Foreign Settlement Is In Your Destiny Or Not! Know The Opinion Of Astrologers

It is everyone’s dream to live a luxurious life. A luxury lifestyle can be accomplished by settling in a foreign country. It can help in enhancing your personality. Along with this, you can also find many opportunities to increase your accumulated wealth or finances. According to today’s time, this financial happiness can also provide all kinds of facilities to your family members.

Often many people try to go to a foreign place for a long time, but some hurdles spoil their dreams. Why does it happen when you don’t get the right opportunities from foreign sources/lands? These obstacles come when there is a dosha of foreign travel in your janam-kundli. This means that the planets in your Kundli at the time of birth do not support going to foreign lands. In solving this problem, astrology can help you. Astrology provides traditional remedies to solve foreign issues which make your yoga successful.

What factors are responsible for foreign settlement?

factors for foreign settlement

According to Vedic astrology predictions, certain things are observed in the birth chart of a person. On their basis, predictions are made about the foreign settlement. Let’s know about those factors :-

  • If the position of the twelfth house and its lord affects their perceived desires! So yoga and settlement of foreign travel can be possible.
  • 3, 6, 9 and 12 These houses are especially seen for foreign settlements. If these houses are related to each other, then there can be a strong possibility of foreign settlement.
  • Rahu, Ketu, Saturn these planets mainly create obstacles. The influence of these planets is also studied while analyzing the birth chart for going abroad.
  • The exotic yoga of the planet Rahu plays an important role. This planet searches for some different things in life. If the position of Rahu is in the 4th house, then foreign travel or foreign settlement can make the person travel to many countries. By the way, in janam-kundli other aspects are also seen along with it.
  • Foreign settlement astrology gives you a reliable solution to every problem. With this your dream of traveling abroad can come true.

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There are some difficulties in settling abroad which often come!

difficulties in settling abroad

Many people want to settle abroad with the desire that they will get a luxurious lifestyle. But there will be few people who get the opportunity to settle there without any hindrance. Each type of problem may differ from person to person. Some problems may be related to career and education. People go abroad in search of jobs. They also want a work permit. Now even if you get a job you face problems in getting a work permit visa. It creates frustration. Because you have a job but don’t have a work permit visa. Our astrology can provide a better solution to solve these types of issues.

Another problem that has been noticed quite often! Students need to pass exams, take admission in a foreign university, apply for visas and arrange finances to study abroad. This whole process takes a lot of time. This process at times creates problems in overseas settlement.

How can astrology help in foreign settlement?

astrology help in foreign settlement

Astrology is the predictor of your future. It can predict your foreign travel yoga through Kundli. If the presence of foreign settlement yoga is not being made in your kundli or the process is getting delayed? So astrology can help in determining your problem. By the way, all this process is based on the alignment of planets in the Kundli of the native.

In Suvich online platform, it has the best astrologers. They are capable of providing a better solution to the foreign settlement problem. The purpose of these is to help you settle in the foreign land you desire. By doing a thorough study on your Kundli and other cosmic factors, you will be provided with the proper solution in time.

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