Are You Feeling Demotivated In Your Life? Check The Vastu Shastra For Home Today

Vastu shastra elements helped Roshni to counter all the disturbances that she used to face daily. For example, she always heard a loud thud in the kitchen at midnight. Upon visiting an astrologer, she was terrified to listen to how an evil spirit lurked in her house. Upon following specific remedies, she drove out the negative energy and attracted God’s power into her home. These beliefs are fundamental in today’s world, and traditional people know the importance of Vastu Shastra in house. 

So you’ve moved to a new house? Or have you been living somewhere for a long time and are having problems? If you are planning on consulting a Vastus Literature specialist on a home, be aware that some of the remedial actions they offer can involve significant structural changes. But there are some Vastu Shastra elements that you can place in various places around your home to customize Vastu Dosha. Read on to find out what these elements are and how you can use them as Vastu remedies.

Sea salt is very effective for households, according to Vastus Sastra. Applying a small portion of whole sea salt is an instant remedy for Vastu dosh. It absorbs all the negative energy in your home. You can also add a pinch of sea salt to the water you use to clean the floor. Remember to change the salt in the bowl every day.

Mirrors and camphor crystals can be an excellent choice for the house if you want to follow Vastu Shastra

Mirrors have played an essential role in Vastu tips Literature since the beginning of time. Placing a mirror in the right place is a great solution to promote positivity in the home. The two most essential things in installing a mirror are: never stick it directly to the main door and make sure the mirror in the bedroom doesn’t reflect the bed. Read more about Vastu Shastra’s tips for placing mirrors at home here.

The most popular remedies for Vastu Shastra for home include camphor crystals. You can entirely rely on camphor crystals to remove Vastu dosha from your home. If you think your work is stuck or not going according to plan, keep two balls of mothballs or crystals at home and replace them as they shrink. You will see constant changes in your situation.

The yantra pyramid became very popular among the late families as a Vastu solution. This is a miniature version of the pyramid and is made of stone, metal, glass, or cardboard. Vastu literature for home professionals is the best person to help you in using this pyramid. To protect your home from negative energies, you need to place a yantra pyramid at the entrance of your house.

Don’t understand why there are unknown disturbances in your life. Give Vastu Shastra a try to find a solution to your problems 

Today, wind chimes can be found in most homes and should not be confused with decorative elements alone. While many people focus solely on the look and sound of the wind, others know what kind of energy they want to attract to the home. For example, if you suffer from Vastu Dosha, you may want to use a wind chime with 6 or 8 hollow rods for a good energy boost. Complete information on the number of rods and materials of wind chimes is available. Read on and make wise decisions.

Alternatively, you can use a Vastu crystal ball instead of an odd-looking pyramid. This crystal ball is made of transparent quartz and looks very attractive in your home or office. They help by amplifying specific energies, thoughts, or intentions. Since these crystals absorb all kinds of power, it is essential to keep them clean at all times. There are different colored crystals like red for luck, pink for a tie, orange for money, etc.

According to Vastu tips for home, the horseshoe is very lucky for a house and attracts good luck and fortune. If you hang it, it will attract and contain whatever good energy passes by. The main entrance is the perfect place for this. Avoid hanging it upside down so as not to bring happiness out of the house.

Vastu Dosha can ruin your chances of success in education or love, be aware Of these invisible threats and follow Vastu shastra to counter them

Colour always influences the energy in the house, and Vastu Shastra says that some colors are very influential in inviting positive energy in the house. While colors like pink, blue, and green are ideal for living rooms and master bedrooms, yellow and orange are good choices for children’s rooms. If you suffer from Vastu Dosha, simply changing the color of the walls can be a good option. The house becomes a home through the family who live in it. 

According to Vastu Shastra in Hindi, hanging family photos in the living room can promote strong relationships. So make sure to turn in some trendy frames with your favorite family photos in your living room. Dark corners should not be done according to the Vastu principle. While every part of your home should be well lit, you should pay special attention to your front door as it allows positive energy to enter your home. So make sure your entrance is well lit and let the divine vibes flow into your life.

According to Vastu for houses, fish and aquariums have an attractive appearance. Therefore, adding these elements to your home can help enhance any Vastu Dosha. When installing an aquarium, be sure to keep it in the northeast of your living room.

Vastu shastra offers certain items and elements that will help you keep the evil spirits out of your life, which will enhance the quality of your life

While these items and elements will help you with your Vastu Dosha, there are a few things that can double to bring good luck: 6 Vastu decorative items for good luck and positivity. Download the best astrology app for a better solution.

The puja room is one of the most important and promising places in every home. The puja room more or less functions as a motor that moves and circulates various energies in the house. Therefore, special care is needed in the design and placement of the pooja room. The best and cheapest direction and location for a puja room is the northeast corner of your home, according to Vastu shastra tips. If placement to the northeast is not possible, it can be placed on the east or west side of the house. After being made according to Vastu, the Pooja room continues to control harmonious vibrations throughout the house, increasing positive energy.

Location or location is significant in Vastu Shastra. For the best and optimal combination of energies, according to Vastu, each room is marked so that it is located in certain places. For example, the main entrance to the house should face east, towards the rising side of the sun. It should let positive light in and beautify your home. 

It’s ideal for east-facing cooking in a southeast-facing kitchen. This attitude is the most straightforward recipe for happiness. While the bedroom should occupy the southwest corner, the bathroom should be built in the northwest corner.

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