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Taurus is the earth element of the zodiac sign and is just like library, it is ruled by Venus. The symbol which represents taurus is a Bull. Since taurus are ruled by Venus, they represents beauty, love and wealth. They like relaxing in a soothing environment and are attracted by comfort and luxury. If given a chance they would do nothing but relax all day long enjoying the sun and it's warmth. But when situation demands hardwork, they will put the best foot forward. Taurus are logical and insists on saving money instead of spending them unnecessarily. They are highly ambitious when it comes to acquiring wealth. Taurus are very romantic lovers. They are excellent in building relationships. Not only do they offer devotion to their partner but expects the same in return. As friends, Taurus are reliable and supportive. They will always take stand for their friends. A tauraus is a very lazy person in general. They love to sleep. Also, Taurus are slightly aggressive in nature, which may sometime bring discomfort to others.


This is the month that will highlight success in your career. The prospects of this month will bring positivity and prosperity to your life. The month is one with an awakening message for you. Seek awareness around you and look at the beautiful gifts, and feel a sense of gratitude towards the universe. Something nic is on your way, maybe in your professional life or love life. Play fair and be judicious of your decisions. There are great chances that students and employees will get the excellence they all need. Be grateful and express your gratitude. Be ready for an effective and great beginning ahead. Keep visiting our site for more free monthly horoscope Taurus and Taurus monthly love horoscope.

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