How To Know In A Relationship If It’s Doing The Right Thing

There are always some problems in life or relationship. When they are removed, there is also a relief. It is a cycle of life that goes on. For example, if we have to climb a mountain, it seems very high. But we think of achieving that position by being aggressive. It’s easy to lose faith in the idea that things can change for the better. Sometimes fear remains with questions like, is our relationship worth saving?

Personally, we believe that every committed relationship deserves the best shot. If it doesn’t work well, it gets buried. Sometimes the best way to tackle tough questions is to break them down into smaller questions. Often times the question arises in the mind how do we know our relationship that is working properly! Let us know about this and clear your dilemma:

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How long have you been together and how much do you care?


The highness of falling in love for almost too long in a relationship tends to wear off at a time. Maybe first you would have cleared the doubts with love affairs or romantic gestures. In these cases, you need to face the differences or work through them. When you face any conflicts or start taking root to resolve them! So you can enter a new phase.

What do you expect from your relationship or is it going on?

your relationship

It is important to find both ends of this scale. Maybe you had low expectations. It is wise to move forward together. Don’t make a choice that it could have been better! Instead, be more committed. This is also the time to take stock and think about what you really want.

Your passion before the relationship was so great that you thought you had found your “soulmate”. In a rush to find happiness, did you focus on it? who really wanted to see.

What has been the pattern of your past relationships?

past relationships

Make a list of all your important relationships. Even if it is adolescence. How long did a relationship last? The reason for their break up! How and by whom did the relationship end? You can make a list like this. Have you been the victim of the same type over and over again?

Instead of repeating history, find out if you can break the pattern. If there’s an error found here, you’ll need to work on yourself now. Only then can you have a new relationship.

What can you do differently?


Most people make a long list of how their partners should change. There is no creative idea for them. what they would have done differently. Such people try to convince their partner that “I am right and you are wrong.” They force change by betting on failed strategies.

In these types of cases, you can act contrary to your normal reaction. If you fall silent, try talking. Focus on it to get their heart out. This will be an important message.

Is Divorce Feeling Like a Magical Solution?

Magical Solution

Nowadays people are running blindly toward divorce. Sadly, divorce makes people’s lives worse instead of better. May that special moment of life make you emotional later too! Who would have made you both better? Also, those moments when arguing with more misunderstanding and bitterness.

Talk to a friend who has a healthy relationship with their partner. Find out what work was needed to reach the positive space. What would it be like to strive for a result before rushing into another? Try to know this too.

What can you learn from working?

learn from working

You choose your partner for deeper reasons rather than attraction. There may be an overlap in the family between the parent and your partner. This is often referred to as a “marital fit”. Improving relationship communication is never a waste. This can help you find your way back to each other.

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