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You may have listened that everybody has a unique fingerprint and peculiar lines of the palm. The future of a person is printed in his palm in the form of lines. The study of palm reading is known as palmistry that analyzes the upcoming events of the person, their traits, and online astrology prediction of the future. Palm reading or palmistry is popular since ancient times. You may have seen many palm readers at the roadside who predict your future by observing the shape, color, spirals of fingers, and lines of your palm. It helps to observe your inherent situations, health status, mental state, career scope, life span, and most prominently your future.

Experts of SUVICH determine the motive of your life through palmistry:

The palm readers of SUVICH will help you to get the forecasting your future by reading your palm lines. Let us get a glimpse of various lines of hands. As our experts evaluate every line of palm, carefully and will give an insight into your fate.

Let us find out some serious line of palm that has great significance on human life:-

  • Line of life span - This line determines the life span of a person which lies towards the thumb. The experts at SUVICH will examine this line and will give accurate forecasting of your line.
  • Line of Wisdom - According to its name this line represents the wisdom you have in your life. The wisdom line is situated at the middle of your palm, which divides your palm into two parts.
  • Line of your love life - This line explains what cupid has saved for you. If you are also excited to know the love match online of your life then find it out by your love line that is situated at the distance from your little finger to the junction of the middle finger. Get to know about your love life with love line with the help of palm readers of SUVICH
  • Line of Fate - Find the fate line of your palm in the middle of your palm and find that where your fate takes you. This line will also determine your career progress and intelligence.
  • Line of your marriage - Everybody is curious to know about their most beautiful day, marriage day, and their spouse. Observe your marriage line towards your little finger. This little line will indicate prominent marriage life. In the palm of females, some line also represents the future of their progeny.

If you are also planning to know about your future with the help of palmistry, consult with the most prominent palm reading app. But if you want to explore every aspect of your life then you must take the supervision of an expert and experience palmistry reader, then SUVICH - The Real Astrology is here to rescue you. The experts of SUVICH will examine your lines carefully and will give you a forecast regarding your future. And if you are facing any kind of problem in your life, we will come up with a prominent and practical to encounter your problems. If you are finding the best palm readers to find out the meaning of your palms then come to SUVICH, check our palm reading online free e-books or tutorials related to palm reading. For the best experience, you can also contact our experts, directly.

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Our fate lies in between the line of our palm! At SUVICH - The Real Astrology we give a report of personality by checking the shape of your palm.

There 4 types of structures of palm, that are made up of different elements of nature. At SUVICH our experts will observe the structure of your palm closely and will tell you whether your palm is associated with earth, fire, air, or water. Scroll down to explore more facts about the structure and element of your palm.

  • Earth Hands - Your palm is related to the earth element when you have a short and square-shaped palm. The earth hands are popular for their practical and realistic nature. They do not live their hand in a fairy tale, stay connected with the earth, and do not build air castles. These people take small steps rather than huge steps to get success. However, they walk like a turtle but they prevail in the end.
  • Fire Hands - Fire hands have short fingers with longer palms. Such people have excessive dynamic and effective personalities. People with fire hands will go through many difficulties to make their dream come true. Aborting their plan is totally rare for such people.
  • Air Hands - People with elongated fingers and square-shaped palms fall under the air category. Such people are most popular for their analytical skills and noblemen. They never make a decision without analyzing their pros and cons.
  • Water Hands - Water hands are the most beautiful hands, with an elongated shape and artistic palms. People who have artistic nature have great chances that they come under the water hand category

These people think out of the league and are of quirky nature with over-sensitive emotions. People with water hands should be careful about their feelings as they get hurt very easily. They explicate the empathetic nature and their heart is completely filled with compassion and peace.

Solve the Jigsaw puzzle of your hand with the help of SUVICH - The Real Astrology

The palms of an individual consist of flats and protrude areas, where plats are called plains and protrude area is known as mountains, according to palmistry. The experts of SUVICH will examine these areas and will give you an insight into your future. Mounts represent seven planets that are Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, etc. that determines the balance of your life. On the other hand, the flat portion represents the underdeveloped phase of your life. Let us understand the importance of various mountains:

Jupiter mount

Jupiter is just like a mirror that represents the prosperity and fate of an individual. By evaluating your index finger one can find out whether he is a Jupiter person or not. Find out the mountain beneath your index finger. If this mountain is pinkish or reddish then you are definitely a Jupiter person.

  • People with Jupiter Mountain cherish every moment of their life.
  • These people are loaded with confidence and content naturally.
  • Such people are known for their friendly and generous nature

Their many other signs are found in Jupiter mountain. For example,  

  • If Jupiter mount has a cross then it is the symbol of happy marriage life.
  • Sometimes the cross on the Jupiter Mountain is known as an auspicious symbol and signifies the ambitious and over dominating personality.
  • When Jupiter has a line on its mountain then it will indicate the bad luck of the person. That means that people have to face many hindrances in their important life decisions.
  • Square shaped sign on Jupiter sign enhances teaching and leadership skills and leads to a prosperous life.
  • A symbol of a star on Jupiter Mountain indicates the success of the person as they will achieve everything they need.
  • If a person has a cross sign and star sign all together on Jupiter mount then the person will get a handsome amount of wealth and will take you to the peak of success.

Mount Of Saturn

  • The middle finger of the person is known as the Saturn finger. In this finger, the Saturn Mountain is situated beneath the middle finger.
  • People with Saturn fingers are known for their introspection skills and unhide the truth.
  • When the middle or Saturn finger of a person is pale or yellow then the person is surrounded by negative and pessimist thought process. They even can commit suicidal acts with little stress
  • A small mountain on the middle finger determines the careless and irresponsible nature of the person. Their daily life is disorganized and behaves differently.
  • • A person with overdeveloped Saturn Mountain on middle fingers is very uneasy. They found difficulty while adjusting to others.

Such people are of introverted nature and stay away from the crowd to find out their own peace. They like solitude more than gatherings. The Saturn Mountain may have many signs on it that signify their different phase of life.

  • A cross signs on Saturn Mountain may indicate bad luck.
  • The Square sign and star sign determine the luck of a person.
  • People who have many lines on the Saturn Mountain may have lousy fortune means they have to face many obstacles in their life.

Mountain of Mercury

  • Mountain of mercury is the second name of wisdom. You can observe your mercury mountain on the base of the little finger.
  • If a person has Mercury Mountain then they will be known for their academic intelligence and sharp mind.
  • People who love books have a huge chance of having a protrude mercury mountain on their little fingers.

Mercury Mountain also has many signs on it. Continue reading to known the meaning of such signs:

  • The Star sign on Mercury Mountain indicates uncountable success in your life and gives you hundreds of reason to celebrate each day of it.
  • A point or dot on Mercury Mountain symbolizes the bad decisions of your life.
  • The Triangle sign on the base of the little finger is known for the intelligence of an individual and also has auspicious significance.
  • If a person has a square sign on Mercury Mountain then the person will be able to come out of the financial crisis, sooner.
  • People with a cross sign on mercury mountain can easily please others.

Even the length of the middle finger can also determine the characteristics of a person. For example when the middle finger is longest among 5 fingers then the person may have the ability of medicines.

Mars Mountain -

Mars can be categorized into inner, outer, and plain. Whereas the inner mars are situated towards the thumb. People with the dent of inner mass can be pleased by everyone easily. On the other hand, the bulging inner mars are the symbol of an over-dominating personality.

  • Star sign on Mars Mountain concludes the outrageous behavior of a person.
  • The Cross sign is the symbol of a troublemaker.
  • Square shape says that the person may be facing multiple health issues.
  • People with plain mars are known to be enthusiastic personalities and have the ability to lead a community.

For more information about various mountains and plains of planets contact SUVICH - The Real Astrology and the most prominent answers related to palmistry.

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Q-1 - What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is the art of palm reading. Where astrologers can reveal many secrets about your life by examining your palm lines.

Q-2 - What are the mountain in the palm?

The mountains of the palm are protruded parts situated underneath the fingers. It determines the personality and general nature of the person.

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