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Gemini, the third astrological sign in the list of zodiac signs, originates from Gemini's star constellations. It accounts for the people born between the dates of May 22 – June 21. With the symbol of The Twin and the ruling planet Mercury, the Zodiac sign belongs to the air elements' family. In general, the air elements are sharp, smart, and speedy, and they tend to think more about what they feel and do. One of the liveliest people to meet, Gemini is light-hearted and happy-go-lucky by nature. Playful and curious to know new things, Gemini is usually found juggling various things at a time. "Jack of all trades, master of none" "is one sentence that can describe the Geminis in a better way. They are the social butterflies and with this attitude, making friends and meeting or talking to new people is easy for them. Gemini personalities can be expressed as smart, versatile, curious, fast, and youthful. They tend to spread smiles and joy wherever they go. With their intelligence and yang qualities, Gemini is more oriented towards assertive engagement with the outer world. The fearless thinker, Gemini, expresses their emotions openly and is more inclined towards changing the world. A few notable Gemini personalities in the world are Mithun Chakraborty, Shilpa Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Kanye West, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Donald Trump, and Johnny Depp. Careers in communications, engineering, media, and finance are good fits for Gemini as they are at analytics, reading, writing, and comfortable in crowds.


Waiting for your moment to shine! It is the perfect week for a Gemini. Deep confidence being a gift for you, starting any task and completing it is easy and swift for you. Being keen to learn new things, you can grab new challenges and thrive to achieve them at your best. Jolly by nature, making friends is easy for Gemini. Workout and meet all the deadlines to turn this week a complete bliss. Being a bit flaky by nature, relationships tend to move up and down, but with such a pretty face, your relationship will bloom again. You have high skill and collaborative opportunities knocking on your door to seek advice. It is time to invest a little and get some wealth accumulation started. With the incredible amount of energy inside, a Gemini tends to be quite active. Confused about what to pick this week? With the weekly insights offered by SUVICH based on the celestial bodies' analysis and various energies moving around, details of the happenings delivered are unbelievable. With a brief idea about the multiple aspects of life, the predictions offer an outline to plan the week profitably. SUVICH is one platform that focuses on the overall development of the individual by plating the various aspects of daily life in the most smooth and refined manner. Explaining in the most straightforward terms for readers, the platform is superior and the best to catch the details. Keep visiting SUVICH for more weekly horoscopes, Gemini, and various other horoscopes.

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