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It should be noted that balance plays a central role in online Chinese astrology. Even this idea has Western counterparts, such as Aristotle’s “golden mean”. In the Chinese view, a star athlete who gave up on algebra was still weak. True strength comes from imbalance. The strong chart will be balanced in terms of character and element. For example, ideally, a person has a combination of strong and gentle signs and features. And if someone has a different symbol, as opposed to, say, two monkey signs and two pigs, that’s even better. This means that humans have a more comprehensive range of choices.

Online Chinese astrology is one of the oldest practices in the known universe. Built on a twelve-year lunar cycle, it differs from Western astrology, based on the year’s months. Each year is based on a specific animal sign. It is widely believed that the Buddha summoned all the animals to visit him on his deathbed. He noticed that only twelve had come to see him, so he was very generous in asking them to respond individually for a given year as a zodiac sign. Therefore, we find that people born in a given year have specific zodiac sign characteristics that represent their year of birth.

Free Chinese astrology was promoted during the Han Dynasty and therefore helped Chinese astrology develop as well. A person’s fate is determined by birth, date of birth, and time of delivery. The positions of the planets are also calculated, but the most important planet of all is Jupiter. Thus, according to Chinese astrology, human destiny in modern Chinese astrology is ascribed to Zi Wei Dou Shu.

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Chinese astrology is based on Yin Yang or the five elements. Five elements are water, metal, wood, fire, and earth. The uniqueness of Chinese astrology lies in the fact that it tells us other zodiac signs compatible with us.

Root astrology China returns thousands of years. Several different systems have been used for thousands of years. There are two main types, those that rely solely on date of birth and those that use the date of birth but mainly rely on the positions of stars and planets. Most use the lunar calendar, which bases its calculations on the lunar cycle. Some Chinese systems use the solar year, as does Western astrology. However, both use the Chinese five-element theory.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, always in that order. It is said that this is a productive cycle, i.e. trees create fire; Fire produces earth; Earth has metal, metal has water, and water makes wood, which continues the process. Balance of these elements and their position in the Chinese horoscope allows the fortune teller to tell a lot about their personality and life.

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Chinese astrology has 12 basic signs – rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. There are variations in the name. For example, some people use buffalo for bulls or wild boars for pigs.

It is interesting to consider why Chinese astrologers use specific animal names. Unfortunately, Chinese zodiac signs are so old that we don’t have ancient texts explaining the process. This is most likely the case empirically, ie. Chinese animal stereotypes sometimes approach Western stereotypes, such as the loyal dog. 

However, for the Chinese, rats, and snakes do not have the negative connotations that characterize Western perception. They are two of the most respected characters. It can be seen that there are similarities (both have 12 basic signs) and differences (solar and lunar calendars) between Chinese and Western astrology.

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Chinese astrology calculators base their calculations on the moon and its cycle, i.e. on the lunar year. Western astrologers base them on the solar year. Hence the western signs are called sun signs. For example, in Western astrology, the moon sign, such as Leo, is the primary influence, while in Chinese astrology, it is the sign of the year. Chinese astrology also has moon signs. Chinese months are not listed (only numbered) and use the same name as the year sign. So there is such a thing as a year with a tree sheep and a month with a tree sheep.

Western signs are usually identified with a word like Aquarius and change from month to month. Two Chinese characters and changes indicate Chinese characters from year to year. One symbol indicates the element of the year, and the other – the zodiac, like the earth tiger.

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The Chinese use the basic calendar and the twelve-year calendar both in the west. These calendar combinations were used by Chinese astrologers at that time, which provided them composite signs for astrological predictions. 

Chinese astrology has four signs, one for the year, month, day, and time of birth. In the texts, they are often referred to as the “four pillars”. That may sound different, but here it is also similar to Western astrology. The system also takes a time signal, for example, and calls it “up”.

If it sounds like complicated Chinese astrology, then it’s true. If you add 12 animal figures with five elements, you get a total of 60 characters. Then you need to keep in mind that everyone has four of them. The practical effect is that you can take prom classes with more than 8,000 people, all born in the same year, but no two have the same four-bar graph. And we haven’t even talked about star maps that use additional factors. Each of us is genuinely individual because no two people on this planet were born in the same year with the same Chinese star chart.

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There is one more essential thing you need to know about the Chinese horoscope. Chinese astrologers are not strict determinists. In other words, they do not believe that a person’s fate is predetermined from birth. Instead, they think that the time and place of one’s delivery set the parameters, the limits on which one has more or less freedom. What happens within these limits is influenced by “free will” and external factors such as the family’s financial situation, local culture, and economy.

Most of the above discussion revolves around personality and skills. However, initially, the main goal of the Chinese horoscope was fortune-telling. 

The focus is usually on what happens to people in different phases of life/a specific periods. What people need to do on a particular day or in a particular month or year. Download mypandit app and At the end of the discussion, it all comes down to your hard work as it is the key to all these predictions to become accurate.

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