How Can Astrology Get Involved With Any Legal Issue In Life?

Vijay has recently started his garment factory. Everything was set up and ready to produce clothes for everyone, including men, women, and kids. It was a considerable investment from his side, and he was sure that his business would gain a lot of profit. Everything was going fine until one day, some government officials showed up at his plant and gave him an ultimatum to vacate the place since it was built on government land. He had no idea what happened as he was sure that this land belonged to his family for a long time. He now has to face a legal issue since his factory is built, and he will be suffering a lot of losses if his business does not continue.

Like how astrology helps in the different aspects of life like health, marriage, children, and education, it also helps the individual get over and understand all the court case astrology they might face. If you ask someone who has a lot of knowledge about police cases in astrology or other troubles, you will find out that all of this is already written in your birth chart and is only happening to you because you are not aware of it.

The right astrologer will be able to know about all of the situations well in advance. And if at all you haven’t consulted an astrologer before and are now facing any legal issue in life, the proper astrologer can give you a lot of remedies to bring you out of the mess. With the help of astrology legal matters, you can also find out why you are getting involved in any court case. It could be because of your greed for the weak positions of your planets. Both of them can be equally responsible for your legal problems.

What planets and their combinations result in a legal issue?

Some of the ubiquitous planets responsible for an individual get into legal issues and face many court cases and many other than Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. These planets always tend to hurt an individual’s life and are a prominent planet when it comes to someone getting into legal trouble.

Let us read about police cases in astrology and how these planets can get you in the middle of a court case:

 The impact of Saturn 

Saturn is known to delay any process, just like the Sade Sati. The presence of Saturn in itself slows down any legal procedures that you might be facing. Moreover, this planet creates a lot of misunderstandings between the two parties fighting over an issue. According to court case astrology, this leads to a lot of stress and misery for the individual, especially during court cases.

 The impact of Rahu

Whatever the situation is, Rahu always makes it all the more complex than it usually is. Be it a relationship, marriage, your career, Rahu will make sure to twist and turn all of them and somehow lead things to the court case astrology.

 The impact of Ketu

Ketu is responsible for the individual losing a lot of money while involved in a court case. There will be loss of funds and loss of many valuable throughout your legal procedures. If it is somehow poorly affected and is connected to the 8th house, there is also a probability of getting a death sentence in astrology legal matters.

 The impact of Mars

If this planet is negatively impacted, the result of the court case might be quick, but it will not be in favour of the individual. But, again, if this planet is connected to the 12th house, it can lead to a death sentence without a proper hearing.

Which houses are responsible for a legal issue in your life?

Every house has its importance and has its connection with the different aspects of an individual’s life. In the same way, homes are connected for health and marriage, some places relate to astrology legal matters. The main houses affecting someone’s life with legal issues! There are the 1st house, 6th house, 7th house, 8th house, and the 12th house.

All these houses, apart from being the reason for the legal issues, are also related to other aspects of life. So, whenever any individual faces any court cases or is getting involved in litigation! these are the houses that must be checked first.

  1.  The 1st house:

This house is also called the Lagna. This is nothing but you and your entire personality. It is the first house that defines how an individual is; it can also give an insight into their life by notifying the Astrologer of the upcoming police case in astrology.

  1.  The 6th house:

This house is a house of sickness. But it also is an indicator of all the astrology legal matters that one might face in their life. For example, if by chance, the Lord of the 6th house or its planets are connected to the Lord of the 1st house or its planets? Then there are chances of a court case.

  1.  The 7th house:

The 7th house, along with being the house of marriage, is also the house of agreements and negotiations. Therefore, if there is a negative impact on this house? It can easily lead to a dispute that could become a legal issue.

  1.  The 8th house: 

The devil of all the houses, this house has not done any good for anyone. Just like for health, this house can also get the individuals involved in court case astrology along with long-term punishments.

  1.  The 12th house:

This is an indicator of imprisonment and fine. If the planets of this house are weak or just malefic? It can lead to legal issues that can cause imprisonment or even death.

What are some remedies for getting rid of legal issues?

No one is ever willing to get into legal troubles, no matter how small or big the issue is. However, once anyone gets into all of this mess, it gets complicated to come out of it clean. So, if you know that they will be getting into legal trouble? Here are some ways to lower astrology legal matters’ effects on your life and relations. For any legal trouble, the remedies are particular. One very unique ritual is known as the Baglamukhi Puja. 

Baglamukhi Puja is the Puja done for goddess Patambari Maa. This entire ritual is potent and very effective, especially when it comes to legal troubles. 

Only the learned scholars and astrologers are well versed with this method. It is highly recommended that you visit one. If you are looking forward to getting rid of all your legal issues? 

These rituals are best done under the guidance of an expert. Since one wrong step can lead to the entire tradition hurting your side of the case. The worst part is that these effects are entirely irreversible. Thus, one wrong step can lead to a life full of suffering and hardships. 

The best way to get remedies for this kind of situation is to talk to astrologer online, with whom you have complete faith. Every astrology has its way of solving the problem. They will always make sure that they are taking the best steps for their clients. The right astrologer will always work for the benefit of their clients.

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