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Aries is the fire sign of the zodiac calendar, which is why it is also called the infant of the zodiac. The Sanskrit name for Aries is Mesha. Astrologically, Ariens belong to the RAM constellation, and those represented by the ram constellation are energetic, dynamic and impulsive. Out of the three modalities assigned for different zodiac signs (namely, cardinal, fixed, and mutable), Aries belongs to the cardinal modality. No doubt why Aries have excellent in-born leadership talent. Mars- the god of war rule Aries. Therefore, they are courageous and bold, which make them risk-takers. Besides, Ariens are out-spoken, creative, passionate and optimists. People are likely to get attracted to an Aries because they are helpful and carry positive vibes with them. As the god of war rules Areins, they are often considered impulsive. Sometimes,they take decisions without giving it a second thought which often leads them in trouble. Also, Aries are quite short-tempered, reckless and highly competitive. In relationships, Aries are not afraid to take the first step. They are capable of expressing their feeling and they are very romantic. They are always loyal to their family and friends.


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