Know Your Medical Astrology Today To Avoid Any Deadly Disease In The Future

Meghna always used to check her health-related problems by medical astrology through an online site. It predicted that she might have a health condition soon. So she immediately consulted a doctor and went for a full-body check-up. To her surprise, a tumor was found in her belly, and she was amazed by accurate predictions made by astrologers. See later thanks in the online website reviews, which provided her with insight into her health condition. There are several such cases where people came to know about health issues through astrology.

Health astrology, or later mathematics, also known as body astrology, shows the effects of astrology on different parts of your body. Each zodiac sign affects certain parts of your body that are prone to certain types of ailments. Knowing what conditions can affect you depending on your sun sign and the ruling planet can prepare you for the worst ahead of time. Learn about your body, nutrition tips, advice, disease risks, and more by reading medical astrology online. Become your online medical astrologer and take precautions before illness occurs! Get Your Free Astrology Medicine Report Now!

Medical astrology remedies cover the body from head to toe and are Aries and Pisces. This means that each individual has a unique medical, astrological horoscope created by a medical astrologer based on the individual’s birth chart and where the planets currently stand. After examining the birth chart, the medical astrologer tells the person what type of physical problem or disease the person is more likely to have.

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For example, with the sun, moon, or certain planets on the Aries’s head, a person is more likely to experience headaches or other related problems and ailments. It is a complex system; For this reason, a free health horoscope should be made on a case-by-case basis, especially when diagnosing physical complaints. Understanding the cycles of the Sun and Moon and other planets such as Saturn and Mars will help you understand how medical astrology works and help prevent diseases that are more likely to come your way.

Greek astrology (also known as Hellenistic astrology) is the original basis of health zodiac signs. They were then developed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. At that time, medical astrology was very basic, with doctors from all types of consultation and practicing. To become a doctor, they even have to learn and provide an exam to answer questions about medical astrology.

Health astrology can provide you insight into your health and can prevent fatal diseases

Essential medicine has shifted from natural medicine and decision-based astrology to pharmaceutical and biochemical approaches. However, a growing movement of people seeking plant-based natural remedies – from yoga to veganism to eating certain plants and working with them certain energy healers- are just a few ways. Humans look for solutions in nature. Here is a list of the main parts of the human body, and according to the zodiac sign, they are ruled.

  • Aries: Aries is most likely to encounter issues related to head, facial bones, brain and face. Also, don’t forget to check your blood vessels in your head as well as in your skin.
  • Taurus: Throat, teeth, throat, tongue and language, cerebellum, nerves that are connecting the neck and throat and larynx can be affected. 
  • Gemini: Keep a check on your arms, shoulders, collars, arms and related bones along with your lungs
  • Cancer: Breast, rib, stomach and upper stomach are most likely to be affected.
  • Leo: Focus more on your heart, spinal cord and blood. You must be aware of maintaining good blood pressure.
  • Virgo: small intestines, large intestine and stomach can be at risk.
  • Libra: kidneys, lower back, navel cavity and lumbar spine should be in your focus. 
  • Scorpio: Keep an eye on your sexual and reproductive systems (both in men and women), pelvis and anus
  • Sagittarius: Thighs, hips and pelvic floor are most likely to be affected.
  • Aquarius: Your feet and ankles should be your focus. Also keep a check on the blood circulation in the feet.
  • Pisces: feet, toes, base and lymphatic system should be your concern.

All of this has to do with astrological signs related to health and possible diseases that could be prevented more quickly if warned early enough.

Impact of Astrology in today’s era

Astrology applied to health horoscopes has many ancient roots, such as India, China, and Egypt, but reached full bloom in Europe in the late Middle Ages and early modern times around 1450-1700. Astrological influences also entered European medicine from Arab countries. In principle, it would not be an exaggeration to say that astrology dominates everything today. 

Therefore many knowledge systems depend on it, symbiotic with it, or refer to it in their worldviews. In medicine, astrologers assign zodiac signs to control body parts, planets to control organs and systems, and planets to handle horoscope health problems and treatment. Thus the whole system is an observation and interpretation system based on a given office complex system. 

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Planets play a significant role in determining one’s health problems. Medical astrology predictions examine the fundamental part of the planet in this. The 6th house in the chart means illness, the 8th house of surgery, death, and the 12th house means loss and deprivation. According to Medical and Planetary Astrology, it is true that one will suffer when the sub lord of the 12th Summit is at 6, the house of sickness, and when the sub lord is in the 6th or 8th planetary constellation when the marker is at work.

Each symptom is associated with several possible diseases. Planets with moving signs can cause illness in the short term. However, according to medical astrology reading, common signs are neither short nor long. Definite signs indicate chronic and ongoing disease. When moving on cardinal signs, it affects the planets; medical astrology predicts that they can affect the head, stomach, kidneys, and skin. 

It can also provide knowledge on fever, epilepsy, urinary tract disease, diphtheria, heart disorders, tonsillitis, hemorrhoids, stones, generative blood disorders, or blood organs. Improper knowledge of the symptoms can affect the lungs, intestines, nerves, and digestion and lead to tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, dropsy, and scurvy.

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The degree of ascent to the pinnacle of power is essential and helps in assessing one’s health. Physical strength can be judged and its strength to withstand disease. Health suffers if the sub lord of the ascendant is in the constellation marker 6 or 8 or 12. If the ruler of the ruler is located in the resident star, consisting of the 1st or 11th, health is normal.

The sun, moon, ascendant, ascendant ruler, 6th house and 6th house ruler, planets in the 6th house, and planets in the 6th house mean health. When influenced by medical, astrological predictions, Saturn can cause horoscope health problems and chronic or long-term illnesses. When affected by medical astrology, Mars can cause acute and sudden diseases such as accidents, surgery, fever, and inflammation. According to medical astrology, when Jupiter is affected, it can cause liver problems, gout, blood disorders, and overeating. 

The position of the moon judges madness. Mars means surgery and sudden illness. Medical astrology, or Vedic astrology predictions, is a branch of science that deals with zodiac health issues and treatment and also studies the intensity of various ailments in each sign. 

Each sign and each planet in our horoscope has specific properties, and this determines the power of disease in humans. Health astrology predictions help a person become familiar with the conditions that can affect a person and how long they can cause health problems. Download mypandit app and get better solutions for our astrologers.

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