Why Is It Considered Necessary To Pay Attention To Muhurta For Any Auspicious Work?

There is a “Muhurta” of auspicious time before starting any work. It is the desire of every person that there should not be any kind of obstacle in starting any new work. Therefore, the tradition of starting work at an auspicious time has been going on for centuries. Different Muhurtas are selected for each type of work, which makes them favourable and auspicious towards him. It is beneficial to start a new work only after fixing a suitable time.

Significance of Shubh Muhurta

ignificance of Shubh Muhurta

Many times the question arises that why are Muhurtas necessary to start a particular work. The truth is that man is the creator of his own destiny. If you do good deeds, you will surely get good results. Muhurta is needed in situations where human beings want to get positive results from their efforts. This is the reason that starting any work at an auspicious time increases the chances of getting success.

The interrelationship between Janam-Kundli and Muhurta

Janam-Kundli and Muhurta

You can call Janam-Kundli a map of your life’s journey. The Lagna, Rashi, Bhava and planetary positions in Janam-Kundli represent the events of your life. Janam-Kundli of a person is prepared according to the stars present in the sky at the time of his birth. Every event of life is determined on the basis of Janam-Kundli. They cannot be changed. It depends on the actions of the person! how many good deeds he has done. Only then can his auspiciousness remain.

Happiness and sorrow in life are decided according to the work done in your previous life. So if you do good deeds, spiritual and charitable work then your path will be easy. You may just have to face small problems or obstacles in your life. Janam-Kundli and Muhurta are related to each other. If you do auspicious work and other programs in the auspicious time according to your Janam-Kundli? then many of your problems can be reduced. Therefore it is fair to say that it is the need of the hour to give priority to Muhurta for doing any auspicious work.

With some effort, you can make a difference in your life. Sometimes some things are not under your control. For example: During the marriage, we follow all the instructions of Shubh Muhurta! but still many times we face some problems in married life. However, solutions to those problems are possible.

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Things to keep in mind for the remedy of inauspicious Muhurta

remedy of inauspicious Muhurta

By the way, any auspicious work should always be done according to the auspicious Muhurta. Often times the compatibility of Shubh Muhurta is not made. At that time measures are possible to give a good direction to Muhurta. It is also important to follow these:

  • The inauspicious effect of yoga in Janam-Kundli can be reduced by taking measures.
  • To reduce the inauspicious effects of Janam-Kundli, the auspiciousness of the dasha and the transit of planets are important.
  • You should always choose an auspicious time to get auspicious results. If it does not work many times, then you should consider those results as your fate.
  • Muhurta alerts you about upcoming events in life.
  • If you observe the Muhurta before starting any important work of your life then it will be beneficial for you.

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