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Solve the Dilemma of Private Job or Not with Online Free Career Problem Solution!

Struggle for Private Jobs has always been a huge problem in our lives? SUVICH is here to help you solve your dilemma.

There is a crazy hype created over government jobs when it comes to an individual’s career. Everyone wants to become an IAS or an IPS officer. Even after completing engineering, people opt for the banking sector, especially the government banks, which does not even make sense. But they do it just for the security that is provided there.

What they do not consider at all is that the private sector is certainly a very good option just like the government jobs. It is a place with cut-throat competition, but that is exactly what makes a person grow his or her personality.

Without the competition and thrill that you get in the private jobs, an individual eventually will start losing interest in work and also not want to do many other things. After a while, what they do is work only for the sake of money. There is no zeal of learning in them and they become very lethargic in nature.

Not everyone gets a government job and some people who do get it aren’t capable of it and SUVICH is here to help you make the correct decision regarding your career choice.

A career counseling session with our career experts at SUVICH will tell you exactly whether your kundli has the stars for a government job or is the private world meant for you!

It is a misconception that private jobs aren’t as good as government jobs. If you think so too, you need to read further!

We all know that private jobs are not as relaxing as government jobs. You need to come up with new things every day to stay in the race or it will not take a lot of time for you to lag.

But with this risk and stress also comes a lot of perks. The one thing you expect from a job is a great salary. The rate at which money grows in a private job is huge as compared to a government job.

You can, with a lot of hard work, earn at least 3 to 4 times more than a government employee which leads to you having a bigger car, house, and a better standard of living.

There are a lot of times when people leave their government jobs too to get into private jobs. And they also get more successful than before. So, creating a mindset that believes that a government job is the only way to achieve things in life is very wrong.

Are you still confused about whether to go for a government job or private? Chat to an astrologer at SUVICH and he will give you the best advice.

At times like these, getting your kundli made and checking which is the best bet that you can get. This will help you get into the line of work that is perfect for you and will bring you to successful heights.

Your career is directly predicted by the interconnection of planetary positions, the Lagna lord, and the lord of the 10th house to be specific. 

In pursuing and getting into a government job, the position of the Sun and its strength plays a very important role. Another factor is that the lord of the 10th house must be in it or in exaltation to get a government job. If these positions are strong, they can also get a high-profile job.

If the 10th house lord is not in a strong position, they will get into a private job. Also, if the Sun is placed in the wrong place or is debilitated, the individual will get a private job.

A thorough reading of your kundli by our astrologers will help you know whether a private job is going to be your best bet or not. Suvich is here now at your fingertips to help you find it. You can now contact the astrologer at Suvich for better advice and consultation.

What are the job prospects depending on your stronger planet’s positions in various houses?

The position of the strongest planets in an individual’s natal chart plays an important role in determining the line of work they can get into. This is irrespective of whether they get a government job or a private one. The strong planets in each house denote a different career suitable for the individual.

  • The First House denotes self-employment which will be in your favor and very successful.
  • The Second House denotes a career in banking, investment, finance, consultation, writing, publishing, and teaching.
  • The Third House denotes communications of all sorts. This indicates jobs in marketing, sales, advertising, web designing, traveling, computer, import-export.
  • The Fourth House denotes relates to properties like land and vehicles. The careers are agriculture, builders, transportation business, mining, etc.
  • The Fifth House denotes thinking and speculation and the best careers are in finance, marketing, brokerage, education.
  • The Sixth House is the house of all wrong things – litigation, disease, loans, and disputes. Strong planets in this house can lead the individual to get into police, providing services, court, loan-recoveries, clinics, etc. 
  • The Seventh House denotes business partnerships and also the relationship with females in your life. Starting a partnership in the name of your wife or mother will be quite beneficial. These people can also do a partnership in business, trading, etc.
  • The Eighth House denotes a career in insurance. This house also favors the field of research and development. Astrology and mystical, magical powers are also residents of this house which will call the individual towards them automatically.
  • The Ninth House denotes luck and religion. The person can become a lawyer, priest, head of a religious group. Traveling to various temples all around the globe will benefit this house.
  • The Tenth House denotes a connection with the government and politics. Strong planets in this house greatly favor a government job or getting into politics.
  • The Eleventh House denotes all sorts of income. Any kind of planet in this house will give good results, even if they are malefic. Earnings can take place through any source, especially via an elder brother.
  • The Twelfth House denotes a career in a foreign land, travel agency, import-export of goods, hospitals, and prisons.

Now, if you have made up your mind to get into a particular career only, you can consult our career advisors at SUVICH and they can give you remedies to strengthen your weaker planets. This can enable you to choose the career of your choice.

Now that you know which planet favors you; it is also important to know when to start your favorite private job?

Many times, it happens that when people are freshers, who have just got out of college or are jobless even after trying too hard, contact us at SUVICH for consultation and advice.

All we tell them is there are a few factors that have to be in your favor for you to get that job you are so wishing for. The planetary positions and the Dashas work hand in hand to help you get into the line of work of your choice.

These are a few points that we always tell our clients to know and understand

  • You might try to get a job only in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of your Lagna lord.
  • It is highly likely for you to get a job in the Mahadasha and the Antardasha of the lord of the 9th house.
  • The 6th house is notorious because of the qualities it possesses. But the funny part is that the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the 6th house can also get you a job!
  • In the Mahadasha and Antardasha of all the planets located in houses 1st, 6th, 9th, and 10th can get you a job. 
  • You can get a job during the Mahadash and Antardasha of Rahu and Ketu too.
  • Another way to get a job is during the phase of the 10th lord in the kundli. Even during the administration period of the 2nd and 11th house one can look out for and get the job.

What are the planetary transits related to your private job which will help you get one and also succeed in it?

While getting a job, all the above mentioned Mahadashas and Antardashas must have a favorable transit for getting a high paying job. The transit of the auspicious planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu will open doors for new jobs.

The transit of Jupiter in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th houses is extremely favorable for getting a job or even changing it. For Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, the conditions are favorable when they are transiting over the 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses.

The chances of getting a job are all the more favorable when the Mahadasha, Antardasha and the transit of planets are all occurring simultaneously. This will for sure get you the job you love and will also pay you very well.

But if you have been trying for a long time and even then, you have not found a job, even out of your domain, following these tips given by astrologers at SUVICH will help you in making this process a little more quickly.

  • For 43 days, offer 3 bananas to Lord Ganpati every day.
  • Offer milk to the Peepal tree every day.
  • Wear a ring or necklace made of the gemstone related to the 9th lord.
  • Keep safely a rock crystal pyramid at home.

These tips might help you to get the private job of your choice which will also pay you very well. 

For more information related to your career, you can always get in touch with SUVICH and chat to an astrologer for the best guidance and remedies to overcome the difficulties you are facing in your life, be it career or anything else too.

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