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Aquarius is ruled by Uranus planet. People who are under Aquarius are unpredictable. They are a proud kind of people. They can not tolerate betrayal. If anyone deceives them, they never forgive them. Although Aquarius has water in its name but it is the last air sign of zodiac. Aquarius loves their family very much, and they can do everything for them. People who are under Aquarius are tenacious in nature. They have unique personality. They want some space and time alone in order to reflect themselves, do some creativity and find unusual solutions. Complex, interesting and exciting conversation attracts Aquarius especially in case of romantic things. They quickly release any emotion and sometimes seem to be emotionless. But they are genuine and trustworthy people. They have intellectual minds and uncommon hobbies. If they want to achieve something, then they will do anything to fulfill it. Aquarius are very ambitious and visionary. They always think something big and tries to achieve it. Being the eleventh sigh of zodiac, it has its own unique properties. Earth gets nourishment from Water Bearer represents it. People under Aquarius are unique in their own way and are honest, trustworthy and intelligent kind of person.


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