What Is The Reason For The Divorce Problems In Today’s World? Know Astrology Effects

Currently, 65% ​​of couples are faced with marital disharmony. Divorce problems are increasing. 1.36 million people in India are divorced. Married life is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. But it can be a very stressful and sad time when a marriage turns into a disaster. People try to make marriages work, but they don’t always try in the right places, which leads to divorce problems. Your star, moon, and horoscope play an essential role in your life. Unfortunately, most people do not consult an astrologer regarding marital issues and matchmaking horoscopes, which are among the astrological causes and solutions for divorce.

Every couple fights once, but extreme situations lead to the divorce problem or end of the marriage. It is the final decision in a marriage that legally separates a man and a woman. But what if you want to save your marriage from divorce? The solution is astrology. Your love life is highly influenced by astrology. If you choose the astrological way to start your love life with the Kundali, your Star House, and the Moon, why not use the same method to save your marriage from divorce? Marriage is a sacred ritual in our Indian culture where two people relate to their family and encourage their family to have children. 

These relationships are on an emotional, physical and mental level, and together they fulfill their responsibilities in life. When many differences arise between the couple, their relationship reaches the breaking point. The relationship between a man and his wife is soul-bound. Therefore, even when a person is upset, the love and affection never die and remain intact.

Planet’s positions play a significant role in the married life of people and can influence divorce problems

The planets play a vital role in divorce. Most divorces in astrology and marital problems arise because we are the planet and the rulers of our homes. Planets play a vital role in determining the future of humanity. The planets Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and the sun, are the main reasons for divorce in our Kundali. It is essential to consider the positions and conditions of Venus and Jupiter when predicting marriage and divorce.

  • Venus is known as the planet that loves sex and romance.
  • Venus is also a masculine diagram aimed at women.
  • Jupiter in the female horoscope leads to divorce.

In today’s world, people hear a lot about love marriages. Since the couple is in love, they usually don’t take care of the couple’s kundlis mate before marriage, so no marriage predictions are made. In some cases, you may find that there are many problems between the couple after some time after the marriage. They always argue and are not happy. That’s when they thought about getting a divorce. Divorce in astrology creates social stigma and is terrible for society. 

Usually, the 7th house is considered in predicting marriage, which gives us the details of divorce, separation, and separation when the 7th house relates to negative planetary states. If Saturn, Sun, and Rahu were in this house and had no control over Jupiter and Venus, then the marriage would be divorced. If the 7th host can be found in the 6th house, a divorce may occur. If the 7th host is weak, there is also the possibility of separating from his wife. Is Divorce the Only Cure for Problems? No, so we can still turn to marriage astrology, which will give us a chance to stop divorce.

Listed below are some of the remedies for Divorce; by following this, there is a great chance to turn everything back to normal

As we read above, the planet and home play the most crucial role in divorce. Since they play an essential role in dissolving a marriage, they also save a marriage. Using the proper treatment from an astrologer can save your marriage from divorce. Here are some remedies for divorce that can save your marriage:

  • Placing Lord Guri Shankar in your house must be in the correct position.
  • Horoscopes must be combined before marriage.
  • Sing Lalita Sahasranamam regularly as this will help create a positive atmosphere between the couple.
  • A portrait of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati should be put together and revered every day.
  • Couples have to go to the temple once a week, and Desi’s clean bulb in the constantly burning lamp will help avoid divorce and resolve the issues between them.
  • If your partner’s birth chatter includes Saturn, they should throw a quarter pound of soft charcoal in the river to avoid unnecessary fights.
  • If you are the head of the family, avoid rooms facing west, leading to divorce between couples.
  • It is recommended to chant Vedic mantras as they can give strength to the weak planets.
  • Wearing healing gemstones is effective in making life and things easier for couples.
  • Taking action from Vashikaran is the most effective way of curing problems in relationships that a genuine astrologer and recognized as astrologer’s salon should do to resolve divorce issues.
  • Donate every Tuesday and Thursday. This will help you receive blessings from the poor and needy.
  • Install an astrological yantra to save the marriage in your home.
  • Calm the dark planet to solve the divorce problem.

For more understanding, you should talk to astrologer online and get the solution. If the person finds problems on the astrological chart, then there is no need to be discouraged; consulting a professional astrologer can provide the best divorce problem solution to help save your marriage.

Following these simple remedies for divorce can help you a lot in your married life

But sometimes, there are conflicts, and these can lead to differences. In this situation, the couple should take astrological medication, which can help overcome the differences in their relationship.

  • Astrologically, the divorce in astrology can be seen from the male and female birth charts. The reasons could be:
  • Manglik Dosha became a partner because of the peerless Kundalis.
  • The presence of Malefics in marital homes such as the Second House, Seventh House, and Lagna.
  • Dasha is not compatible with both partners, e.g. Dasha’s ongoing shelter Tricks with both of them.
  • The Moon Sign Lords were hostile towards each other, which was why there was such a vast difference in personality.
  • Nadi Dosha at Ashtakoot Milan.

These remedies for divorce should be taken in Shukla Paksha on Friday when the month is favorable in the birth chart. The place where you use this medicine should be clean and tidy. Before treatment, the area should be washed with water from the Ganges. It would be ideal for sitting on a red wool blanket and looking north. Then you should worship the goddess Parvati and repeat the below-mentioned mantra: every time the mantra is chanted, a green lens should be offered to the goddess. 

After chanting the mantra, one should pray to Goddess Parvati or the God of Predecessors to seek peace and happiness in married life. When you’re done, you’ll need to take a square wooden box. The red cloth should be folded four times and placed in a box. 

To do this, you have to offer 108 green lentils in a bowl and light a Diya in front of the image of goddess Parvati on the right side. Every effort should be made to have a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, regardless of flaws in the horoscope or vice versa. Once the commitment is made, both partners must do their best to give 100% to save their relationship.

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