Heading for a divorce? Stop right now!

One of the best moments of life is when you are getting married. Marriage, being a sacred bond between two souls, is one of the milestones an individual meets in his or her life. Ideally, marriage is meant to last a lifetime. But it does not mean that you need to carry a burden of a poor relationship on your shoulder. And this is why divorces take place.

It has now become very common for people to part ways and head for a divorce. And when it comes to a divorce problem, it can be a very crucial and devastating decision, not only for the couple but for the entire family that gets involved in the mess. A divorce between two people creates havoc amongst all the members of the family.

There will also be times that the couple is still in love. But circumstances have made things between them nearly impossible to solve, that there is not much choice left for them. At these times, the best bet is to consult an astrologer who will read out the SUVICH kundali for you and find out what lies in the future for your relationship.

Why do people head for a divorce?

head for a divorce

There are a lot of reasons, avoidable and unavoidable, as to why people opt for a divorce.

Lack of sexual intimacy

sexual intimacy

Sexual connection with your husband or wife is as important as a mental connection! Sex is an important factor which is a need for both the man and the woman. Having great sexual chemistry is important, and the lack of it or any other sexual problem can also cause mental stress for both of them.

Having an extra-marital affair

extra marital affair

Nowadays, a lot of cases of extra-marital affairs are being heard. Most of them are because they do not receive the right amount of love or attention from their current partner. Solving this problem is very easy. You must clear all your miscommunications and misunderstandings for a smoother married life. 

Verbal or physical abuse

verbal or physical abuse

Abuse of any kind is intolerable by anyone! And when in a marriage, no one has any right to abuse anyone, be it the husband or the wife. Be it verbal or physical, abuse is abuse, and no one should tolerate it under any condition. This is a major reason for a couple to go through a divorce.

A lot of other reasons are responsible for a couple to head for a divorce. To know the correct reason and the corrective measure, astrologers make use SUVICH Vedic astrology. It is the most reliable source of trustworthy information. Making use of the kundali is what Vedic astrology stands for. 

An experienced astrologer, like the ones at SUVICH, knows exactly what is the reason for a couple to have fights between them. They particularly check the Navmansha chart, which is meant to find out a person’s future in their married life.

Should you get help from SUVICH?

verbal or physical abuse

Of course, you should! The relationship experts at SUVICH are here to help you with any kind of relationship problem! Divorce is the most serious relationship problem to exist. It is pretty much the end of a marriage, and our astrologers never vouch for that!
On the contrary, the experts at SUVICH are always inclined towards mending the relationship and building back the trust and love that somehow got lost in the way! And for this, they have a lot of tips which they have learned throughout the time since they have been practicing astrology.

Some very common questions couples have

couples common questions

Will divorce make my life easy?

divorce make life easy

Divorce might be a solution for some estranged couples out there. But it cannot be said that it is the right option for everyone. Many times, it is seen by astrologers themselves that with a few misunderstandings cleared through talking and the rest through their remedies, the couples were able to get their life back on track effortlessly. It depends from couple to couple whether divorce is the correct option for them or not.

Is there a way to get over the feeling of getting a divorce?

All you need is one consultation with the relationship experts at SUVICH. You would ask why? The mere reason for this is that their suggestions are always reliable as they give them by reading both of the partners’ kundalis. The remedies are given by the experts, also depending on SUVICH numerology, are specially made just for both the husband and wife. This makes them all the more effective in their relationship and works in getting them back as they were before.

How can SUVICH help you repair your broken relationship?

broken relationship

Reading your kundali

Reading your kundali

SUVICH highly relies on reading the kundali of the married couple. They know that traditional astrology is the right way to get to know the problems between the couple and come up with solutions. All the more, the kundali lets them decide the fact whether they are even meant for each other or not.

Giving the right remedy

Giving the right remedy

The astrologers at SUVICH take it as their responsibility to understand your marriage problems and find a solution for them that is correct and quick.



Since divorce is a sensitive matter, you should make sure to ask our relationship advisors at SUVICH – The Real Astrologer for an accurate prediction of your married life and a remedy if you are at a stage of getting a divorce. They are always there to help you no matter what the case! 

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