What is Kuldeepak Yoga? Know How This Yoga Is Formed

Astrology has great importance in the life of the person. On the basis of this, the events that will happen in the life of the person are predicted. In astrology, according to the Kundli, the future, present, and past of the person being studied. Two types of yoga are formed in the Kundli of a person, shubh and ashubh. Shubh yoga gives shubh results to the native. Due to this happiness, prosperity, and much more come into the life of the person. Ashubh yoga gives opposite results to the native. Due to this negativity comes into the life of the person. At the same time, there is also yoga in the Kundli of the person who is related to the child. This is called Kuldeepak Yoga. 

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What is Kuldeepak Yoga?

What is Kuldeepak Yoga

A person with such yoga brings laurels to the name of his entire family. These natives are able to bear the burden of all the responsibilities of their families. In the kundli of the native, Kuldeepak Yoga is formed due to the planet Mars. Mars plays a very important role in making this yoga.

People born in Kuldeepak Yoga are very fond of their families. Such a person achieves a lot of success in his life. These people get a lot of love from the family. Kuldeepak Yoga is very beneficial in the Kundli of any person. Let us know how Kuldeepak Yoga is formed in the kundli of the person and what are its effects-

How is Kuldeepak Yoga formed?

Kuldeepak Yoga formed
  • If there is a planet Mercury in the ascendant of a person’s kundli and Jupiter is in the center? And Mars sits in 10th place! So Kuldeepak Yoga is formed.
  • On the other hand, if there is Mars in the ascendant or in the seventh house and the Sun is in the fifth? And there should be Rahu in the twelfth house! So even then the child is considered as Kuldeepak. 
  • People born in this yoga are very lucky. Also, these people achieve a lot of success in their life.
  • When Mars is exalted in the tenth house of the horoscope! So Kuldeepak creates yoga in the Kundli of the native.
  • This yoga is very auspicious for the native. This person goes a long way in his life.
  • When Kendra’s exalted Mars gets sacrificed in the tenth house of the horoscope! So it becomes Kuldeepak Yoga.
  • Such people are dearest to their families due to their special achievements.
  • Such people increase their fame by going to the government and administrative services.
  • If this yoga is in the right condition in a person’s kundli? So the person gets a lot of equality in the society.

Few ways to make Rajyoga

make Rajyoga
  • Mars plays a very important role in this yoga. This is the reason that the native’s Mars should be strong.
  • To strengthen your Mars, one should definitely worship Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.
  • The planet Mars gives favorable effect to the native by worshiping Hanuman Ji.
  • According to the number recitation of the Stotra, the person’s Mars is favorable. This gives good results.
  • By feeding grams or fruits to monkeys, Mars also becomes strong.
  • You can also keep fast on Tuesday.
  • Wear Mars Gemstone in consultation with an experienced astrologer.
  • Your Mars becomes strong by doing Gemstone Remedy.

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