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When we talk about Hindu culture and tradition or Veda's then festivals, fasting, panchang, muhurat, tithi, etc. as they are held in a special place. It is very difficult to perform these events without any muhurat or vidhi. In this case, the panchang calendar 2021 is very helpful for you which carries all the information about every festival, fast, or anything regarding the Hindu tradition with accurate muhurat for these events. People can also get to know about every detail related to the RahuKaal, choghadiya, and any other inauspicious time period. It is not good to perform any puja. Contact SUVICH - The Real Astrology to know more about panchang today and perform every important event of your life on a shubhmuhurat. 

Panchang calendar includes the queue of various important Hindu festivals with their auspicious timing or shubhmuhurat which is done by excessive calculations of various planetary positions. This calculation is not an easy task as people think, only an expert is able to do that and this is the reason that person should approach an experienced astrologer and a precise source. SUVICH – The Real Astrology, the most trusted platform for astrological queries, is capable of giving them an accurate Panchang calendar 2021. The calculation of the panchang calendar is always accurate because our team of astrologers is working continuously for the convenience of their customers with the best results. Most of the services of SUVICH are free so you can also get free panchang on your device. 

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We all have faith in almighty and his decisions and we also can’t deny that everything has the right time to happen. Everybody follows shubhmuhurat to make their decisions and events more auspicious and prosperous for their upcoming life. The evaluation of any shubhmuhurat becomes more important when it comes to most important events such as marriage, engagements, business starts, new house inauguration, and many other events. At this point, an accurate panchang calendar 2021 is proven the best idea to find out the auspicious event. You completely rely on today's panchangtithi by SUVICH – The Real Astrology. Let us explore more about panchang and make it clearer for you. Take a glance of our service from following table. 

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Panchang is a conventional Hindu calendar in every house that helps them to evaluate the shubhmuhurat to perform any auspicious occasion in the traditional way. To examine the accurate Hindu festival, fasts, pujas, and important muhurats, it is very important that panchang is described by experts and well-experienced astrologers. Because the difference of little change in muhurat can adversely affect your events and your life as we all know the importance of the right time so that people should always approach a trustworthy astrologer to know the shubhmuhurat for any auspicious event. No need to worry to know accurate Aaj ka panchang from SUVICH – The Real Astrology as we are providing our most precise astrology services at your fingertips, through an online platform. We don’t even charge any extra penny to solve your problems. You can comfortably access SUVICH for free panchang and panchang calendar 2021. Contact SUVICH right to vanish all your queries.  

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Even after checking the accurate panchang by SUVICH, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the shubhmuhurat and events then we are providing a chance of direct conversation in a private space to our expert astrologers for our clients. People can also use the free panchang services by SUVICH so that they can easily clear all astrology-related queries. Why move to any other website where you have to pay for a little question and on the other hand you can solve your every problem without spending a single penny. 

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You can search Today’s panchang on our website, along with this you will be also able to access our other services of Today’s tithi, Today’s nakshatra, Today’s Karan, Today’s paksha, Today’s yoga, and other auspicious mahurats of Hindu tradition. Here you will also get to know the timing of sunrise and sunset of the respective day. Connect to SUVICH – The Real Astrology for panchang today to track shubhmuhurat and make your special occasions more prosperous and happy events for your upcoming life. 

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How interesting it is that you know all the bad and good tithis of the month? Moreover when the best services are free of cost not only this but you can also access those services daily. There are a total of 30 days in a month according to Vedic Astrology where 15 days are called Shuklapaksha and the other 15 days are called Krishna paksha.

Let us explore all the aspects of tithi in Panchang 

Tithi carries a significant role in the Panchang calendar 2021, according to Vedic astrology it may be good or bad for various auspicious events. Let us know about various tithis and their importance:- 

  • The besttithis the Pratipada is considered to be the most auspicious tithi for various ceremonies. The second most auspicious tithi is Dwithiyatithi in which an individual can start a new business or construct a new house.

  • For the Mundan ceremony, Tritiya is the most reliable tithi.

  • If you are willing to defeat your enemy then Chaturthi is the most suitable one for you.

  • For doctor consultation and good progress in medicine, I prefer Panchami and Shashthi to meet new people or new clients.

  • Saptami is the most fitting tithi to plan or start a new journey to get beneficial results.

  • The AshtamiTithis is ruled by Lord Shiva and considered to be the best for noble deeds.

  • For religious events like pujas and havana prefer Dashamitithi. Ekadashi and DwadashiTithi is the most spiritual date among all the tithis as it is best to perform vrats and pujas.

  • Trayodashi for new tasks and Chaturdashi to destroy your enemies as it is known as a destructive day.

  • PurnimaTithi is the best for fasting and to gratify god.

  • On Amavasya, an individual can present their gratitude towards their forefathers or ancestors by offering them food.

  • Navmitithi is considered as the most inauspicious tithi as no pujas are conducted on this day.

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India is the symbol of incredible culture, tradition, and engaging events from millions of years ago. We follow all the rituals and festivals with all our heart and celebrate them with joy. Nobody wants to miss these amazing festivals, events, fasts, and rituals that enhance the relationship of the family. And here Panchang calendar 2021 is very restorative to track all these events according to Hindu tradition. The panchang Calendar by SUVICH - The Real Astrology displays all the related erudition about festivals, fasting days, pujas, and other auspicious events along with their shubhmuhurat. Get you free panchang and track your festivals from SUVICH the most trustworthy astrology platform. 

Hindu tradition is the mixing of various cultures, so are our festivals, fastings, pujas, and rituals. A difference of some miles can bring changes in rituals and pujas. You may have noticed that one festival is celebrated in different states with different names and rituals. The festivals are held by the planetary positions such as moon and sun. This is the reason that one festival is celebrated with different times at different places. Geographical conditions also play an important role in this. 

If you want exposure to various festivals and pujas, you can connect to SUVICH - The Real Astrology. We will give you the most accurate panchang today so that you can easily celebrate festivals. We can follow your religion and tradition without any hurdles. You can also get it free by giving your date of birth, time, and place.

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We can't deny the power of the Internet. Anyone can access the information they want in a few seconds over their fingers. When it comes to astrology, the doubts may arise in your mind about how the internet can give accurate information about panchang today. Then SUVICH - The Real Astrology comes up with the best services by expert astrologers. Our main motive is that more people can take advantage of our free services. That is the reason that we are breaking the barriers of languages. We know that there are many people who face problems while understanding the English language. SUVICH is here who provides Panchang calendar 2021 in the Hindi language. This feature makes SUVICH different from other astrology websites. We are continuously working for the convenience of our customers.  

You can get to know about every shubhmuhurat of the month with the help of Aaj ka panchang in Hindi also that is proven helpful to our many customers. Here you can get more about monthly panchang , yearly panchang and their other aspects.Contact SUVICH - The Real Astrology and get every detail of good and bad tithis. 

Q-1 – What is Panchang?

Panchang is traditional Hindu calendar that informs about all the shubh and unfavorable muhurat for the prosperous events.

Q-2 – Why Navami is inauspicious date?

Navami is inauspicious to start something new and journey but when it comes to marriage ceremonies navami make a very auspicious and prosperous muhurat for the couple.

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