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Child Problem

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Facing problems having a child and you don’t know what to do? Chat to an astrologer at SUVICH and find a solution today.

A child is a gift from God who comes into our lives to give us happiness and a new experience of being a parent. This little human also comes to life for his or her purpose and to fulfill the destiny that has been created just for them. A child is what will lead your family to the next generation, he or she will inculcate your values and pass them on for the greater good in life. They are someone who will create a balance between the old and the new. But what happens when you try and try but are still not met with a positive result? It only leads to a lot of disappointment and sadness. It also leads to cracking of the relationship which could also lead to divorce. Astrologers at SUVICH can assist you by letting you know the favorable times for conceiving. They can resolve your queries by providing remedies. 

What is the astrology of a child and why and how is it helpful for couples who want to become parents?

Child astrology does not refer to the birth chart or Kundli of a child. It is the study of the parents’ kundali to understand if at all they have a chance to experience the happiness of bearing and having a bundle of joy in their lives. The child astrology brings into notice the conditions of parents before conceiving a child, during it, after it and also suggests if they will have more children, or have none at all.

Child astrology actually helps in determining the correct time and method through which a couple can bear a healthy boy or a girl who will fill their life with joy.

It also tells us whether to wait for a child or have one quickly depending on the dashas. And when having a child, should the delivery be a normal one or a C-section. In the case of childlessness, should the couple go for adoption or IVF? All these questions are answered to the point through child astrology. Contact our astrologers to know yours!

Being a couple facing childlessness is something that cuts right through your soul. Refer to our child experts for a way out.

Childlessness can be pressurizing for a couple – mentally and physically. Society and family pressures you to have a child so much that you give in to this pressure and start exhausting yourself out physically, trying to have a baby. But astrology can tell you why you are facing the problem of childlessness, it will help to bring mental peace and physical rest too.

The 2nd, 5th, and 11th houses are the ones that should be considered while finding out about the probability of having a child in the future or not. They are the main houses for predicting childbirth.

These houses can affect either the husband’s or the wife’s kundali, thus leading to childlessness. The couple's past karmas also matter a lot while having a child. The right karma will bring a healthy baby, whereas one wrong karma can also lead you to not having a child at all.

Let us read further to find out how the houses play a role in having a child or facing childlessness.

  1. While looking at the kundali of the parents, we always check the 2nd, 5th, and 11th houses for the prediction of childbirth. 
  2. The 2nd house represents family, and the birth of a child is considered as an addition to the family. 
  3. The 5th house represents having children when both the mother and father come of age. This is the house that is checked for knowing whether the couple can become parents or not. 
  4. The 11th is the house of desires and wishes and whether they can be fulfilled or not. If you wish to have a child, but this wish of yours is not getting fulfilled, then it is important to check the 11th house.
  5. In Vedic astrology, the 12th house to house to any house is considered to have a bad effect on that house.
  6. This means that the 12th house from the 5th house is the 4th house. So, if the lord of the fifth house resides in the 4th house, it can lead to the death of a child or having no child at all (childlessness.)
  7. Similarly, the 12th house from the 2nd house is the 1st house or the ascendant and the 12th house from the 11th house is the 10th house. Both the 1st and the 10th house should be checked while predicting the incoming of a new family member.
  8. The D-9 chart which is the Navamsha Chart and the D-7 chart which is the Saptmansha Chart must also be read in detail along with the Rashi Chart before reaching any kind of conclusions.

Some planetary positions lead you to childlessness and you must know it so that you can be mentally prepared. These are the secrets of the planetary positions.

What is leading to childlessness will only be known when the positions of the planets and their connection with one another are determined. They are as follows.

  1. If the house of children, which is the 5th house or even the 5th lord, is afflicted in any form, it is quite hard for you to be blessed with a child.
  2. Afflictions of malefic planets on the 2nd, 5th, or 11th houses can also lead to childlessness or losing of the child later in life.
  3. Jupiter is considered as the significator or Karaka of children. If there is an affliction of Rahu or Saturn on Jupiter, the couple can face childlessness.
  4. If the malefic planets of Rahu and Ketu are connected to the 5th or 11th house in any matter like being placed in them, having aspects on them, or even during their nakshatras, it can cause childlessness. But if Saturn is associated with the 5h or 11th house, instead of childlessness, it will only cause a delay in having a baby as Saturn likes to take things slow.
  5. Mars is a planet that is not always malefic. So, when it is malefic, it will result in involuntary abortions causing childlessness. And when benefic, it will favor the birth of a male child.
  6. Ketu, being malefic can turn the head of the parents around and make them think that they are better off without a child. This does not cause childlessness but causes a delay in childbirth till a time when it becomes medically difficult for the woman to get pregnant.
  7. Jupiter and Rahu together in the 5th house can cause childlessness, unless they are falling in the Nakshatra of favorable planets.
  8. When there are heavy afflictions on the 5th house that falls in either Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Virgo signs in the birth chart, it can cause childlessness.
  9. If the Moon gets placed in Gemini, a barren sign, and falls in the Nakshatra of Rahu – Ardra, there is a high chance of childlessness.
  10. Venus in the Nakshatra of Ketu – Moola, can cause childlessness.
  11. If Jupiter is the lord of the 6th house that is falling in any Nakshatra of Mars and is placed in the 4th house, all these together can cause childlessness.
  12. If in the kundali, Moon is in the 5th house and both Saturn and Ketu lie in the Nakshatra of the Moon, it can cause involuntary abortions or various other obstacles while trying to conceive.
  13. If the 5th house or the 5th lord is in any manner connected to the 6th, 8th, or 12th house or even Ketu, the woman could have a miscarriage.
  14. An aspect of Ketu or malefic conjunction with Ketu can cause involuntary abortion and later, childlessness.
  15. Jupiter alone in the 5th house in kundali of either husband or wife can cause childlessness.

The above are chances of childlessness but an equal chance of having a child too. But what if you have yoga which will not let you have kids, let us see.

A lot of times, conception or even adoption is not possible for a couple due to the presence of a malefic combination of planets which will not allow them to feel the happiness of having a child altogether. They are as follows.

  1. In the kundali, if the 5th house lord is in the 6th house and at the same time the Lagna lord is in conjunction with Mars, it will be impossible to have a child.
  2. A Putra Dosha is formed when the lord of the 5th house is placed in any of the Dusthanas – 6th, 8th, or 12th houses. This prevents the birth of a child.
  3. If in both, the kundali and the Moon chart, the 5th house, and Jupiter fall together in Paap-Kartari, it will cause childlessness.
  4. When the longitudes of Jupiter, Moon, and Mars are added in a female’s chart, and it totals to give an even sign and an odd Navmansha or vice-versa, she can have a child but only by putting in a lot of efforts.
  5. When the longitudes of Jupiter, Venus, and Sun are added in a male’s chart, and it totals to give an even sign and an odd Navmansha or vice-versa, he can have a child but only by putting in a lot of efforts.

 What if the problem is not related to childlessness and only related to a delay in conceiving due to some unforeseeable reasons? What happens in those cases, let us find out!

There are cases where the doctors ask a couple to stop worrying as there is nothing wrong with them biologically/medically, but still, the couple is not able to bear a child. This is where astrology can help that couple.

After analyzing the horoscope of both, the mother and the father, there may be two possibilities:

  1. It could be a case of childlessness, or
  2. It could be a case of postponement or delay in conceiving.

After checking all the above factors, the astrologer will realize that the case is not of childlessness. It only means that it will take some time for the couple to be blessed with a child. And this timing depends on the dashas of the husband and wife and the transit of planets. 

At times like these, first, the horoscope of the husband is studied if having a child is even possible and then that of the wife is checked to check the exact time when a child can be conceived.

The following procedures must be adopted if it is a sheer case of delay by examining the:

  1. 5th House and 5th Lord from Lagna.
  2. 5th House and 5th Lord from Moon.
  3. 5th House and 5th Lord from Jupiter.
  4. 5th House and 5th Lord from Saptamshas.

Children are born only when the dashas are favorable and connected with the 5th house or the 5th lord of the birth chart, or even of the Saptamsha chart. If the 5th lord is afflicted either by combustion or retrogradation or even due to the aspect of malefic planets, it will cause the only delay in the birth of the child and not childlessness. You can know the favorable time to conceiving just by connecting with one of our astrologers. 

Some remedies that can be provided to you by SUVICH – The Real Astrologer for getting help with the issue of childlessness.

Once the birth charts of both the parents are analyzed, the actual reasons are known. Some Vedic solutions can be put into use with the help of our astrologers at SUVICH. 

The ‘Pancham Bhav' or 5th house of the birth chart tells about the possibility of having a child. If the ‘Pancham Bhav' is indicating negativity, then our astrologer recommends the rituals that are to be performed which will correct these problems. 

He/She first checks the Lagna and Lagnesh of both husband and wife. Sometimes, when the kundalis are checked, the husband's kundli indicates about 80% possibility of a kid while the wife's kundli indicates only about 20% chance or vice versa. This shows that one kundali is weaker than the other. 

After strictly following the advice of our astrologer, eventually, things start favoring the ‘Pancham Bhav,' and the couple gets blessed with a baby.

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