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According to astrology, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The date range for this sign is 23rd July to 22nd August. People with Leo zodiac sign are born with the quality of leadership. These people are dramatic, passionate, humorous in nature which makes them confident and dominant. Due to quality like passionate they can achieve any they want in their life. They have special strength as Leo sign has a symbol of Lion “the king of the jungle”. Also, they are capable of uniting groups of people. Their great sense of humour makes their collaboration with people softly. As Leo is an element of Fire this makes them warm-hearted in their personal life as well as professional life. These people can easily ask for anything they want but they neglect what other people want from them. Also, they take the initiative to solve complex situations. Here are some weakness and strengths of Leo zodiac sign people: Strengths: • Passionate • Creative • Humorous • Warm-hearted Weakness: • Arrogant • Lazy • Self-centred • Does not have the ability to accept criticism Also, people with Leo zodiac sign are deeply passionate about love life. But most of the time they want a partner who is willing to match their passion. But they are not afraid to share their feelings.


Certainly, a good and positive month for you. Coming to you as a gift, this month is one that demands you to educate and inspire yourself. Concentrate on the things around and try to accomplish every task entirely first. You might face some difficulties and hurdles, but you can overcome everything with the power of inspiration within you. The month is full of surprises, knowledge, and ideas that will lead you in life. Recognize the path made for you and stay on it to reach success. With new horizons, your personal will be positively benefited as well. Keep visiting our site for more free monthly horoscope Leo and Leo monthly love horoscope.

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