How Does Unknown Fear Arise? Know The Reason And Remedy

Who doesn’t feel scared? Fear arises about anything in a person’s life. Oftentimes, the person starts to feel fear unknowingly. This sometimes creates a state of confusion in their mind. In today’s era, some people often have to face such problems more. Sometimes this problem becomes very big for them. It also affects their lives. Due to this the life of a person becomes very disturbed. It is also believed that this unknown fear becomes a hindrance in the development of the person.

Astrology says that sometimes due to the inauspicious condition of the planets, the person gets tormented by unknown fears. The inauspicious dasha of the planets greatly affects the life of the person. When the inauspicious condition of the planet is formed in the horoscope of a person. So he has to face many problems in his life. Sometimes these problems take a serious form. Due to this the behavior of the person becomes very strange. Let us know why this situation often arises? How to get rid of them?

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Why does the state of unknown fear arise?

unknown fear arise

In astrology, the Moon is considered the karaka of the mind. Hate and fear are problems related to the mind. Due to the bad position of Moon, problems like a distraction, confusion, and fear arise. Moon plays a very important role in the horoscope of a person. If the position of the Moon is not correct in the horoscope of the person? So the native may have to go through these troubles. On the other hand the planet Rahu also creates confusion in the mind. If the dasha of Rahu in the horoscope is also not correct? So these problems arise. The position of the planets Moon and Rahu creates strange problems in the mind. Therefore, both these planets are very important for the life of the person.

On one hand, there is the fact that when Moon is very weak or Mahadasha is going on! Even if there is an effect of Saturn on the Moon or there is a relationship between the Moon and Ket? there is a state of fear and confusion in the mind.

Unknown fear caused by Rahu

Unknown fear caused by Rahu
  • When the influence of Rahu becomes more in a person’s Kundli or Rahu is related to Moon. So, the problem of fear arises.
  • It is believed that those who are born in the evening time! There is a problem of fear and confusion in those people.
  • When the Moon is afflicted in the Kundli of a person, even then hesitation and fear arise in the mind of the person.
  • If the planets Moon and Rahu are afflicted in the Kundli of a person, then fear arises in the mind of the person.
  • Fear of the mind greatly affects the life of the person. Due to this, the person is not able to control his mind.

Remedies to overcome unknown fear

Remedies for unknown fear
  • After getting up in the morning, take a bath and offer water to the Sun God.
  • Worshiping the Sun God gives auspicious results. This gives peace to the mind of the person.
  • Lord Shiva should be worshiped on Monday to make the moon strong in his horoscope.
  • Wear gooseberry root on your right hand in Ashlesha Nakshatra.
  • One should not consume non-vegetarian food, intoxicants, and food containing more oil and spices.
  • Fasting should be done on both the Ekadashi of every month. The native gets a lot of benefits from Ekadashi fasting.
  • Topaz or emerald gemstone should be worn as per the advice of a qualified astrologer.
  • Worshiping Hanuman Ji is also very beneficial. The recitation of Hanuman Chalisa removes the unknown fear created in the mind.

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