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A home not only denotes bricks and walls but rather it denotes a happy place where love resides. Some pleasant and distressing frequencies in your home can cause different effects in your life. If your Vastu is not proper, then your sweet home can get transformed into a living hell. The Vastu or premises have a deity that strongly responds to the positive and negative vibrations. The study of this spiritual realm is called Vastu Shastra

Have you often witnessed many events without a possible logical explanation? For instance, you could be continually fighting with your spouse for no definite reason. You could be trying hard to ace your exam for a long time, but you are failing despite your hard efforts. If all these are happening without a possible logical explanation, then you may consider getting the Vastu of your house checked.

What is Vastu Shastra?

The Vedic Shastra of Vastu Shastra helps you develop a fair understanding of the spiritual realm to distinguish between the good and bad vibrations and their effects on your lives. By residing in a Vastu compliant home, you can discover the secret recipe of happiness and always have lady luck's blessings. Vastu vidya helps you check the spatial geometry of your home to make it Vastu compliant. If you need more details, you can browse online or download Vastu shastra ebooks. These ebooks will help you enhance your knowledge and help you know more about Vastu shastra for houses. You can consider downloading Vastu shastra in Gujarati, Vastu shastra pdf, Vastu shastra books in Hindi pdf, etc.

Follow Vastu Tips From Suvich And See Its Magical Effects In Your Life 

Presently ready-to-move-in Vastu shastra houses are in more demand. They can cost a pretty penny; however, following our consultations at Suvich will help you have your home Vastu compliant at a cost-effective rate.  

Let's browse through some of the benefits which a Vastu compliant home can provide you :

Healthy relationships: By channelizing the positive energies into your home by Vastu Shastra, you can expect harmonious relationships that will stand the test of time. 

Inner peace: The positive vibes of Vastu will bring inner peace and help you deal with conflicts maturely. You can also consider meditating to get more peace. Vastu shastra reduces clutter in your mind so that you can think clearly. This also helps in introspection so that you can find new ways of succeeding in life.

Financial gains: By being Vastu compliant, you can expect financial gains and avoid losses. You can follow Vastu Shastra for monetary gain.

Positivity: By residing in a Vastu compliant home, you can expect a lot of positivity in your life. The positive radiations will change your perceptions of things, and you become more optimistic. Also, you will feel more revived and energetic after waking up.

Our Vastu Tips Bring Eternal Happiness To Your Life

Our astrology experts at Suvich help your house be Vastu compliant to enjoy all the above advantages. Let's take a sneak-peek into some of the Vastu Shastra tips that make your home a peaceful dwelling hub:

 Balcony: You must consider yourself lucky if your balcony is situated in the North-East direction. This place is considered auspicious, and this location of the balcony will attract money and luck. The furniture in your balcony must be positioned in the southwest corner to repel negative energies. You can install your swing facing North or South. Colorful blooms attract positive energy, so you can consider keeping small plant tubs on the South West corner of the balcony, and you can invest in the plants that will bloom throughout the year.

The main door attracts positive energies- Vastu shastra front door direction and Vastu shastra house entrance: Believe it or not, your main door can open your doors to its happiness if it is positioned in the right direction. To attract positive energies, you must consider positioning your door in the North or northwest; this may look difficult in the ready-to-move-in properties; however, you can opt to live in a room positioned on the North–East or Northside. Lighting your main door with bright lights can attract positive energies and bring harmony to your life. It would be better if you avoid placing any water bodies, shoe racks, or dustbins outside your main door as they can attract negative energies like magnets. You must ensure that the hinges of your door do not make noise as it is a bad omen. You can check the hinges of your door frequently to make sure that they are not making noise.

Kitchen: When purchasing your house, make sure that the kitchen points South-East and not the North. The storage can bring good luck if they are placed in the southwest direction of your kitchen. The stoves are the principal fire element of your kitchen, and it must be placed so that the person cooking should face the east direction while cooking. You should also choose your kitchen's colors prudently, and you can focus on vibrant colors like yellow, orange, and red while designing the interiors of your kitchen.  

Ceiling: Your ceiling should have only four corners; if the construction is made so that the ceiling has five corners, you can consider placing pyramids to minimize the nasty effects. 

Center of home:  The center of your home should be free and non-cluttered for the positive vibes to come in. It would help if you did not block the center of your home with unnecessary stuff.

Master bedroom- Vastu shastra bedroom bed direction and Vastu shastra bedroom sleeping direction: Purchase an apartment where the bedroom points the Southwest direction and not the South East. This is imperative for prosperity in life. Fire rules the southeast direction, and hence constructing the master bedroom in the South East direction can cause conflicts between couples. You must keep your bedroom windows open for some time during the day; it will bring fresh air and infuse positivity. Many people ignore the Vastu shastra for bed but for avoiding bad energies; you should avoid pushing your bed against the wall. Following Vastu Shastra for bedroom will improve the relationships between married couples.

Puja room: Your house must have a separate place for worship. It is considered auspicious if your Puja room is placed in the North-East direction of your home. North East is a divine direction that attracts a lot of positive energies. While praying, try to face the East direction to have maximum effects. 

Toilets: If you want a free flow of positive vibes, you must have your bathroom facing the west or northwest direction. Also, ensure to close the toilet seat when not in use; this will minimize the bad influences.

You need to ensure that your dwelling place must be adequately ventilated. Sunlight attracts positivity and is a key element of Vastu Shastra.

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