Should Humans Believe In Astrology? What Is The Science Behind It?

Astrology is a type of predictor. In this, human events are predicted through observation and interpretation of stars, sun, moon and planets. People believe that an understanding of the influence of planets and stars on earthly affairs allows them to work effectively in the future. However, throughout our history, it has been treated as a science. Astrology today is widely regarded as contrary to the findings and principles of modern Western science.

There are many types of systems involved in astrology. According to them, they believe that there is a deep connection between celestial events and the description of personality in the human world.

How does astrology work?

astrology work

Many skilled and experienced scientists will tell you that the alignment of stars and planets affects the mood, personality and environment of every individual. It depends on when he was born. Astrologers prepare and publish personalized horoscopes according to the date of birth. There are some zodiac signs in it that work according to the name. These horoscopes give predictions in the personal life of the people. This only shows the situations that happen in life. Astrologers give advice and solutions according to the position of all these celestial bodies. A survey by the National Science Foundation found that 41% of astrologers are “very scientific” or “kind of scientific”.

After knowing these two questions arise in the mind:-

1) Does the position of celestial bodies affect a person’s life?

2) Can horoscopes make people feel better?

Why do people believe in astrology?

people believe in astrology

The practice of astrology today has taken a big step towards gaining credibility. Because many people consider it the basis of their life. Astrology is the science of the signs of the stars. It is based on the belief that the positions of the planets and stars in the sky influence human life. Like any profession, the accuracy of the work depends on the person doing it. The failure of predictions can happen because they are misinterpreted by astrologers. The reason for this may be incomplete and incorrect birth information (date and time). After all, predictions are based on mathematical calculations of planets and signs.

Many studies also show that people often turn to astrology due to high stress and anxiety. Apart from this, there are many other problems due to which the advice of astrology is given importance. Somebody is worried about marriage. Some have the problem of not having children. Many people are worried about their business etc.

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How do planets affect us? As astrology claims!

planets affect

The rotating planets play a major role in the development of the human mind and body. According to Vedic astrology predictions, the planet Saturn affects humans a lot. This is an old age tradition. People who believe in astrology have always tried to understand their health, personality is better. The positions of the Sun and other planets are considered to make predictions about the future.

We should not neglect our health for a happy, healthy and prosperous life. If our health is not good, it disturbs the whole cycle of life. Because an unhealthy person is unable to do any work, which can also lead to financial problems. This is the reason why we get predictions done through astrology.

Are the planets really behind our nature and decision making

planets nature

Often a person feels very happy and after some time starts feeling sad and deprived. A person’s temperament and emotions can make or ruin a day. But is it possible to control them by us? Could there be planets behind all this illusion? Is this possible or just a myth?

It is a much talked about topic that planets play an integral part in our life and universe. What exactly are these planets in terms of astrology? Why are they given so much importance? Let’s know about it:-

  • When you go to an astrologer, he first prepares Janam Kundli. It reveals your past, present and future life. It shows the position of planets in both auspicious and inauspicious periods, favorable and unfavorable periods as well as future events in life.
  • There are nine planets in astrology- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon. Apart from this, the other two shadow planets are Rahu and Ketu. Each planet behaves differently. In astrology, all the 12 zodiac signs are based on these planets.
  • If we go into astrological study in detail, they are divided in the form of 12 houses. Nine planets move in these 12 houses and also 12 zodiac signs. It is the movement and its compatibility with each sign that makes the prediction. From this the movement, behavior of planets and their effect on humans is known.
  • You must have noticed that sometimes things get out of control. Even if you were careful about it. This is because in this state the planet is in a sinful state. Sometimes taking wrong decisions, sudden mood swings, failures, brain working in the wrong direction, etc. are the results of some planets. At this time they are not in a favorable position in your birth chart.
  • Similarly, in an auspicious situation, the planet bestows good feelings, wise decision making, good luck showers on you, success, happiness etc.
  • People close to you may sometimes not be able to absorb this change or sudden change in nature. These are the result of planetary imbalance in life.
  • If any planet is in an inauspicious position in your love house? So you may face problems in your love life. This can lead to breakups, distance and misunderstandings, or even divorce in some cases.
  • As a layman, you might find it difficult to understand how it works? Which planet can affect you negatively? How can one calm them down to reduce their side effects? At such times only an expert astrologer can help you.

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