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Virgo is the sixth ruling house of the zodiac system. They belong to the element - earth, making them extremely ground to earth person. They are symbolically represented by a Maiden. Virgos are virtuous,intelligent, responsible, generous and optimistic. Virgos are generally very shy in the first meet, so give them time to open up to you. Virgos are great friends and lovers. They are very caring,loyal and passionate towards their relationship. Virgos are known as “perfectionists”. Not only do they show perfection in their work but also expect it from others. Virgos are very practical and give great importance to logic and data for making decisions. Besides, they are futuristic, they always plan things keeping the future in mind and they always have a backup. Virgos are also very patient, modest and artistic. But of course,these perfectionists are not so perfect, and here’s why. Virgos are stubborn, they hardly listen to what others have to say. Being perfectionists, Virgos are often hard on themselves. They do not settle with anything which is less than perfect. Also, Virgos are professional overthinkers. Besides they are too picky, can get easily annoyed and are overly independent.


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