How Can Planets Affect Our Lives And Create Health Issue?

Yash was leading a great life with a well-established business and a happy and healthy family of 4. Suddenly, he started feeling very weak, and within days he lost so much energy that he was ultimately bedridden. The primary issue was that the problem could not be detected. The doctors could not find out the health issue even after doing all the required tests. His family was and a lot of stress. His business was still stable but not as good as it used to be because of lack of attention. After some time, the doctors finally found out what was wrong with him and gave him the proper treatment. In a few weeks, he was feeling better and resumed his work and family.

A health issue like this keeps coming and going from my life, just like all the other things. Just like Yash, there are many people who you are unable to find out what happened to them and can ultimately lead to a lot of fatalities. These issues do not happen all of a sudden. They build gradually over some time and ultimately reach their peak. At these times, medical astrology can quickly come to the rescue. Medical astrology is nothing but a branch of astrology that helps find out everything about an individual’s health and longevity.

If the astrologer is knowledgeable enough, they all have all the power to understand every health situation that their client might face in the present or the future. In addition, this astrology gives an insight into the entire lifestyle of an individual and how it can be kept in the proper shape through disease prediction by horoscope.

Which houses are mainly responsible for any health issues in life?

We all know that every house in astrology stands for different aspects of life. The same is the case with the medical issue and lifestyle of an individual. Three houses relate to the health issue and all the medical issues that the person might face in the entire life, along with their longevity.

These three houses for health astrology predictions are the 6th house, the 8th house, and the 12th house. All these houses stand for different purposes, which we will read further.

The 6th house: Also known as the house of sicknesses, as the name suggests, this house indicates all the possible health problems and illnesses one might face in the entire lifetime. The disease or sickness only strikes when a dasha of any of the planets related to this house. It can be a planet residing in the 6th house or some other planet that is in some other way connected to the 6th house.

The 8th house: This house is directly related to the lifespan of an individual. All the planets residing in this house and those connected to the 8th house directly impact the person’s longevity. Directly or indirectly, it can be said that this house is the house of death, the end of the world. It can give health astrology predictions about any accident, surgery, depression, anxiety, suicide, and other related factors that can cause death.

The 12th house: This house is a mixture of both the 6th house and 8th house. It is known as the house of hospitalization. It means that the planets and the connected planets to this house do not directly cause death but can lead to severe conditions and life. This also indicated the loss of money, marriage, prison, enemies, loans, etc.

Which are the houses that can take care of your life and your health issue?

For every negative house, the 12th house from it is always going to be positive. So 12th house must be checked from each of these, to find out remedies for the issues that these houses might give you. It means that for the 6th house, one must check the 5th house for the remedies. For the 8th house, one must check the 7th house for remedies to health issues. And for the 12th house, you need to check the 11th house.

The 1st, 5th, and 11th houses act as cures for diseases that one might face because of opposing 6th, 8th and 12th houses. Lastly, find out the importance of these three houses.

The 1st house: This house is nothing but the house of the ascendant or the Lagna. This house represents the entire personality and health of an individual. The physical characteristics, stamina, and vitality, are all denoted by the first house. If the lord of this house is placed in a beneficial house in the correct position, then the Individual will have excellent health and no health problems throughout their life.

The 5th house: This house is well known as the cure for all sickness and diseases, which is exactly opposite of the 6th house. In simple words, we can say that the 5th house eliminates all the adverse effects that the 6th house might have on the individual. When there is a Dasha going on for the planets in the 5th house or those related to the 5th house, a drastic change can be seen using health astrology predictions in the health of individuals suffering for a long time now.

The 11th house: If a planet is present in the 11th house that is causing any harm or chronic disease to the life, then this house can help get rid of that chronic disease. If someone is hospitalized due to a long-term disease when they are in the Dasha of the planet related to the 11th house, they might also get discharged from the hospital and have much better health.

Which of the different houses denote health issue?

Now, each planet has a specific body part related to it. These relations have been pre-determined and are always true when it comes to medical astrology.

It is also a fact that whatever happens in life, it happens during the dasha of the planet. There is no difference in this fact when it comes to health problems too. For a quick quote download mypandit app and get the best online astrology remedies solution.

These body parts take the most damage when there is a Dasha of the planet going on. So let us find out which planet is related to which body part in medical astrology.

  • The Sun is related to the different parts like heart, back, brain, the right eye of a man. The left eye of a woman, stamina.
  • The moon is related to the stomach, saliva, breast, ovary, uterus, left eye of a man. Right eye of a woman.
  • Mercury is related to the nerves, mind, brain, tongue, lungs, hands, arms, ears, and many more.
  • Venus relates to the internal generative organs, Kidneys, complexion, cheeks etc.
  • Mars is related to the external generative organs, rectum, nose, forehead, gallbladder, muscles, bile.
  • Jupiter is related to the liver, arteries, hip bones, feet, thighs and right ear.
  • Saturn is related to the bones, gallbladder, left ear, joints and teeth.

All these planets have separate body parts related to them. These body parts get affected when any of these planets are undergoing their dashas in medical astrology. So it becomes essential to take care of our body. Make sure that the planets do not cause a lot of damage to our help and these body parts individually.

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