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Test the compatibility with your partner with the help of SUVICH, in seconds with the most prominent astrology tools!  

When we talk about the word compatibility, we immediately think of relationships, and what is any relationship without compatibility. Relationships here do not specifically target love relations but also, family, friends, and professional relationships. But if they lack compatibility? They will not go well in the long run. What better tool or study to understand the same except for astrology? Now check your compatibility with SUVICH. 

Decode the mantra of a successful marriage, love life, friendship, or professional relationships with us at SUVICH. Let us guide you with not mere vague statements but in-depth study, and logical calculations of the qualities of each zodiac sign compatibility online. Their planetary movements and influences, this gives us a good idea of what kind-of comfortable room will you share with the person and with this concept, you will very well make out who is a catch and match and who is a clash.

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There are many tools by which you can get access to who is compatible for you? You should be starting a business with the partner you are looking forward to. How your married life is going to go with the person, whose you are planning to marry? You can to assess all these things with uses of some astrology tools. We at SUVICH provide you with the best service to get the best possible results.


Always wanted to know how the date of birth helps in match-making.? Wants to get yours done with someone special.? SUVICH is here to help.!

Date of birth compatibility calculator is a very quick and reliable tool to calculate the compatibility between you and your loved one especially. The calculation that you will get is based on numerology and hence we can say they are pretty accurate hence you also can call it Numerology Love Compatibility Calculator. Numerology is a form of occult science which derives some bizarre outcomes and some changes in how these number works can make a huge positive change in your lives. In ancient times numerology was part of regular mathematics but over the years this angel of maths got into pseudoscience and is been using to do predictions and changing people’s life.

How do we calculate it.?

Knowing the date of birth of both partners is crucial for this compatibility analysis as we use only the numbers that are there in your date of births to get you the best result. It proves to be a fast, simple, and correct way for understanding widely known astrological/numerological factors of Date of Birth. Just fill in the date of birth of your and your partner and get the analysis at your fingertips.

Marriage Match Making by Date of Birth

Marriage brings not just two people but two whole families together and ties them in a life -long knot. Hence, it is extremely important for anyone to choose the right partner as all happiness and health of a marriage, and both families rely on your partner. Date of Birth showcases the character, how the person reacts or behaves, what kind of cooperation you will get from your partner. Your date of birth can answer almost every question you have regarding compatibility and understanding with your partner. So, you can very well rely on and take useful suggestions just by analyzing and studying the date of births of two individual tying a knot of marriage.


Have zodiacs always fascinated you? And wanted to figure out what is in yours and who you match most perfectly? You are just at the right place, SUVICH got you covered!

Zodiac Sign or as we say Moon Sign marks the biggest impact on your life. Zodiac is identified based on the placement of the moon when you were born. In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, and every human being on the planet comes under any of these signs. Each of these zodiacs has its own traits, qualities, behavior, state of mind, nature, the pattern of reacting to things, and more, and each of these zodiacs shows different compatibility with each other. Contact SUVICH to check your compatibility.

Importance of Moon Sign

Since every individual has their own zodiac, they make them, THEM! Moon is the main and very important planet in your birth chart, but every planet in our solar system affects you in their own way and they affect every zodiac differently.

All the people who have taken birth on the planet earth, having any moon sign has inherited different characteristics. They are not the same in terms of how they react and how they feel about things. Everyone is born with a different chart, and that affects them accordingly. And here comes the zodiac love compatibility in play. Not every sign has good compatibility with everyone. Or as we say, sometimes opposites attract!  

Test your compatibility according to your zodiac, with your partner or going to be a partner today with SUVICH.


Are numbers your weakness and they always held you captive? See them do their magic and know what they can tell you about your life. SUVICH - The Real Astrology will make you fall in numbers all over again and if you are scared, you will fall in love with them deeply! 

It is a science which humans are using for ages, the study has provided some tremendous results and have provided perks like promotion, balance in the professional and personal life and marriage is one of the biggest parts of anyone’s personal life. So, when we talk about love or horoscope compatibility for marriage, the first thing that we need to study is the path number in numerology. This dynamic method tells a lot about you, what you want in your relation and what kind of person will suit best to you according to your path number. The test is done numbers 1-9, which have different traits of their own, and zodiac love compatibility is tested based on these numbers.  

You can calculate which number is missing in your chart using numerology compatibility test with the help of your name or date of birth, and they will tell you a lot about the person you are and what you expect from life, in which direction your career will go, how much land and the property you will possess, how your married and love life will be.  

If you have ever thought about why certain people attract you, while certain repel, or maybe how compatible and understanding your friends are, and you tried to find answers to all these questions then yes, numerology tells all these answers as well.


All the remedies that we can suggest to you are also based on the results and what numbers are affecting your life and in what ways. No person has all numbers from 1-9 in their birth dates and the remedies are given for those missing numbers. The remedies are to give you a way out to lessen the impact of those missing numbers and gain some amount of positive influence.

Get results and remedies for yourself now and check your compatibility with your partner.  


Feel nothing right is going with you and your mate? Want to know how your life will be after marriage? Get your name numerology done with us at SUVICH!

Love is the most common, yet rare feeling ever experienced by a human being, and it is so special and different that it cannot be expressed in any combination of 26 alphabets. Individuals do try to and yet fail miserably. One of the most tried and common methods of calculating the zodiac love compatibility between partners is through name numerology. With the help of this occult, names of the men and the women are taken into account and the results are derived according to that.

How Numerology Discovers the Truths of love?

In the world we are living in, people are always looking at the aspects of the sweetness and bitterness in their relationships or the experiences they have had. Numerology helps in providing the way out from the conflicts that is been happening in your life and in your relationships. With precautions, these conflicts can be avoided and have a happy, healthy relationship. This also helps if the situations are in control of keeping your partner or so much out of control that letting go of your partner would be the better thing to do. Thus, we can say that numerology does discover the truths of love and how can you go about a certain situation.  

If you are also facing difficulties in relationships, get your numerology done with SUVICH - The Real Astrology.

What all we can know with Name Numerology?

Name numerology is generally used when there is no clear date of birth available, in this case, name numerology gets into consideration, with this tool of occult science, one can know about the marriage, career, financial status throughout life, which is the favorable moon sign and if you should be going with the person you are looking at with this prediction. So, you not only find out who you should marry but also how your whole life looks like and if you will remain on the same page. We guide you not to take any step which might turn regretful in the future and give you the best result of zodiac sign compatibility.  


Tired of all the problems in your life and nothing is going your way? Your friends are drifting apart or having difficulties getting married? Get answers to all your troubles from the experts at SUVICH!

For centuries, humans have looked upon stars, sun, and planets for guidance and astrology is nothing but a study of stars, sun, and planets just like science is. It is believed that Astrology is the study of the connection between the positions of planets, sun and moon, and the events on earth. Astrology does provide guidance on how these planetary movements affect the lives of human beings but also widely believes in attracting what you set your heart upon, also believes that WILL can change your planetary movements and how they affect your life.

As we use various astrology as a window to know about things, we can be very much certain that the predictions are correct but it takes a lot of time to get that level where any astrologer can be sure about what he/she is saying about you life and at SUVICH we provide you with such experts who are masters of zodiac sign compatibility. 

How Astrology is done?

How Astrology is done basically on the chart considering your name, day you were born on, time, and the place of birth. Once any astrologer has all these details about you, he/she can put up amazing facts about what had happened before and what can happen in the near or far future. 

What all can Astrology Tell?

This tool of occult science also helps in matchmaking while marrying especially in a country like India, this is a crucial step or the first step when finalizing the bride or groom. This tool helps you to identify if the kundali matches in all possible ways and the pair is sufficiently compatible with each other. 

Not only match-making, but astrology also tells you who your best friends are and who can be a threat to you in the coming future. 

How your love life is going to be and if there are any difficulties why are they happening and how can you get them right. With the help of horoscope compatibilty for marriage, you can make your life full of happiness and fewer troubles. 

Astrology is nothing superficial but people make it, but we at SUVICH give you all the predictions based on your chart and planets and tells you everything in a positive light, and not scare you with any negativity if there is any in your chart.


Feels your mate’s energy is not meeting yours? Want to know what can be done to make it right? SUVICH - The Real Astrology is here to help.!

Love or any relationship requires you to invest yourself in it, and this is the way to know what potential do you both share.

Tarots are a deck of cards that require reading. Every single card has power and vibrations of their own and different meanings. And while you are getting your prediction done, every card attracts your energy and you end up picking the one with whom your energy matches and hence the result of what is happening or going to happen in your life

Examine Energies with Tarot

Just as tarot cards, every person has their energy and some vibrations, which make them who they are and what they do. Tarot helps you to get an understanding of what your mate is going to be or what kind of life you will have with him/her.

If yours and your mate's energy matches tarots will provide you with a positive result and if not, they will show what is wrong or what can go wrong. So, before you invest yourself in any relationship, why not know beforehand what is the level of understanding, potential, and compatibility between you both as a couple and how things are going to turn out for you both in the future. And if there are any difficulties with an immense amount of affection between the two of you, remedies can always help you solve the issues and let you have each other till you grow grey and old.

Get your tarot card readings today and check your compatibility with us for a happily ever after.

Q-1 - How astrology helps to find compatible match?

There are some zodiac sign who make the most compatible match in terms of proseperity and love relationship.

Q-2 - What is the importance of marriage horoscope?

There are many factors in marriage horoscope that can influence the married couple such as any dosha and many more. When you match the kundali with the help of astrologer then you can avoid such obstacles in your marriage.

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