Astrologer are pretty well educated in this line of work and will give you the exact answer of what you seek.

Government jobs symbolize power and permanence which is why this is an extremely popular line of work, and many people are willing to pursue it diligently. With a little luck, you can easily get a government job.

Getting into a government job is easy when you have the right planets in the right places at the right time. These planets in their correct houses determine the profession of an individual. The correct combination of these to get a government job will be discussed ahead.

Why should you turn to astrology while choosing your career, and how can SUVICH help you with it?

It is a clear understanding that for a prosperous career in the future, it should be equally great in the present. Since you select a career of your own choice from the start, it saves you from a lot of wastage of time and energy too.

It is not everyone’s piece of cake to find the perfect line of work for themselves. And there are a lot of people who are stuck in jobs that do not motivate them, instead of draining them to an extent that they are working just for the sake of it and survival. It is very necessary to check whether the stars favor your government job too. There are a lot of times when a government job is not written for you, so attempting to get into it will only lead to disappointment.

So, instead of getting frustrated in a job not made for you, consult our career experts at SUVICH – The Real Astrologer and make the right decision before it gets too late to make things right!

Use astrology online on SUVICH to find out what planetary positions will get you the government job that you have been eyeing for a long time.

As you know now, planets on their specific positions play an important role in determining which career stands best for you. Even for a government job, the planetary positions have to be very accurate and precise. These are some details concerning the roles the planets as well the houses play in a person’s Kundli, that are dedicated only to the profession, which gives the idea that he or she will get into government services.

Houses in Kundali and what they relate to:

  • The second house relates to Wealth.
  • The sixth house relates to Jobs, Services, and Career.
  • The ninth house relates to Fortune
  • The tenth house relates to Job, Profession and,
  • The eleventh house relates to Income.

Planets in Kundli and what they relate to:

  • Sun relates to Public and Government sector Jobs, Leadership, Career Physician, Authority, Position, Medicine
  • Saturn relates to Coal, Service, Mining, Labour
  • Jupiter relates to Intelligence, Success, Fame, Knowledge, Good Luck
  • Mercury relates to Insurance, Accounts, Railway, Media, Journalism, Communication.
  • Venus relates to Literature, Creativity, Music, Designing, Arts
  • Mars relates to Surgeon, Lawyer, Defence
  • Moon relates to Travel, Marine, Fishery, Sailing.

How do planets help in carving out your way to a government job? SUVICH will help you understand it in detail.

The most vital role in deciding whether an individual will get a government job or not is the position of the Sun and Moon. Together they represent your mind and soul respectively. Your mind is how you think things through, and your soul is where your passion is. Without knowing the positions of these planets, it is difficult to find out about the person, in general, let alone their professional life.

The Sun and the Moon are the king and queen of all planets, and having them in your favor will increase your chances of getting into government services. 

The Sun being the king represents the government. To know whether the person will get a government job, the position of the Sun is extremely important. If the Sun is the Amatyakaraka planet, there is a pretty high chance of a government job.

Saturn is the Karaka of the tenth house which represents profession and career. Even though the government job does not depend on the position of Saturn, it should still be in your favor. If Saturn is unfavorable, then leave government jobs, you will not succeed in any job you get and you will not achieve any progress.

The Moon is the biggest supporter of the Sun. if you see the kundli of a Bureaucrat, the prominence of the Moon supporting the Sun can be seen very clearly. A strong Moon with the Sun is the biggest indicator that of achieving a high post in the government services.

Another planet that favors a government job is Mars. To get in police services or the military, the planet Mars must be present and also in a strong position. 

If you want to get into the field of education that too, a government teacher, it is important that Jupiter has a strong influence on the house of career – the tenth house.

The requirements of planets are understood, but what houses should they be in is also important. Read further to find out the houses ruling a government job.

The 10th house represents the achievement and recognition in the professional line. For becoming an IAS or IPS, the lord of the 10th house should be very powerful. The presence of the Sun in the 10th house will make these changes even more powerful, this is because the Sun gets Directional power while in the 10th house.

The 6th house is the house of service and competition. This house has to be strong for you to successfully clear your competitive exams and securing a government job.

The 11th house is also important while getting into a government job. This is the house of income and success. This is also the second house of competition. This is why the planets in this house also have to be favorable to get your desired government job.

Houses 1st, 5th, and 9th are Trikona houses which must consist of the Sun and the Moon, both together for securing a rank in the government services. These houses need to be strong.

Also, individuals with a strong Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius zodiac have better chances of getting into a government job. These signs form the Natural Dharma Trikona, just like the Kaal-Purush. People having these possess great capabilities and leadership qualities, making them perfect for higher posts.

Now that you know about the planets and the houses, you should also understand their ideal positions in your Kundli so that you get the job you desire!

To not face any difficulty in getting a government job, the Sun and the Moon must be connected by being in the 10th, 9th, 8th, or 1st houses at the same time. 

The Lagna lord should also be favorable. When the lord of the Lagna, the 1st house, is placed in the 1st, 10th, 9th, or 11th house, it is a sign of a prosperous career ahead. When this lord has connections with the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, it favors the chance of getting a government job.

When a conjunction is made between the lord of the 10th house with planets like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn, and its placement is in the 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th, or 11th house, it is an extremely beautiful connection for an individual to get into a government job.

To know where a person will benefit in terms of profession, it is necessary to check the lord of the 10th house and all the planets residing in this house too.

Several Yogas including the Gajakeshari Yoga (where Moon and Jupiter interact through mutual Kendra), Adhi Yoga (where Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are placed in the 6th, 7th, and 8th house from the moon respectively), and the Panch Mahapurusha Yoga, all of these form great chances of getting into a government job.

The 10th and 9th houses must be connected so that the luck can be brought into professional life too. Jupiter has to be in a favorable condition and not too weak for getting into any kind of government job. The conjunction of Saturn and Sun, even though not very great in other aspects, holds importance while looking at trying to get into a government job.

Check out how the Sun plays a different role in all the different houses and positions which leads to you getting which government job!

It is a clear fact that when the Sun is in the 10th house itself, it forms the yoga of getting a government job. But what happens when the Sun in a house other than the 10th house? Let us check them out.

  • When the Sun placed at any house has the aspect of the planet Mars or Jupiter, they are bound to get into a government job. 
  • When the Sun is in the 10th house and it also consists of a planet that is friendly to the Sun, it relates to government services.
  • When the Sun is in the 2nd house and aspects the lord of the 10th house, they get into secret agencies.
  • When the Sun is in the 3rd house they get into traveling or media of the government sector.
  • When the Sun is in the 4th house they get into tax and property services of the government.
  • When the Sun is in the 6th house, they get into the legal department of the government sector.
  • When the Sun is in the 8th house, they get into jobs related to archaeology or R&D.
  • When the Sun is in the 12th house they get into jobs of jails and hospitals of the government sector.

The Sun has its specialty, but its relationship with other planets also impacts the Kundli and the chances of a Government job!

Saturn and Mars represent the profession that involves machines, whereas the Moon represents traveling. Therefore, these three planets, Saturn, Mars, and Moon along with the Sun are a combination that gives a chance in the Railway Department of the Government.

Sun along with Jupiter or Mercury can push the person in the Revenue Services and Auditing Department. Along with all the planets, Venus should also be checked all the time. the planet of luxury will determine how high or low the post of the person will be depending on its position. 

When will you clear a competitive exam and get a government job? These secrets can be found in your Kundli, and our experts at SUVICH are ready for it!

Over at SUVICH, we take careers very seriously. We do understand the fact that earning money is very important, and we urge you to find out your true calling before jumping into the world of competition. 

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