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According to astrology, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. The date range for this sign is 23rd July to 22nd August. People with Leo zodiac sign are born with the quality of leadership. These people are dramatic, passionate, humorous in nature which makes them confident and dominant. Due to quality like passionate they can achieve any they want in their life. They have special strength as Leo sign has a symbol of Lion “the king of the jungle”. Also, they are capable of uniting groups of people. Their great sense of humour makes their collaboration with people softly. As Leo is an element of Fire this makes them warm-hearted in their personal life as well as professional life. These people can easily ask for anything they want but they neglect what other people want from them. Also, they take the initiative to solve complex situations. Here are some weakness and strengths of Leo zodiac sign people: Strengths: • Passionate • Creative • Humorous • Warm-hearted Weakness: • Arrogant • Lazy • Self-centred • Does not have the ability to accept criticism Also, people with Leo zodiac sign are deeply passionate about love life. But most of the time they want a partner who is willing to match their passion. But they are not afraid to share their feelings.


For Leos upcoming year will be full of opportunities and new horizons. In mid-year you will be inclined towards new discoveries and something more creative innovations. You need to take more advantage as it will help you to make more passionate and make your road towards success easy. People who work in research sectors will have good results in their work. Whole year you have chance to become the leader at your work. Now let’s see how is your year is different sectors like finance, love life, career and many more. Finance: • Upcoming year will definitely help you to make you money flow strong with the work you do. • Also, money income will increase when you will work on new opportunities. Health: • You will face some issue with health. • If you have any food chart then you must follow it. Love Life: • Some initial months will be stressful in love life but everything will be fine till mid-year. • If you are not engaged then you might get the partner who will be passionate like you. Career: • You will be blessed finically but for that you have to work a lot. As this will not happen so easily. • There will not be so much changes in your job life but you need to be more professional and hard working in your field.

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