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Sagittarius is the fire sign and is ruled by the planetjupiter. Symbolically it is represented by an Archer. They are open hearted and big spirited people. If they want to do something,then they will do it no matter what others have to say. They love adventure and can easily get adapted to changes. Sagittarius are very caring and loyal partners. If you’re dating a sagittarius then always be ready for an unplanned trip. They are fun living people. They love to joke arounds with friends. They are fun and playful to be with. They have excellent communication skills. People can easily get attracted to a sagittarius because of their charm. Sagittarius are very flexible and determined people. They can manage their finances well. Sagittarius can be very careless at times. They usually take things for granted. They are also impatient. They take decisions in rash and might regret it later. Sagittarius loves seeking attention. They get annoyed if they are not able to attract attention. They are also quite boastful. A sagittarius is usually kind and easy going but if they are annoyed,they can be very brutal and mean at the same time.


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