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Education plays an important role in shaping our personality, careers in education and future. They also play a major role in changing our position in society. In our community, success is sometimes measured by our education astrology predictions. 

This is one of the most common requests from astrologers. and especially from concerned parents, who rank the education of their children.

To assess the education horoscope, one has to look at the whole horoscope, but first, we have to look at the learning abilities of local people.

Students can understand their capability with the knowledge of education astrology predictions

knowledge of education astrology

To predictability is the rule:

  • God, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Putrakarak are in Kendra, Tricon or 11. with the power of the original will be intelligent.
  • If the aspect of the 5th God, Atamakarak or Lagna or Putrakaraka, is Lagan, the locals will be intelligent.
  • When the 3rd master is for Saturn or Rahu, the locals will understand things.
  • Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, 5th God and Putrakarak must be in Sub-Rashi or Sub-Christian for achievement in science.
  • Plants should not be in Bala Avastha, Vridhavastha and should not be present, nor in Graha Yudh.

Some yogis of intelligence should be present in education astrology predictions as:

  • Aditya Yoga Buddha – Mercury and Sun together at home
  • Sangha Yoga – The 5th and 6th Gods must be Kendra to each other, and God Lagan must be strong.
  • Saraswati Yoga – Jupiter, Venus and Mercury together or should occupy the lagoons, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10.
  • Buddha Yoga – Jupiter in Lagan, Moon in Kendra, second Rahu from the moon, Sun and third Mars from Rahu

The houses to look at for practice are Lagan, 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house and 9th house.

The power of several houses and Lagan according to education astrology predictions

Lagan according to education astrology

Lagan: The power of Lagan Lord and Lagna is very important because poor health will ruin everything, and the locals cannot pursue their goals.

1st Home: The house shows early childhood and developmental stages. It shows good knowledge and gripping power if the master is well placed or seen by the beneficiary. Abuse blocks this perspective causes language and expression problems and makes a language difficult. 

Mercury and the Sun provide excellent communication skills. Mercury, Venus and the sun provide knowledge of the Vedas. Mars, Rahu and Saturn display abusive language and lack of interest in education.

2nd Home: This is a sensitive and emotional asset house. This shows not only the learning gain but also the nature of the training. The different planets that influence the PAC in this house provide different types of education. For example, Venus provides music. Mercury Educator; Sun, Moon or Jupiter – the social, spiritual or philosophical realm. 

Sun with Mercury – Mathematics or education astrology predictions, Jupiter – Legal Higher Education. Venus with the Sun and Mercury – poetic instincts; The sun and Mars – logic. Moreover, when studying the 4th house, we look at the planets in the 10th house because they throw their direct aspect here.

The influence of 5th and 9th house along with Sun and Rahu according to education astrology predictions

Sun and Rahu

5th House: This is the main house for learning pedagogy. It is home to Purva Milik, intelligence, logic and decision-making skills. For good education, the 5th house and its master should be in view. 

In studying the 5th house, the planets in the 11th house must be in view because they throw in their direct aspect. Maloff here is an obstacle to an education career. Different planets produce different results.

Sun and Rahu in the fifth place mean a lack of education unless they are for a benefactor. Venus here means media-related education. Mercury and Venus show interest in the Vedic scriptures. Rahu means computer and electronics. Mars and Ketu mean electronics. Mercury provides logic and understanding. Also, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu offer technical training in PAC relations with 4th or 5th houses.

9th house: For higher education, i.e., postgraduate education, should see the 9th house. When Jupiter has a connection to the 9th house or its master, it provides an excellent combination of higher education.

Besides, different planets should be studied for different educational aspects, such as the moon for Manobal. the sun for Atambal, ascending master for physical strength, Jupiter for wisdom and memory. Mercury for intellectual development, Mars for sharpness. Saturn for the ability to work Venus for worldly wisdom and power.

Know the importance of horoscope influence for education astrology predictions

horoscope influence for education astrology

During the apprenticeship, Vimshottari Dasa should see in his sub-period whether the person is getting a cheap Dasa or not. Transit during this time should also be there.

This combination can be found in the Lagana, Navamsha, and Chatur Vimsamsa charts and birth.

Educational Problems: There will be educational problems if there are certain Arishta in the education astrology (4 and 5 houses) and Educational Karaka (Mercury and Jupiter). Another reason can be

1. A dim moon that is in Lagna or some other house related to education and aspects of one of Mars, Saturn and Rahu, then the original will be mute.

2. The fourth master is not there/ burned or taken to the house of deception and deceived by Saturn / Rahu.

3. When the benefactors are in the house of deceit and the criminals in Kendra and the 4th and 5th Gods are weak.

4. When Mercury and Jupiter are deceived or burned or weak, the 4th and 5th rulers are weak.

5. Saturn is in the 5th house, you lie down, or the 5th ruler is not active, on fire or with evildoers.

6. Lord is with Saturn or Count; someone will understand

7. When the fourth/fifth lord is weak and affected in the house of deception, the three planets other than lord Lagan are burnt or exhausted.

8. When mercury on Mars is in the 12th house with other minorities or is in consideration.

9. During the period/sub-periods of house rulers 3, 6 and 8, the establishment did not show a research trend.

Enough knowledge of houses and planets are vital to make educational astrology predictions

houses and planets are vital

Education or Vidya is probably one of the most important things in our life. All parents want to know about their child’s education career. So let’s see how to find out the educational perspective of the natal chart.

Astrology is the only subject globally that can make early education astrology predictions about aspects of a child’s education, including the chosen branch. Before we talk about the combination of a good education, we need to understand which planet and which house plays a key role in it.

We need to check the 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, 2nd house, and Lagna for training. When Lagna or Lagna Lord becomes weak, the entire diagram becomes weak.

  • 4th house: 4th house is the most important house for education and shows basic education.
  • 5th house: 5th house is the home of knowledgeable people. Without sufficient intelligence, we cannot gain knowledge or wisdom.
  • 2nd House: 2nd House shows family support and resources to complete our education. The second house also has communication skills.
  • 9th House: The 9th house is very important for higher education. The ninth house is the house of happiness, supreme wisdom, etc. Therefore, for good academic success, we need the help of the ninth house.

The houses which will make sure that you achieve success in your career

achieve success in your career

The second and fourth houses should be checked for normal education, they can move up to graduation, and for higher education, we should look at the fifth and ninth houses.

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom. It helps us acquire the knowledge that we gather from various sources like books, teachers, etc. Without the help of Jupiter, we cannot gain knowledge, and we cannot achieve important success in education. Therefore, Jupiter was given to the ruling vessel of Sagittarius, the ninth house of the natural zodiac.

Mercury is a planet of rapid intelligence. Provides tight grip. So without Mercury’s help, it won’t be easy to succeed in the learning process. The moon is a sign of the spirit. Concentration is very important to succeed in learning. For good education, we need a focused approach and a high level of concentration. Only the moon can offer that.

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