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In today’s day and age, every other individual wants to settle abroad or live there for a job or business for a short period of time or for a travel trip. The living standard they have, the life they live, the freedom every individual possesses is something that attracts everyone, and everyone wants to have a feel of it once a lifetime. Traveling abroad is indeed a dream for many and for many, it becomes a necessity, and when we think about foreign travel or settlement in any foreign country, we tend to think is it possible? How can this be achieved? For the same reason, astrologers are getting many queries but for different purposes, some ask if they will go for education or will settle there on a permanent basis or will do good business there, or will have short multiple trips or will marry a foreigner or will go for some leisure time. The answer to all of these questions and the biggest question of all, WILL YOU TRAVEL to ABROAD, lies in your horoscope and there is no better option than turning to an astrologer to know the future possibilities and how you can achieve them. SUVICH provides you with a panel of such astrologers who are the best in the field and will guide you to the best of their knowledge and capability. 


Foreign countries have always been attracting people and especially Indians, and Indians have always been so influenced by the culture of western and hence, everyone in the back of their minds wants to go to the country which they always dream about. Some want to go because of the beauty of the country, some because the country has amazing education, some because work ethics are top-notch, or some are just influenced by everything the state has to offer. 

But traveling to foreign country is no cakewalk and requires a lot of work and luck, and if you have the luck and all the combinations in your chart to travel can only be predicted with the help of astrology. If your horoscope is in your favor or if the decision is going to be a fruitful one for you and your family, answers to all the questions are written in your chart, will you go? If yes when? What difficulties will you face? How will your life and future there be? If you have the combinations to settle or have the combinations of a foreign traveler. To know all the nuances about this and know if you ever will be able to travel abroad, contact the astrologers at SUVICH.


Traveling abroad has become a life goal for some, and sure a dream for many, as the internet is growing and bringing the whole world closer, the need and want to learn outside the country to gain excellent knowledge, experience world-class working culture and just wanting to settle in any foreign country has increased significantly. But with traveling and settling abroad, many issues come along and make the whole process a lot more difficult. 

Issue related to what to study and which line to opt, which college to apply in, if you are going for the job then the company, the salary, how the accommodation will happen, in which county the college or your office is located in, and with the country comes the visa formalities, from which nationality you belong to, and of-course the finances is one of the biggest factors as traveling, studying or settling abroad is an extremely costly affair. All these formalities make it difficult for people to fulfill their dream of going to a foreign country. 

 Astrologers at SUVICH can help you with a lot of the above questions like which field you should opt for and what should be the area of your study and which country is most suited for you. What is the time frame you should be traveling in and what should be the time frame you should be staying in any particular country? If you will have enough finances to keep everything going or you will become more financially liquid once you travel. If you are going to marry a foreigner and if you travel to his native country with him how your after-marriage life is going to be if you should be marrying the person or not. All the questions can be answered with the help of your birth chart and with every why and why not, how, and when. If your will is strong and the chart says you should not, our astrologers provide you solutions with the help of remedies and provide a way out from the situations you are stuck in. They assist you in achieving your life goals.  


Since the time of Raja’s and Maharaja’s people have looked upon stars and all the planets to find out the answers for all the happenings. Sometimes to know about the planet, sometimes to know about the state they are living in, or sometimes to know the situation they are stuck in and how the future is going to look like. Astrology always had answers, this study of occult never disappointed anyone who with their heart wanted to look for all the answers and make them alright with the remedies and the will power to achieve on which they have set their heart upon. Sometimes even after strong will and all the efforts somethings just do not seem to be working in your way and how you want them to be. And you feel tired and irritated all the time because things are not going your way. 

The same situation arises when you are constantly applying for jobs in your dream country and in the field, you have years of experience and excellence in, and for the profile for which you are perfectly eligible and even if you clear the interview and get the job, now there is a delay or difficulty in applying & issue of visa, if you get the visa, there is some issue with family if the family is ready your job letter gets revoked. Some or the other issue is constantly making your life a misery and making you feel that the dream job will remain a dream then, you are at just the right place, Astrologers are here to help, and SUVICH got you covered. Ask about the blockages, about the planetary movements according to your chart and if you are destined to move to the country you want to move in or not, and what can be the cure to remove the blockage standing in between you and your dreams’ way. 


Education is the most important factor if you want to get success in life and in today’s day and age, when the competition is at its peak, it has become all the more important to be at the best of your game and being well-learned helps you do that. Getting proper education is a necessity but getting into an international college or university is a dream. And you tend to do everything to bring our dreams into a reality. You try to grab every opportunity and sometimes make them on your own but if your stars are not in your favor, all the efforts seem to be going waste, however much you try things just do not work out and your destination feels a little farther than before. 

To know if your stars are in your favor or not and if your efforts will ever pay off, you need to pay a visit to an astrologer and know what your stars have to stay about your international education. If your chart is not in your favor some, or the other issues will keep arising, issues like you failing the entrance test, your admission application getting rejected, your education loan will not get approved, in issuing of visa some trouble will arise and if everything turned out your way, everything will fall after sometime and you won’t be able to complete your education in the country you are in. 

To avoid so much of chaos and hustle and to maybe clear the mess you already are in, consult the bests in the industry with SUVICH and get cure of the issues arising with the best possible solutions in the form of remedies that our astrologers will provide you after reading and analyzing your chart deeply with the best of their abilities.  


With the growing globalization, each individual is eager to move to any foreign country for any purpose be it job, business, education, or travel and India is one such country whose residents are seen everywhere around the globe and in some countries, they are in such huge numbers that every second face there is an Indian. 

Jyotish gets frequent questions from the residents concerning their travel to the United States, Canada, UAE, and many other countries. The rise and pace of people moving out show the significance of moving out. In ancient times the scenario was different when someone who stayed away from family was termed as unlucky and now the one who stays at an international location is termed as fortunate and lucky. The distance is shorter than ever, Facebook, Instagram, and video calls have bridged the gap between people, nations rather and linked them together with one single thread. Settlement in an international state nowadays is the epitome and definition of success.

When a person moves overseas he/she brings many changes in him/herself and in the surroundings that will make an impact on him/her in different ways as the person would be placing him/herself in an alien space with alien faces. But an astrologer can know this without any trouble, how the decision is going to affect his or her life.  

There are some common combinations of planets that suggest your travel:

  • When the dominating lord is sitting in the 9th house.
  • When the dominating lord is sitting in the 12th house.
  • When house number 4 or the lord of house 4 is sitting in a bad light.
  • People who have their Rahu and Ketu connected with house 4 or its lord, they will not return back to their native land if left, they will be a permanent resident of the country they travel to.

When to Travel Internationally:

The dasha and Antar Dasha matter when you plan to move and some of them are stated below.

  • When the planet is in the 9th house.
  • The lord of the 9th house is in the same house.
  • The Lord of 9th house is associated with other planets.
  • The planet is house number 12.
  • Dasha or AntarDasha is of either Rahu or Ketu.

Know which zodiac family you belong to as per their nature and characteristics.

  1. Moveable Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. 

These are the signs that are most likely to settle in an international location. Planets when located in these zodiacs would modify something, it can be a job, place you live in, or even a shift of country.

  1. Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Since these are fixed signs, they are in nature of being at one place, sticking to the roots, and would not want or like to settle anywhere else. They do not enjoy changes much that is why they are not seen changing their jobs or homes much. So, if the planets are in these signs, the possibility of moving abroad are obstructed.

  1. Dual Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

The signs that come under the dual category will not settle internationally but they will keep on visiting. The reason for the visit can be business, travel trips, a short term job, or a short-term educational stay. 

These are general know-how of the zodiacs and planetary movements which sure are affected by other measures also and that can be calculated only with the help of an astrologer, so if you are eager to know what your future holds in terms of your international visit, stay or settlements, talk to the astrologers at SUVICH. 

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