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Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac calendar. They are the water sign, therefore, they are caring, kind and very emotional. They have symbolically represented as- Crabs. Besides a cancer being caring and loving, they are also crabbiest (just what the symbol represents). Good cancer traits involves - loyalty, protection and intuition. Cancers are very devoted as friends and partners. They will stay committed to you and you will always have their back. They are highly protective signs. They may go to any extent to protect their loved ones. They are also very intuitive in nature. They judge people with their instinct but they also make decisions based on their emotional intelligence. Besides the right traits, the bad cancer traits involve- overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. Cancers are susceptible in dealing with criticisms. If you ever tell anything mean to cancer,they are most likely to ever forget it. Cancers are generally generous, but if you ever try to get in their way, they can fire back at you. Also, they are very manipulative at times.


A significant change in your behavior will surprise not only you but your near ones. Others can misinterpret this changed behavior, so be cautious too. You are frustrated and feel everything is unjust or unfair. Not to be worried, this is typical human thinking. Try to learn from mistakes and avoid taking revenge and holding grudges. After all this, the time would be a genuinely positive time for you. Avoid taking revenge as it is only going to harm you and none else. In the end, all your efforts will pay off. Keep visiting our site for more free monthly horoscope Cancer and Cancer monthly love horoscopes.

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