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Get Rid of Uninvited Health Problems with Free Online Remedies from Astrologers


Health is affected mostly by the environment anyone is living in and the same is the reason for a healthy life as well. According to Vedic science, astrology is every part of the body, how they function, what is the structure of the body all depends on elements of astrology that can be any planet, zodiac sign, or influence of two or more planets. This only means that all the twelve zodiacs and planets are related to each other in some shape, way, or form with mind, body, and soul.

Want To Know How Healthy Yours’ and your family’s life are going to be? Know about this through medical astrology at SUVICH

Medical astrology is one of those branches of astrology that deals with health issues. Every zodiac and all the 9 planets are related to a number of diseases that possibly can happen to a person. Even when an astrologer can be certain about the area or organ in your body and time period you can face health issues, only a doctor has the resources to check, examine, and name the kind-of disease any individual is going through.

Every house denotes something or the other, like 6th house if the ‘house of illness’ in astrology which related to Virgo or mercury, while 8th suggest ‘possibility of surgery’ Mars rules the house, 12th house denotes ‘you might get hospitalized’ and Saturn is the lord of 12th house in Vedic astrology.

All these planets, all the combination of houses with zodiacs and planets needs to get studied to get an outcome about the health of an individual. To excel in the predictions, one needs to practice for years and our astrologers are a one-stop solution for all your issues and queries related to the health of your family. Consult with the best of fields, today with us at SUVICH.

Health problems can now be solved with the help of astrology solutions from SUVICH

Health is something that we all look forward to having control over. No one wants to spend all their life’s income or savings on disease and end up in a hospital ill with some serious problem. However, there are times when situations like these do arise and we are left with no other option than turning to a doctor and spending all that hard-earned money, seeing all the money going into hospital bills which were kept for your family’s future. There are thousands of people who are struggling with all these scary illnesses and some are fortunate enough to have resources to pay the bills of the hospitals and doctors and some are not. This is where the need of astrology comes in. Taking astrological help or guidance makes you prepared for any unseen hurdle in your or your family’s way. And health issues are the biggest hurdle which affects not only the person who is ill, but the entire family suffers and lives that journey. Certain remedies that our astrologers will guide you with according to your chart will help you lessen the effect of those diseases and will give you and your family that strength to surpass the phase and come out, even more, stronger than ever. 

As the health section in astrology is gaining so much more important these days that the section has started to call medical astrology, so, consult our masters of the field today to get answers related to health for you and your family with SUVICH.

Always wondered how planets denote diseases.? SUVICH got you covered.!

It sounds weird that planets have a connection with diseases, but it is as true as it can be, and individuals are likely to face them at some point in their lives. 

Each planet indicates some disease; hence all the planets and diseases can be divided under: 

  • Sun signifies eyesight, heart diseases, fevers, digestion system, mental illness, etc. 
  • The moon affects your lungs. Diseases related to lungs, nervous disorders, emotionally weak a person can be seen if the moon is on the weaker side.
  • Mars is red in color, and red is the color of danger hence, it is an aggressive planet. Negative effect on mars means accidents, surgeries, injuries, acnes, and all skin related issues.
  • Mercury reflects memory & smartness. Lack of memory, confused mind, and issues related to memory and nervous system are handled by mercury and any bad influence on mercury is a bad influence on your memory.
  • Jupiter tells about liver problems, problems in concentration, diabetic body, obesity, etc.
  • Venus donates sexual life and reproductive parts. The need of less sexual desire is seen, infertility can be seen and in women, PCOS, PCOD, irregular menstruation, and loss of a baby can be seen if the venus is weak.
  • Saturn is the planet of illness and sadness. Indicators of weak Saturn are mental illness, anxiety, bone-related problems, and old age issues. 
  • Rahu & Ketu more or less have the same effects as Saturn & Mars. 

These are the basic traits of all the main 9 planets and what kind-of disease they donate, if you wish you know about it in detail and according to your chart, give SUVICH a chance to provide you with the service. 

What are houses & How they indicate health issues? Know with us at SUVICH.

There are 12 houses in a chart which are the 12 zodiacs that every individual falls in, and each of those houses or zodiacs indicates some disease or some kind of health issue. 

1st house covers the whole body.

2nd house denotes issues related to voice, eye, oral hygiene, neck, and throat, etc.

3rd house, indicates hands, bones, lung-related problems, etc.

4th house got your middle body covered, including chest, stomach, digestive disorder, etc.

Spinal Bone, heart, and brain are controlled by the 5th house.

6th house deals with General diseases like intestine issues, kidney, stomach illness, etc.

Skin and body shape by 7th house.

8th house denotes serious like bladder, urine infections, or sexual organs.

Hips, thighs, and nerves related issues are indicated by 9th house.

10th house looks at joints, knees, and bone issues.

Deficiency of blood, legs by 11th house.

The last and Final 12th house denotes feet, toe, and most importantly, hospitalization or death.

These are the raw and natural traits of all the signs which can differ according to your birth chart and what zodiac to fall in.

Do not feel puzzled, just talk to our master, and know about yours and what combination do you have and what precautions you might have to take for the near or far future. SUVICH has the best astrologers who can clear all your doubts and can provide you with the best guidance and remedies after reading your chart thoroughly. 

Do you feel you are suffering from mental illness? Your chart can help you understand the situation. 

When we talk about health we tend to talk about physical health and something that is visible or is linked to any body part except for the brain and mind, which is one of the most crucial parts of a human body, if your brain stops to work, your body gets numb. We forget to talk and acknowledge how important mental illness is and how we should not hesitate in talking about it in today’s day and age. People still consider this a taboo and still feels that being mentally ill means you are mentally crazy. Mental illness is very much real, and it does not mean anyone going through this is crazy. 

Mental illness can come forward in form of depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of attentiveness, poor appetite, and many other disorders and this very well can be read by seeing closely through your chart. No one wants to feel sad all the time, have unnecessary tension and feel guilty about every small thing happening in their inner circle and If you are one of those persons who are feeling this way lately or your family, your kids, your parents, your friends are feeling this way or are behaving differently, are looking like they are lost in some another world, are not eating at all or eating too much, are not sleeping at all or sleeping too much, get their or your chart read and look what the issues are. Which planet out of all the 9 planets is affecting their mental state, acknowledge it, so the remedies and bring happiness in your family again. 

Talk to our astrologers and let them then guide you and your family through it with understanding how to do meditation and yoga, two of the most effective tools to fight mental illness with other remedies relating to your chart and zodiac you fall in.

Falling ill again and again.? Family is not keeping up very well.? Know why with SUVICH.

Falling ill is something no one wants to keep doing as this is something that is not really in our hands and makes us vulnerable and weak. And if someone in the family is falling ill again and again this makes us wonder if everything is alright or is there any major turn waiting for us at the door. Diseases are those uninvited guests that no one wants in their houses, yet they arrive and stay for the longest time possible, draining all the mental, physical, and emotional energy it makes us irritated, moody, and very clingy. 

Know from our experts why such issues are happening with you and what can be done to prevent it or if there is any chance for you or your family to have any major health issues. You can get your answers using any form of occult science, it can be astrology, tarot card reading and by doing stone, Vastu, and some astrological remedies you can prevent yourself and your family from the excessive impact of all the negative combinations in your chart. Know if diseases are long term or short term. If they end up being long term it is possible that the person has to suffer for a long time or for his/her entire life. Some planets bring forward their negative impact while some impact life in many positive ways, depending upon the degrees and positioning of every single planet in your chart according to when you were born, at what place, and at what time. 

Have faith, turn to the masters, and get the best possible solution to all your troubles, with us at SUVICH. 

Feeling devastated and want to know if you will get through the tough times of illness? You came just to the right place.!

Health is the driving force for any human being and if your body is not sound, you start to lack efficiency in whatever you do, you lose money, faith in yourself, your relationships start to fail, you start to lose friends, and most importantly you lose all the motivation to do absolutely anything at all which leads to mental illness, anxiety which turns to depression and you feel there is nothing that can go right now, there is nothing that can fix all this mess in your life, there is nothing you can do to feel any better and you lose all the energy to get out of the bad, suicidal thoughts starts to cloud your mind and you just need that one ray of light. Astrology and astrological solutions are that rays of hope and light in your dark, gloomy days where you feel lost. 

Turning to an astrologer can help you really well in understanding yourself, your inner strength, the wisdom you have had in you but because of all the difficulties and health issues you couldn’t let it come through and shine. You will get to know the reasons for your health and according to all the planetary movements in your chart, our astrology will provide you remedies to help you in overcoming all sorts of self-doubts, getting rid of all suicidal thoughts, and giving you a new path to walk upon. SUVICH is just the right place for you, suggest to your family and friends if someone is going through a rough roller coaster. 

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