Refund Policy

Learn More About the Refund Policy of SUVICH to Avoid Inconvenience

This schedule governing the conditions for issuance of refund (“Refund Policy”) shall form a part of the Terms of Service (“Terms”) agreed between you, the recipient of Services, and the Company. Words and phrases not defined here under shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms.

Refund Of Purchased Of Credits

  1. Due to regulatory and operational restrictions, at present the Company is able to issue refunds for purchased Credits only to your PayTM wallet, if: (a) the payment has been made using a PayTM wallet, and (b) request for refund has been received by the Company within one (1) hour of the transaction. Except for the foregoing, the Company shall not issue any refunds for purchased Credits.
  2. Transfer of Credits to other users or other Accounts is not permissible as per the prevailing regulations and the Company’s policies, and therefore, you agree that the Company shall not transfer your in-app credits to any other user or other Accounts.

Refund Of Used Credits

  1. You agree that astrological consultation is inherently subjective in nature and that different astrologers may arrive at varying or even conflicting results, despite following similar methods. All Credits spent by you are intended to compensate Astrologer Partners for the time and effort expended by them, and not towards any output, such as prediction, advice or remedy that may be generated by expending such time and effort. Owing to this and the express provisions of the Terms and this policy, you agree that the Company or the Astrologer Partners shall not be liable to issue any refunds owing to any inaccuracy, incorrectness or fallacy in any prediction, advice or remedy provided during a consultation.
  2. In the event you have purchased in-app currency and are dissatisfied with the Services, you may, within seven (7) days from availing such services, contact the Company’s customer care representatives at [•] and lodge a complaint, setting out in clear terms the facts and circumstances leading to such dissatisfaction.
  3. Upon receipt of your complaint, the Company’s customer care representatives will verify the statements made in it. You hereby authorize the customer care representatives to access your information, including any personal information available with the Company regarding provision of Services relating to which the complaint has been made. You will be required to provide any further information as may be requested. Subject to your co-operation, the Company shall endeavour to gather such information within five (5) business days from the receipt of complaint.
  4. Within five (5) business days thereafter, the Company’s customer care representatives shall decide whether your dissatisfaction with the Services is attributable to any of the following:
  5. (a) Disturbance over the call due to weak signal strength, background noise, disturbance, Astrologer Partner being inaudible, etc.;

    (b) Inability of the Astrologer Partner to answer your questions in the languages mentioned in their profile, despite your specific request;

    (c) Unnecessary and inordinate delay caused by Astrologer Partner in responding to your questions, such as the Astrologer Partner not responding within the first three (3) minutes of your query, except during a livestream;

    (d) The responses provided by the Astrologer Partner were wholly irrelevant or inappropriate.

  6. In the event your dissatisfaction with the Service arises due to the circumstances mentioned in Clause 6 above, the customer care representatives shall initiate refund of the corresponding amount of Credits to your Account, after educting for applicable payment gateway charges. The decision of the customer care representative shall be final and binding. You agree that refund shall only be made by way of credit to the in-app credits linked to your Account.
  7. Except for the above, all transactions made in relation to the Services are final and non-refundable.