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Get to know your Tarot card compatibility by Using Tarot Cards

Know the trot compatibility with your partners and find if they are compatible for you or not through the world-known method - Tarot!

The tarot card was originated in Europe, back in the 15th century. Firstly they were popular in Italy and soon they have introduced to France also. The name of the tarot card is derived from the river of Italy named Taro; it flows in the northern part. In this era, the popularity of the Tarot card compatibility test was at its peak.

In the 16th century, tarot cards were used for divinity and predicting the future of any individual and from here they started gaining popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although, this game is still popular in European parts and people enjoy this. But now the main purpose of playing tarot is to astrology and spread tarot compatibility.

In the deck of tarot every card different and represents a unique trend, conditions, person, symbol, characteristic, and various aspects of anyone's life. These cards are designed with careful accuracies so that they can give the most accurate results of foresight.

Tarot reading is a very easy task, anyone can access this but the prediction of accurate intentions of the card can be only done by an experienced Tarot reader. The expert tarot card reader of SUVICH - The Real Astrology is working in this field for a very long time and providing the most accurate services of tarot cards online. They can give all the answers instantly, related to queries whether you are compatible with your partner or not or you will get married to the person you love or not.

How to read tarot card compatibility when you are recently introduced to it? SUVICH will guide you on the best way to read your tarot cards step-by-step!

The deck of the tarot card is completed with a total no. of 78 cards that are categorized into two arcana. The major arcana have 56 and the minor has 22 cards. Now the next question that may bother you that what are these arcana’s? Scroll down to clear all your doubts related to love tarot compatibility.

Everybody is known to the deck of playing cards that has cards of no. along with ace, kings, queens, and jacks. As same as playing cards tarot cards are also numbered as 1 to 22 or maybe 0 to 21 and each no. has the distinct name of.

Major arcanas cards are found without any suits. But some cards of major arcana have signs of swords, wands, cups, and pentacles that form the minor arcana.

Major Arcana in Tarot cards

The cards of major arcana are the universal symbol of every sign that straightly tells us the archetypes of the person. The also plays a major role to form the theme of tarot reading. The major arcana are of 22 in numbers that are given below.

  1. The Fool
  2. The Magician
  3. The High Priestess
  4. The Empress
  5. The Emperor
  6. The Hierophant
  7. The Lovers
  8. The Chariot
  9. Strength
  10. The Hermit
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Justice
  13. The Hanged Man
  14. Death
  15. Temperance
  16. The Devil
  17. The Tower
  18. The Star
  19. The Moon
  20. The Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. The World

There is some card in major arcana that holds the power to change your life and the card picker. For example, the cards like Tower and Death are extremely powerful cards that can change the life of any individual upside down.

Like in playing cards every card is unique in its own aspects same as in tarot card compatibility. Every card in the tarot is different and represents unique characteristic and different effects as compared to others. The deck of cards can also vary due to different manufacturers in the market with fundamental characteristics. The expert tarot readers of SUVICH - The Real Astrology will help you out with tarot reading and will perfectly read your major arcana.

Minor Arcana tarot card

By looking at the name minor arcana you may assume that these cards may have less influence on your life. But actually, it means that these predictions will not affect your life in an adverse way and will be temporary.

These cards are symbols of the momentum of life such as joys, sadness, hopes, fears, wins, and losses, or any other thing you deal with in your daily life. These little moments are very easy to handle and people can get over this very soon and move on.

As we have already discussed the cards of minor arcana concepts. Minor arcana cards have the wands, the swords, the cups, and the pentacles that determine four different facets of life.

  • The Wands are meant for action and motivation
  • The Swords-For the ability of thinking, decision making, and execution of their plan
  • The Cups - For the state of mind like emotions and feelings.
  • The Pentacles - For the materialistic part of life such as the career, finances, and luxury of an individual.

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Do you know that every zodiac sign is connected to a particular tarot card? Find your tarot compatibility with your zodiac sign and get a glimpse of your personality at a specific moment by SUVICH - The Real Astrology!

Every zodiac card is connected with a specific tarot card of major arcana that determines the archetypes of the person and expresses their feelings.  

Get to know about specific tarot card compatibility according to your zodiac sign:-


Tarot Card – The Emperor

  • The word emperor says everything about people with an aries zodiac sign. Emperor, who has power, authority, and loyalty with their surrounded people.
  • If we don't go through their looks, they keep their ego aside and help you in your thick and thin.
  • With amazing analytical brains, they keep themselves and others, motivated in their hard times. Such people have the quality of leadership that resembles RAM, who take everyone together.


Tarot Card – The Hierophant

  • Hierophant is a Greek word that means high priest which is called pope in English.
  • These people give an essence of extreme intellectual value.
  • They try hard to find the answers to their query.
  • • Taurus people find happiness everywhere either it is a materialistic or physical thing.
  • By carrying extreme sensationalism deep down in their heart they search for a compatible partner who appreciates their work and love for them.


Tarot Card – The Lovers

  • This card shows that love and heartily things. According to tarot compatibility, they represent two sides like Adam and Eve. Where Adam shows the physical side and Eve represents the intuition of a person and when they both combine they make a complete part.
  • Gemini people need to find a partner who will always stand beside them either it is sunny or rainy.


Tarot Card – The Chariot

  • Chariot resembles to the fighter and that is the reason that people with tarot compatibility with their zodiac sign are known for their warrior nature.
  • Such people never come out of their comfort zone and are known for their sensitive nature, but according to this such people need to break their shells and experience whole new things. This will make them fearless and successful in their life.
  • Cancer is a water sign, which means that he needs they need to keep evolving, that may be a difficult task for them.
  • According to tarot card compatibility, they need a partner who motivates them at every phase of life and stays together in their hard dreams.


Tarot Card – Strength

  • This zodiac sign assembles the physical and mental strength of a person.
  • Leo means Lion and Lion is the other meaning of strength and that represents you. By using your strength and your courage you can get out of a wrong decision, easily.
  • But sometimes their strength can bring heavy hurdles in their way, especially in a relationship. And this is the reason that Leo needs a spouse who trusts you at every step.
  • Don't leave your compassionate behavior behind you as this is your real reason for your success.


Tarot Card – The Hermit

  • Virgo holds spiritual strength they have in themselves. With this power, they can change their whole life in the best way.
  • They should think before they make any important previous and upcoming decisions in their life.
  • Such people will always get a lesson with their deeds.
  • According to love tarot compatibility, you need a partner who gives you some independence and deals with some intellectual debates.


Tarot Card – Justice

  • Such people keep a balance between everything which is their robust power and always take the side of justice and legal actions.
  • They favor a good thing always to get the best outcome of their hard work.
  • People with the Libra zodiac sign should go for a partner who is honest, patient, and loyal to you.


Tarot Card – Death

  • Death does not mean that these people are close to death but death of their old version and rebirth with a whole new personality.
  • They don't have fear of being judged by others and transform themselves from head to toe.
  • These people have the capability to change their personalities and evolve with time. Even adapting a whole atmosphere is not so challenging for them.
  • They have something mysterious in themselves.
  • To grow with every knowledge gain you need to channelize your energy in the right way that can make you stronger with every passing day.
  • These people seek a relationship where they can get some space to evolve.


Tarot Card – Temperance

  • The wild child inside the Sagittarius people never grows up even if they are in
  • Such people are truth lovers and keep wandering in search of wisdom.
  • Such people should always check on their selves.
  • Their main hobby is travelling loves to do party and gatherings
  • People with the Sagittarius zodiac sign need a person like have qualities like you.


Tarot Card – The Devil

  • The devil does not mean that these people are criminals or something but are courageous.
  • People with Capricorn zodiac signs are fearless as Capricorn.
  • They have to fight with their dark side in order to get success and knowledge
  • These people should know their contradictory sides and try to convey them with confidence and move forward
  • According to love tarot compatibility, these people want a partner until they fulfill their sincerest fantasies.


Tarot Card – The Star

  • Aquarius keep building their own sandcastle in the air as they always dream of high things.
  • The tarot of this zodiac signs represents their creative and innovative side, who loves peace.
  • People with the Aquarius zodiac sign should keep their hope high even if the time is not favorable for them.
  • Their brain is a combination of practicality and presentiment.
  • Such people should go a spouse who believes in humankind.


Tarot Card – The Moon

  • People with Pisces zodiac signs go through multiple mood swings.
  • They keep themselves under the control of their emotions and the moon helps to synchronize their emotions a streamline.
  • Such people can assume the mood of another person too and will always be there with them and so the moon is considered as a personal guide of your life.

To find out all the answers related to a compatibility tarot spread through a zodiac sign, you need an expert tarot reader who can give you satisfactory answers with a glimpse of personality. Get all these services at one platform that is SUVICH - The Real Astrology. Contact us now.

Q- 1 From where Tarot card are originated?

Tarot cards are originated from European continent in 15th century. At that time the these cards were used for astrological predictions of a person?

Q- 2 Why Tarot cards are popular in worldwide?

People love to play tarot cards due to their variety of cards present in the deck of tarot cards. And they can predict most accurate future of a person.




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