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Inter-caste Marriage

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What is Inter caste marriage and How it is different from our tradition ?- SUVICH -The Real Astrology guides you in the right way.  

Inter caste marriage is quite common these days. Simply, the term means, you marry a person from your religion but a different caste. For example, you are a Hindu Brahmin and you marry a person who is also Hindu, but not a Brahmin. The whole scenario changes when you are a Hindu and marry a person from a different religion. It is called Inter-religious marriage.  Most of the Intercaste marriages are love marriages. Partners find each other and they fall in love. Only after they fall in love they consider religion and caste. 

Marriage is a divine ritual in which two souls join their hands to live together with love and faith. The holy element intertwined between a married couple is lifelong and it makes them inseparable. We have a tradition of marrying a partner which our parents or respective guardians find. Because they find the best partner for their children according to the tradition and after matching horoscopes. This is done to avoid unnecessary disparities between the couple later in the marriage. That’s why horoscope matching or Kundli Matching is really important before marriage. 

The reason why the parents and ancestors are not accepting Love marriage or Inter caste marriage is that every religion and caste has its own difference in customs and rituals. We follow what has been followed by our ancestors. And we are obliged to follow the path they had shown to us to live a better and prosperous life. 

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Things to keep in mind when you marry a person from a different caste – India's leading astrology service provider SUVICH -The Real Astrology is here to assist you with the fortunate. 

We live in a country where we have the right to marry any individual we choose. Also, the concept of marriage has undergone several changes over the years. So, people had started to accept Love marriages and Inter Caste marriages to an extent. But there used to be a time when people were scared to exhibit their love and forbidden to choose what they loved. But, things and time changed and everything under the sun and beyond the sun has got solutions. All we have to do is find out the right callings. 

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What causes Inter Caste marriages and love marriages? – what horoscope has got to do with Inter caste marriage? – Expert opinion from the team SUVICH 

We all believe in God and his wills. And we know our fate had already been written by the Almighty God, even before we were born. Both good and evil come from the same God. So, everything that happens in our life is associated with his will and our previous life. If he had decided that something would happen in a certain way, it would definitely happen. No matter how we try to stop that from happening. So are marriages. 

Whether we marry a person from our caste or religion or we marry at all is already in our birth sign. An expert astrologist can retrieve all the information regarding our life and major milestones through reading our horoscope. A Horoscope is simply a birth chart in which everything about a person is written according to the position of the moon, stars, and other planetary objects at the time of his birth. If a person marries another person from a different caste, it is already written in his horoscope. No one can change his fate. 

The 7th house is the house of marriage. The presence of Rahu in the 7the house is the reason why someone does a love marriage or marry someone from a different caste. If Rahu is placed in the 5th house, the marriage life lasts forever. But, if Rahu is persecuted in the house, the marriage will not last long and can even end up worse.  

The affliction of Venus by Rahu/Ketu/Saturn usually causes inter-caste marriages in males. But in females, the affliction of Jupiter by Rahu/ Ketu/ Saturn is the reason for inter-caste marriage. 

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Astrological solutions for Inter-caste marriage and how to convince parents about inter-caste marriage without hurting their feelings- Take expert opinion from India's leading Astrology service provider SUVICH-The Real Astrology 

Love is boundary-less. It knows no rules and regulations what humans cast on it. So are lovers. Once they fall in love, they forget all the restrictions and rules. They don’t think about religion or caste while falling in love. The only element that bound them together is love. So convincing them to back out from a Love marriage or an inter-caste marriage is next to impossible these days. So, it is better to let them live with their desired partner. But, when doing this, it is very important to not hurt the people who gave birth to you and brought you up. Always respect them and value our culture. So, the solution to all these worries is in the hands of astrology and astrologers. 

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Importance of Horoscope matching or Kundli matching in Inter - caste and Love marriage. 

Marriage is a divine ritual where two souls unite to become one. Love and faith are what bound the two of them together through thick and thin. And they vow to be together all through their life. They make sacrifices and adjustments for the sake of marriage. They take care of each other and build a life together. When the couple has great compatibility they live together with prosperity. When the partners don’t have enough compatibility the marriage will end up in divorce or even worse. To avoid such awful fortune, it is important to check Horoscope matching or Kundli matching to know whether the partners are compatible with each other or not. It is compulsory to do the same even if the marriage is a Love marriage or an arranged marriage. 

Kundli matching is checking the compatibility of the Horoscope of prospective spouses. It shows if the marriage lasts long or not if there are any chances of divorce, or would get cheated on by the partner, early death of the partner, etc. This is why it is important to perform Kundli before marriage. This should be the same for love marriage or inter-caste marriage. So we can know the partner better. 

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Which planet is responsible for causing love marriage or inter-caste marriage? How team SUVICH-The Real Astrology can help you with the same. 

Whether it’s a love marriage, inter-caste marriage, or an arranged marriage, the planet which is responsible for the success and failure of any marriage is JUPITER. When the planet Jupiter is placed on the 12th house, it causes the failure of a marriage. This can be identified during horoscope matching. If any mismatching is seen in the horoscope, it can be rectified by an expert Astrologist. It is advised to chant mantras, do charity, perform poojas and hawan, etc. This can lessen the effect of the bad influences of planets on your horoscope. 

Make sure to consult only an experienced astrologist for your problems. Because a wrong or exaggerated prediction can cause severe problems in the future. If a horoscope cannot be matched and if the astrologer lies about it for the sake of getting money, the loss will be of the partners, not the astrologer. The same for an inter-caste and love marriage. Always take advice from an experienced astrologer. 

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