For A Happy Married Life, It Is Important To Assess Stree Dirgha

Stree Dirgha: Every parent aspires that their children be successful in life. So he tries his best for them at the highest level and gives them all the happiness. Then marriage is also the most important part of life. Any wrong step in this can cause problems for life. Marriage is a matter of serious concern for the parents. Astrology says that before the marriage of boy and girl, Kundli Milan should be done. This allows the identification and resolution of negative factors in the future.

In Hinduism, people usually do Ashtakoot Milan. It is an astrology chart consisting of thirty-six points in total. On the basis of these points, it is decided how suitable the match is. It is believed that at least eighteen points must match for marriage. The more points match, the better will be the yoga for marriage. All Guna is based on the birth nakshatra of the boy and the girl. Along with this, Manglik Dosha and Dasha system is also seen for Kundli matching.

What is Stree Dirgha

What is Street Dirgha

Indian astrology has been following the principles of Devarshi Narada. It has also been named as ‘Stree Dirgha’ or ‘Kanya Dwaar’. In this method, the Nakshatra of the groom is calculated from the Nakshatra of the bride. According to Vedic astrology predictions, if the Nakshatra of the groom is in the first 9 just from the Nakshatra of the bride, then the relation of husband and wife is to become unbreakable.

Similarly, if the Nakshatra of the Groom is in the second 9th from the Nakshatra of the Bride, then the married life will be normal. If the Nakshatra of the groom is situated in the third chakra of the 9 planets, then it is considered best for the couple. In this conjugation, the married life of both of them is full of love. If the Nakshatra of the boy is within the same line, then it is considered inauspicious.

However, it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer to match the horoscopes of the boy and the girl. Because it is the aspect of starting a new life or entering into a new relationship. So don’t take these important tasks lightly.

Few astrology tips for happy married life

astrology tips for happy married life
  • There should not be much difference in the age of a girl and a boy.
  • The financial situation can also become a major cause of discord in the family at times. So both the families should discuss each other’s financial background.
  • Make sure that both the girl and the boy are physically and mentally healthy.
  • The astrological compatibility for marriage should also take into account the birth signs of the girl and the boy. If there is an essence of fire or air and earth or water while comparing the zodiac signs of both, then there will be compatibility in the married life of the couple.
  • It is also necessary to consider the defects of Janam Kundli. If there is ‘Vish Kanya Yoga’ in the Kundli of the girl, then there is a possibility of upheaval in her married life.

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When the marriage planning is done, the husband and wife should observe few things regularly so that love and affection remain in their married life.

  • Try to understand each other’s nature to both the boy and the girl. Generally, when a girl enters a new environment, it is the responsibility of the other members of the family to adapt the new member to that environment.
  • Keep appreciating each other for any work so that a better understanding is maintained. Practice honesty in your relationship.
  • Marriage is a long term relationship. Emotional intimacy, family upbringing, love, romance, sex life and children are all part of this relationship.
  • For better intimacy and bonding, definitely plant a Tulsi plant at home.
  • Both the couples should observe a fast on Friday. Worship Maa Lakshmi. This will bring more sweetness to your relationship.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam daily and chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times.

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