What Is Tara Dubna And What Works Are Prohibited In It?

In astrology, Jupiter and Venus are called stars. When Jupiter and Venus are set then no auspicious work is done. This is called tara dubna. Both these are auspicious planets and they play a very important role in doing any auspicious work. Where on the one hand Guru is the cause of education, children and intelligence, Venus is the one who gives happiness and prosperity. If these two planets are set, then any work does not give us good results.

Let’s know in depth what is the secret of Tara Dubna

secret of Tara Dubna

This is mentioned in the Granths of astrology. Several hymns of the Rigveda indicate that during the period of every twenty months, Venus was visible shining in the east for nine months in the morning. On the basis of this, Rishi-Maharishi etc. used to know the time of bathing and meditation. Along with this, he used to edit his day-to-day work smoothly on time.

This is also known from Vedic literature regarding the rise of Jupiter and Venus. Guru used to revolve around Venus for two to three months. During this period, Jupiter remains very close to Venus for a few days. Jupiter lags behind because of Venus’s own natural fast movement. Venus moves forward while moving in the east direction. As a result, the planet Venus rises towards the east. Before this system of work, it is certain that these two planets stayed together for some time.

The planet Venus is at an altitude of sixteen million miles from Earth and 70 million miles from the Sun. Due to excessive water content in it, it is white in color. Venus means waterer. According to its strength, a man is semi-strong or strong-willed. This is why the evening and morning star is called Tara due to its shining in the sky sometimes in the evening and sometimes in the morning. When the planet Venus moves to the other side of the earth, it is called the setting or sinking of Venus.

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At that time (Tara Dubna) they should not do the following

should not do during tara dubna
  • Marriage, naming, anna prashan, mundan, etc. should not be done when the star is set.
  • New house, construction of building and house entry etc. should not be done.
  • One should not go to any pilgrimage place where you have never been before.
  • If any government work is stalled, then do not visit any high government person when the star is set. Otherwise the work is not completed.
  • No fast or its termination should be done. The idol should not even be established in the temple.
  • One should not go on any foreign trip during this period.
  • No puja or havan should be performed at home or office.
  • By the way, it has been said that all these things should not be done three days before or even three days after the Jupiter and Venus set. Both the planets are weak during this period.

The setting stage of any planet comes at the time when a planet reaches a particular zodiac sign by making conjunction with the Sun. Due to the influence of the Sun, the brightness of that planet fades and they become powerless. As per Vedic astrology predictions, the presence of Venus is considered very important. The main reason for this is that the planet Venus is the factor of happiness and prosperity. This is the reason that the setting of the planet Venus is considered to be abandoned in all kinds of auspicious works.

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