Ensure to Read the Disclaimer of SUVICH to Deter Confusion and Problems

This disclaimer will regulate and control the use of our website www.suvich.com . Once you start using our website, you will then support our disclaimer in complete support, hence if there is any point on which you disagree with, then we suggest you to avoid using our website. Also, for your knowledge, our website uses cookies, and hence if you are a user of our website, then you shall be agreeing to the use of cookies. This shall be taken as your consent to our use of cookies in compliance with the privacy policy.

Limitations of Liability

Kindly make a note of this, that our responsibility is solely constrained by this contract and Suvich does not issue any assurances for the services provided. The agreement restricts your remedies as well. Astrological consultation delivered by Suvich is completely dependent on acharyas/astrologer's collective or individual insight, expertise, and perceptions and as such, can differentiate from one astrologer/acharya/consultant to the other. In the panel of Suvich, the astrologer/advisors/consultants can make the suggestions from time to time with the help of new mantras, pujas, vidyas, and gemstones. Accepting these or not is completely your responsibility. They make these recommendations at Suvich with a good intention of your welfare. Suvich and the people associated with us, such as our employees, collaborators, licensors, partners, officers, and affiliates make no promise of the following.

  1. Services provided by us will certainly meet your needs.
  2. The service would be ongoing, prompt, secure, and glitch-free.
  3. The findings that are gained by the use of the service would be correct or accurate.
  4. We at any cost do not guarantee that all your needs and expectations are fulfilled by the quality of the services provided by us.
  5. There is no surety if all the errors in the software will be corrected by us.
  6. Also, you are expected to keep complete transparency of the social, mental, and physical status of the person who is receiving advice from the esteemed panel of astrologers at Suvich for the astrologers to make an educated decision on providing advice.

Now, here are some important things that we need to tell you before proceeding further.

  1. If you are here for dealing with your suicidal problems, then we are certainly not the right ones. You can instantly withdraw the use of our services at your choice. In such cases, make sure to contact relevant police or urgent medical staff. Call a suicide prevention helpline urgently if you are worried about suicide.
  2. Every content downloaded or otherwise received through the use of the service shall be obtained at your own convenience and expense, and you shall be fully liable for any harm to your personal computer or lack of data arising from the downloading of such content.
  3. Limitation to the Liability - We hope you agree and very well understand the fact that Suvich and its affiliates, officers, employees, associates, partners, and collaborators at any cost are not responsible for special, incidental, direct, indirect, or exemplary damages that occur to you due to the:
  4. any third party's comments or actions related to the service
  5. unauthorized access or modification of the communication of the information that you have on the website
  6. the expense of the purchase of alternative products and services arising from any bought or acquired goods, records, information or services, or messages obtained or transactions made by or from the service.
  7. all other service-related matters
  8. Intellectual Property Notice

    Owing to this disclaimer's provisions contained:

    1. Suvich along with the licensors owns and also manages all the trademarks and other intellectual property protection rights on our website. Not only this, we have protection rights for the content on our website.
    2. All the intellectual property rights found in our website and the content contained therein shall be reserved.
    3. The content provided by us on the website is believed to be rale from reliable and authentic sources.
    4. We need to state each and all assurances as to the quality, comprehensiveness, or adequacy of this material, both articulated and implied. Suvich asks that you always consult with credible and accredited astrological practitioners after having duly authenticated their credentials before taking action.
    5. The information given on the website is for reference purposes only and may not be accurate all the time especially in situations where it can be derived from third-party sources.

    Third-Party Content or Advertising

    Whenever appropriate, Suvich.com may also provide you with web links and access to a wide variety of third-party sites, services, products, etc. We personally do not have control over the third party sites, no promise of consistency, and reliability. Rather we ask the users to check the privacy policy, terms of use, and terms & conditions of those websites that are provided by us on the website. The advice, opinions, and the advertisement listing in the case provided by us on our website can be opened by you depending upon your choice. We never force you to do so.

    Liability of the Astro Consultants

    Suvich is a website that has a panel of esteemed astrologers that advise the users with the help of their knowledge and expertise. All precautions have been taken by Suvich.com to ensure that the professionals are competent and reliable, but the assertions made by Astro consultants cannot be physically confirmed. These professionals offer expertise as per their respective capabilities. We are only accountable for the value of the sums charged for the services that are posted on the website and provided by these experts. By getting engaged with us, the users agree to believe the advice given by the astrologer and on the same, relieve us from every type of damage.


    You accept to compensate, protect, and hold us harmless along with our directors, employees, associates, affiliates, collaborators, and every individual related to us. This would support the superiors, assigns, and licensees of Suvich.com. We shall never be liable for the inaccuracies if there are any. It is possible to overlook any unintentional connection to a person, caste, creed, faith, or any spiritual direction.


    We may keep revising the disclaimer of the website from time to time. Also, it is possible that there might be the publishing of a new disclaimer on the website. This revised version of the disclaimer will refer to the use of the website.


    If any jury or other competent body finds that a clause of this disclaimer is unconstitutional and/or impossible to enforce, the other clauses may appear to be in force.